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Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.


About Lawmate

LawMate is Taiwan manufacturer of professional equipment for covert surveillance and counter-surveillance.

Recognized as reliable equipment last several year LawMate has been increasingly penetrating European market in all niches starting from police law enforcement forces, army forces, government secret and special services all the way to private sector through investigation agencies, security and VIP/Executive protection agencies.

LawMate Law Enforcement grade quality matches far more expensive professional products from other manufacturers while remains fairly accessible with price not far from the range of consumer „spy gear". That is what makes LawMate equipment a recognized choice for professionals either as an every day tool or reliable backup equipment due to it's accessible cost.

In the year 2013 and onwards Lawmate is starting to expand its range also towards Home Surveillance products that are starting to be accepted in USA and Europe as a quality choice for covertly monitoring what is going on when home owners are not present.

Many products such as remote controller DVR were originally produced by LawMate and later copied by other manufacturers. However when compared side by side differences are obvious and they become more appereant the longer two products are used

LawMate equipment can sometimes be found integrated in other manufacturers products or sold by other names.

Lisa Lin, Rachel Chuang and Peter Chio from LawMate Taiwan and Beling owner Darko First and Damir First at Lawmate booth (Milipol Paris, 2011).

Our relationship with LawMate

We started to work with LawMate in year of 2004 distributing not yet as recognised models of DVR and camera products. Since then as an authorised distributor we have continued to work on many projects together. We would like to think that we have contributed in advancement of several products during that period based on our personal and the feedback of our customers.

2010 we have opened web shop Spy Shop Europe with an extensive list of LawMate products from DVRs and Spy cameras to wireless and counter surveillance equipment. (over 50 LM models on stock).

From year 2011 we have tightened our relationship and have become an Exclusive LawMate distributors for countries on the territory of Ex-Yugoslavia.

Sabar Yang from Lawmate, Taiwan with Damir First from Beling, Croatia after year 2014 Lawmate product portfolio presentation and discussion (in Paris, 2013)

Categories of LawMate Equipment 

Standalone or camera integrated Mini Digital Video Recorders range:

Trademark LawMate products. Used for collecting recorded audio and video evidence. Some of the features are secure multi layer password protected storage, high capacity SD card support and integrated, up to 3" LCD screen and clever covert solutions.

Standalone mini DVRs:

PV-1000 Touch 5U DVR - 5" Touchscreen Full HD HDD DVR -  <<Info. page link>>

PV-500 EVO2U DVR – 3" Touchscreen USB HD DVR <<Info. page link>>

PV-1000 Lite - 5" RGB 800*480 Color TFT LCD DVR <<Info. page link>>

PV-50 – Matchbox size Budget DVR <<PDF>>

Portable covert DVRs:

PV-RC200HD2 - 5MP CMOS 1080p Keyfob DVR <<Info. page link>> 

PV-RC200FHD - 0.4 Lux / 1080p Keyfob DVR for low light conditions <<Info. page link>> 

PV900 HD Kit - Cellphone HD DVR with CM-EP10 Earphone Camera <<Info. page link>>

PV900 FHD  - Smartphone Full HD DVR with integrated camera <<Info. page link>>

PV-LD12 - HD Flask DVR with integrated camera <<Info. page link>>

PV-CC10 - Coffee Cup Lid Disguised Camera DVR <<Info. page link>>

PV-EG10CL - HD 720P Spy Glasses DVR <<Info. page link>>

Portable non-covert DVRs:

PV-BC10 - HD 720P Business Card Size Black Box DVR <<Info. page link>>

PV-RC300Mini - Thumbsize DVR Camera <<PDF>>

PV-RC300FHD - 1080p Mini Cam Stick with built-in 5MP sensor <<Info. page link>>

PV-RC400FHD - 1080p Bullet cam recorder with a 170° angle focus lens <<Info. page link>>

Wi-Fi & IP Standalone DVR's:

PV-500HDW Wi-fi Full HD DVR <<Info. page link>>

PV-500HDW Pro - 3' Touch Screen, 1080p, Wi-Fi enabled DVR <<Info. page link>>

PV-500L4i - IP enabled DVR compatible with CMOS and CCD analogue cameras <<Info. page link>>

PV-DY10i - Full HD Portable IP DVR Module with CMOS sensor <<Info. page link>>

Wi-Fi & IP Recorders & Mini DVR's:

PV-AC20HDWi - Full HD Wi-fi Power Adaptor DVR <<Info. page link>>

PV-RC200HDW - Wi-fi keyfob DVR for low light conditions <<Info. page link>>

PV-RC200HDi - IP Full HD Covert Keyfob Mini DVR <<Info. page link>>
PV-IP6HDW - Full HD Wi-fi iPhone battery pack covert DVR <<Info. page link>>

PV-IP6HDi - IP based iPhone 6 / 6S battery case DVR <<Info. page link>>

PV-IP7HDi - IP based iPhone 7 battery case DVR <<Info. page link>>

PV-50HD2W - Full HD Body worn Wi-Fi DVR with 78° angle <<Info. page link>>

PV-CHG20i (Droid) AC Adapter - Full HD Android Wi-Fi Mini DVR <<Info. page link>>
PV-CHG20i (iOS) AC Adapter - Full HD iOS Wi-Fi Mini DVR <<Info. page link>>

PV-UC10i - CMOS covert mini DVR with 0.03 Lux @F2.0 <<Info. page link>>

PV-AC20uni - Wi-Fi & IP enabled CMOS covert mini DVR <<Info. page link>>

PV-FM20HDWi - IP based covert DVR with 0.03 Lux @F2.0 <<Info. page link>>

PV-PB20i - Full HD IP/Wi-fi Power Bank iOS/Android DVR <<Info. page link>>

Home surveillance covert DVRs:

PV-AC35 - iPhone charge DVR with integrated camera <<Info. page link>>

PV-MU10 - Cover Computer Mouse DVR with PIR sensor <<Info. page link>>

PV-WS10 - Wallsocket DVR with PIR camera sensor <<Info. page link>>

PV-TM10FHD - Full HD Thermometer DVR with PIR camera sensor <<Info. page link>>

PV-RC10FHD - Full HD Remote Control DVR with PIR sensor <<Info. page link>>

Car surveillance covert DVRs:

PV-CG10 - Full HD Covert Car charger DVR <<Info. page link>>

PV-PH10 - Full HD Car Mount Holder DVR for Smartphones <<Info. page link>>

Covert and/or miniature spy and inspection cameras with integrated microphones:

Some of the biggest advances in the field of covert cameras have been made when LawMata decided to integrate 800 TV line camera sensors and 1mm wide lenses in their new covert camera models. Range of products starts from 450 TV Line models with up to 4.3mm lenses, sensitivity of cameras varies from 0.005 Lux to 1 Lux.  

Covert camera range includes:

BU-19 Camera - 700 TV Lines SONY SUPER HAD CCD & 0.005 Lux F1.2 <<Info. page link>>

CM-DC10 - 1mm lens powercord CMOS cam. <<Info. page link>>

CMD-BU13LXU - WDR  hyper sensitive (0.03 Lux) 800TV Line CMOS Button / Screwhead cam. <<Info. page link>>

CMD-BU20U Newest Full HD camera 1200 Tv line + CMOS sensor and WDR <<Info. page link>>

NT-19 Plus - 700 TV Line CCD Necktie camera <<Info. page link>> 

ER-18 - 550TV Line CCD Headset camera <<Info. page link>>

HB-19 - 700 TV Line CCD Handbag Camera <<Info. page link>>

CM-BU18 - 480TV Line CMOS Color Button/Screwhead Cam. <<PDF>>

CM-EP10 - 480TV Line CMOS Earphone Camera <<Info. page link>>

CM-TC10 - 480TV Line CMOS Tie Clip Camera <<PDF>>

Cameras compatible with Wi-Fi DVRs:

BU-18HD Button Camera - 1080P CMOS Digital Camera <<Info. page link>>

BU-18HD Cone Camera - 1080P CMOS Digital Camera <<Info. page link>>

ER-18HD - 1080P Wi-Fi Headset camera with 141º angle of view <<Info. page link>>

HB-18HD - 1080P Wi-Fi Handbag CMOS camera with 78º Angle of view <<Info. page link>>

NT-18HD - 1080P CMOS Necktie covert camera <<Info. page link>>

Mobile networks signal and RF signal detectors range:

These products are used to detect unauthorized transfer of information by hidden wireless cameras, spy bugs or GPS trackers.

WCH-200X - 900-2570Mhz Video signal detector.

WCH-250X RF AV Full Range Wireless Scanner 

WCH-350X-RF AV Wireless Scanner and DVR

Handheld Detector for GSM – CDMA Devices – MD – 40

MD-40 3G Mobile Phone Signal Detector 

RD-10 RF Detector from 20MHz - 6GHz frequency range <<Info. page link>>

1.2GHz & 2.4 GHz RF transmitters and receivers range:

LawMate offers battery and battery-less as well as compact and in „module" only versions of transmitters and applicable receivers. Transmitter range varies from 100 mW to 1000 mW, size varies from compact to miniature.  Used to transmit covert camera information to remote DVR effectively transforming covert cameras into wireless covert cameras. 

Aside covert surveillance application, LawMate transmitter and receivers together with cameras are also popular in creating FPV remote control systems.

TBR-1255/2455 - 1.2GHz/2.4GHz 500mW portable RX & TX combo <<Info. page link>>

TRK-2458 - 2.4 GHz 500mW long range static RX & TX combo <<Info. page link>>

RX-1260/2460 - 1.2/2.4GHz portable RX <<Info. page link>>

TM-120200/240200 - 1.2/2,4GHz 100mW Xtra mini TX module <<Info. page link>>

TM-120500/240500 - 1.2/2.4GHz 500mW mini TX module <<Info. page link>>

Various accessories and other products from LawMate range:

Besides more represented range of products, below there can be found currently less populated categories of LawMate equipment as well as accessories.

BA-4400 - 4400 mAH Li-Ion battery for PV-500,GM-GV3 and TB-1251/2451 <<Info. page link>>

BA-2200 - 2200 mAH Li-Ion battery for PV-500 series DVRs <<Info. page link>>

AR-100  - 18 hour AGC covert audio recorder <<Info. page link>>

AR-200  - 32 hour AGC covert audio recorder <<Info. page link>>

BA-0512 - External 4400 mAH battery pack (5V/12V switch) <<Info. page link>>

BCM-DUO1 - Two-at-a-time battery charger dock for BA-4400 and BA-2200 <<Info. page link>>

PI-RF50TX Remote Controller - for PV-500HDW Pro <<Info. page link>>

The following LawMate products have been discontinued from production:

PV-500 ECO, PV-500 EVO, PV-500 LITE, PV-500 L2, PV-1000 (160GB), PV-1000 Touch 320GB, CM-SS40, CM-SS10, CM-SS20, CM-SS22, PV-RC200, PV-RC300+, CMD-BU13, CMD-ER13, TM-120500-LM, CM-SS42, PV-AC10, PV-AC20, PV-AC35, PV-500EVO2, PV-1000Touch, CMD-BU13LX, CMD-BU20, WCH-350X, GM-GV3, PV-RC200HD, PV-FM10, PV-TM10, TD-2405, TD-1205, TM-120500-LM, TB-1255/ CM-SS42/PV-AC30/PV-1000Touch/PV-500L2, RX-1260, TD-1218, TM-121800, TB-1251DUO, TB-2451DUO, MD-30, MJ-30, WCH-250X, PV-FM20, CM-SG20, GE-40S, PV-BX12, CMD-BU13LXU, BU-18, CM-DC10 (PAL), PV-50U, PV-50U KIT, PV-900FHD, PV-RC400FHD, PV-500L3, PV-IP6HDW.

Additional information about Lawmate products / ordering

If you need additional information regarding functions or operation of LawMate products that is not described in this website, feel free to contact us at info@spyshopeurope.com.

If you are interested in ordering LawMate products, feel free to use our secure on-line credit card processing or send us e-mail at sales@spyshopeurope.com and we will respond latest following working day.

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NEW SpyPhones with Easy IP sharing!
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