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LawMate is a Taiwan manufacturer of professional equipment for covert surveillance and counter-surveillance.

Recognized as reliable equipment, in the last several years LawMate has been increasingly penetrating the European market in all niches starting from police law enforcement forces, army forces, government secret, and special services all the way to the private sector through investigation agencies, security, and VIP/Executive protection agencies.

LawMate Law Enforcement grade quality matches far more expensive professional products from other manufacturers while remaining fairly accessible with a price not far from the range of consumer „spy gear". That is what makes LawMate equipment a well-recognized choice for professionals either as an everyday tool or as reliable backup equipment due to its accessible cost.

In the year 2013 and onwards, Lawmate is starting to expand its range also towards Home Surveillance products that are starting to be accepted in the USA and Europe as a quality choice for covertly monitoring what is going on when homeowners are not present.

Many products, such as remote controller DVR, were originally produced by LawMate and later copied by other manufacturers. However, when compared side by side, differences are obvious and they become more apparent the longer the two products are used.
LawMate equipment can sometimes be found integrated into other manufacturers' products or sold by other names.
Image: Sabar Yang from LawMate, Taiwan with Damir First from Beling, Croatia after the year 2014 Lawmate product portfolio presentation and discussion (Paris, 2013).


Our relationship with LawMate

We started to work with LawMate in the year 2004 distributing not yet as recognized models of DVR and camera products. Since then, as an authorized distributor, we have continued to work on many projects together. We would like to think that we have contributed to the advancement of several products during that period based on our personal and the feedback of our customers.

In 2010, we launched the web-shop Spy Shop Europe with an extensive list of LawMate products, from DVRs and Spy cameras to wireless and counter-surveillance equipment (over 50 LawMate models in stock).

In the year 2011, we tightened our relationship and became Exclusive LawMate distributors for countries on the territory of Ex-Yugoslavia.
In the following years, we expanded the exclusive distributorship to Italy as well as Germany, becoming the largest Lawmate distributor in the European Union and the premier supplier for the sub-distributors in the region.
Image: Beling Manager Damir First with LawMate International Vice President Sabar Yang, Sales Manager Peter Chio, and Sales Representative Lisa Huang.


Additional information about Lawmate Products/Ordering

If you need additional information regarding the functions or operation of LawMate products that are not described on this website, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

If you are interested in ordering LawMate products, feel free to use our secure online credit card processing, PayPal (orders made by 13 h get shipped the same day), or send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will respond latest the following working day.


If you would like to share your opinion or give us feedback on the LawMate product you are using feel free to do so. We are always here for you and are easily reachable by phone, e-mail, Skype or WhatsApp. 

What we offer:

  • Cheap DHL Express Shipping Worldwide as well as Free Shipping Deals
  • Fast 24-hour delivery in Europe & a couple of days Worldwide
  • Response to product requests within one working day
  • Firmware, manuals, and other documentation support, such as CE certificates
  • All products are imported into the EU
  • 24 months warranty and service after this period
  • Competitive prices
We are also pleased to offer you advice and tips on how to choose the right LawMate DVR and LawMate camera that will do the job for you.

LawMate Equipment Product List

The categories of LawMates product range vary from standalone mini Digital Video Recorders to covert recorders for indoor and outdoor purposes. The product palette expanded in the last years as Wi-Fi and IP products were introduced across categories. 
Below you can see a full list of the product range.

Standalone Mini DVRs

LawMate's DVRs accept either analog or digital cameras, and some of them like the PV-1000 EVO3 can work with both. The PV-500L4i IP DVR can work with any analog camera! The PV-500 Neo Pro (or the PV-500 Neo Pro with BU-18Neo Button camera - KIT) is a great starter DVR as well as the most wanted one in all branches and niches. Take a look at our DVRs and find the one that suits you most:


Portable Covert DVRs

For surveillance on the go, these DVRs offer anonymity, ease of use, and quality audio and video material. The new PV-900 EVO3 and PV-WT20W are long-awaited LawMate products, that have finally reached us and taken their places amongst the classics like the PV-RC200HD2, PV-RC200HDW, and PV-EG20CL:


Portable non-covert DVRs

These little DVRs are easily hidden in plain sight, and offer HD / Full HD recordings:


IP Remote Recorders

With LawMate IP Remote Recorders, you can see the Live feed from the DVR from anywhere in the world with an internet connection via the App! Yes, once set up, the DVR will deliver the live feed to your smartphone no matter where you are. The important part is that the device is connected to the router (mobile or home/office) and that you have internet access on your smartphone to access the App. These are truly amazing devices, and the ones that are covert, also work as the item they are hidden in, be it a charger, Wi-Fi booster, speaker, or power bank!



Wi-Fi Direct Recorders 

The Wi-Fi devices offer the possibility to access the live feed when you are at home or in your office and need to check how everything is set up before going out on the field. Also useful when you want to check what is going on in the nearby room. No matter the internet accessibility, like for all LawMate products, everything gets recorded on the SD card, so no worries there about missing anything!


Home Surveillance Covert Digital Video Recorders

Home or Office surveillance is made easy with the below-listed devices that perfectly blend in such environments.


Car Surveillance Covert Digital Video Recorders

Both the car charger and the phone holder can be used as the device the covert recorder is placed in. The PV-CG10 is perhaps the most underrated device as it can be used as a charger, and the position it holds in the car makes for a great filming angle. The PV-PH10W is an upgrade on the old and beloved PV-PH10 and now it also offers Wi-Fi connectivity!


Covert Analog Camera range includes:

Cameras compatible with the PV-1000 models, PV-500 ECO2 and PV-500 L4i. Each product page has more information on the exact match. 


Digital Cameras range includes:

Cameras for the PV-500 HDW / HDW Pro, PV-500 Neo / Neo Pro, and PV-1000 EVO3 DVRs. Each product page has information about precise compatibility.

Bestseller KITs

When you are not handling these DVRs and cameras every day as we do, it can get a bit confusing on what camera fits which DVR, and if you have chosen the right one. That is why we were the first to offer the Bestseller KITs, where each DVR is matched with the perfect fit camera, and a discount is applied on top of that so it gets even more attractive ;) 

Mobile Networks Signal and RF Signal Detector

The RD-30 perhaps does not show it, however, it is our little bestselling Detector. It will find those camera lenses you are looking for and can be acquired at a great price! It is the upgraded version of the previous RD-10, and can now find the wireless and wired camera signals as well. 


1.2GHz & 2.4 GHz RF transmitters and receivers

If you would like to go old school, take a look at the remaining transmitters and receivers in our offer! Nowadays, P2P / IP products have replaced this kind of equipment, and you can take a look at them here:


Audio Recorders

The AR-100 and the new AR-300 are covert audio recorders with impressive recording capabilities. The AR-100 has long been a crowd favorite, because of its effectiveness, integrated memory, and ease of use. The AR-300 is a new release and offers more choice, as well as long battery power and integrated memory. The AR-200 can listen to landlines and offers several recording modes.



Accessories for the PV-500 and PV-1000 line DVRs from LawMate. When we published the LawMate batteries in our online offer we wanted our customers to be able to buy additional PV-500 and PV-1000 accessories if needed. We were not aware that this was rare at the time. The BA-4400 and BA-4400 Slim have been bestsellers ever since. We have also added the rest of the accessories to our offer. Here and there we get questions about a cable, a controller, and a keyfob cap, that we do not have on our website. If it is available in the factory, we order it for you! So feel free to ask us anything you think we might have or that you need at a given moment for your equipment. 

LawMate is in a constant state of innovation, that is also why their motto is: Innovation never stops! As time goes by, some products get discontinued. This makes it possible to release new products that match the current needs, especially with the boom of smartphones and Wi-Fi / P2P devices. Below you can find a full list of discontinued items, and here you can find outstanding devices on sale. Not all of them are going to be discontinued, sometimes we just clear out our stock to make space for new products in our portfolio. This is a great opportunity for you to buy great devices at a bargain price!
You can find all the LawMate products in our web store by running a search on the "LawMate" keyword in the search window.


The following LawMate Products have been Discontinued from Production:

PV-500 ECO, PV-500 EVO, PV-500 LITE, PV-500 L2, PV-1000 (160GB), PV-1000 Touch 320GB, CM-SS40, CM-SS10, CM-SS20, CM-SS22, PV-RC200, PV-RC300+, CMD-BU13, CMD-ER13, TM-120500-LM, CM-SS42, PV-AC10, PV-AC20, PV-AC35, PV-500EVO2, PV-1000Touch, CMD-BU13LX, CMD-BU20, WCH-350X, GM-GV3, PV-RC200HD, PV-FM10, PV-TM10, TD-2405, TD-1205, TM-120500-LM, TB-1255, CM-SS42, PV-AC30, PV-1000Touch, PV-500L2, RX-1260, TD-1218, TM-121800, TB-1251DUO, TB-2451DUO, MD-30, MJ-30, WCH-250X, PV-FM20, CM-SG20, GE-40S, PV-BX12, CMD-BU13LXU, BU-18, CM-DC10 (PAL), PV-50U, PV-50U KIT, PV-900FHD, PV-RC400FHD, PV-500L3, PV-IP6HDW, PV-IP7HDi, PV-IP6HDi, PV-WS10, PV-1000Touch5U, PV-500HDW, PV-500HDWPro, BU-18HD Button, BU-18HD Cone, NT-18HD, HB-18HD, PV-500EVO2U, CMD-BU20U, PV-LD12, NT-18Neo, HB-18Neo, BU-18Neo Cone, PV-RC300 Mini, HT-18 NTSC, HB-18 PAL, PV-1300W, PV-50HD2W, PV-BC10, PV-AC20FHD, PV-RC200HDWi, PV-EP10W, PV-AC30(PAL), PV-EG20DL, CL-10, PV-AC20uni, PV-AC30, PV-500 Neo, PV-RC300FHD, PV-CHG20i (iOS), PV-CHG20i (Droid), BU-19, BCM-DUO1. 
Your SpyShopEurope Team.
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