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LawMate PV-500 L4i with BU-19
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24 month warranty

LawMate PV-500 L4i with BU-19 Kit offers the best from LawMate at a bargain price.

LawMate PV-500 L4i DVR and BU-19 Camera Kit is discontinued and out of stock, however, please find here the replacement Bestseller Kits: 

LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro with BU-18Neo Button Camera Wi-Fi DVR with Digital Button Camera, or

LawMate PV-500 ECO2 with CM-BU20 Button Camera DVR with Analog Button Camera


The PV-500 L4i is the first IP/P2P DVR from LawMate that can work with all analog cameras from LawMate, and is also compatible with analog cameras from other manufacturers! You can live monitor the feed on your smartphone, as well as set up the settings remotely. 
The bestselling camera - the BU-19 - with high performance 1/3 inch SONY SUPER HAD CCD series sensor, making the resolution HD quality - 700 TV lines. Also has improved sensitivity in comparison with regular pinhole CCD cameras as low as 0.005 Lux which lets it record in low light circumstances. The angle of view is 78 degrees.  


LawMate PV-500 L4i with BU-19 FAQs

Can I adjust the settings of the PV-500 L4i DVR remotely?
Yes, the PV-500 L4i DVR allows for remote setting adjustments via smartphone connectivity. This feature enables users to change settings and configure the DVR according to their surveillance needs without having to physically access the device. It adds convenience and flexibility, allowing for easier management of surveillance operations.

Can I use the LawMate PV-500 L4i DVR with cameras other than LawMate?
Yes, the PV-500 L4i DVR is compatible with all analog cameras from LawMate, as well as analog cameras from other manufacturers. This compatibility ensures users can integrate the DVR into existing surveillance systems or choose cameras that best meet their specific requirements. The flexibility in camera compatibility makes this DVR a versatile choice for personal or professional surveillance needs.

How can I monitor the video feed live on my smartphone?
The PV-500 L4i DVR supports IP/P2P connectivity, enabling live monitoring of the video feed on a smartphone. Users can connect their smartphone to the DVR through a dedicated app or software, allowing for real-time viewing and management of video feeds from anywhere with an internet connection. This feature adds a layer of convenience and flexibility to surveillance operations.

How does the LawMate PV-500 L4i with BU-19 kit enhance surveillance operations?
The LawMate PV-500 L4i with BU-19 kit enhances surveillance operations by offering high-quality video recording, flexibility in camera compatibility, and the convenience of live monitoring and remote setting adjustments via smartphone. Its high-resolution camera and low light sensitivity ensure clear video capture in various conditions, while the DVR’s IP/P2P connectivity facilitates real-time surveillance management. This combination of features makes the kit a powerful tool for personal and professional surveillance applications.

Is the LawMate PV-500 L4i with BU-19 kit suitable for low light recording?
Yes, the BU-19 camera’s improved sensitivity of as low as 0.005 Lux allows it to record in low light circumstances effectively. This capability, combined with the DVR’s compatibility with various cameras, makes the kit suitable for a wide range of surveillance applications, including those requiring low light recording. Users can rely on this kit for clear video capture in dimly lit environments.

What is the angle of view of the BU-19 camera?
The angle of view of the BU-19 camera is 78 degrees. This wide angle of view allows for a broad surveillance area, making it easier to capture more of a scene without repositioning the camera frequently. It is particularly useful in situations where comprehensive monitoring of an environment is required.

What is the LawMate PV-500 L4i with BU-19?
The LawMate PV-500 L4i with BU-19 is a kit combining a portable DVR that supports IP/P2P connectivity with a high-performance analog button camera. This setup allows for live monitoring of video feeds on a smartphone and remote setting adjustments, making it versatile for various surveillance needs. The DVR is compatible with all LawMate analog cameras and those from other manufacturers, offering flexibility in surveillance setups.

What is the resolution and sensitivity of the BU-19 camera?
The BU-19 camera features a 1/3 inch SONY SUPER HAD CCD series sensor, offering HD quality resolution of 700 TV lines and a sensitivity as low as 0.005 Lux. This high resolution and sensitivity allow for clear video recording in various lighting conditions, including low light. The camera’s superior image quality makes it ideal for detailed surveillance where clarity and detail are paramount.

What type of sensor does the BU-19 camera use?
The BU-19 camera uses a 1/3 inch SONY SUPER HAD CCD series sensor. This sensor type is known for its high performance in capturing video, offering HD quality resolution and excellent sensitivity in low light conditions. The use of this sensor contributes to the camera’s ability to produce clear, detailed images for effective surveillance.

24 Months Warranty.


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