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Secureee Product Portfolio

Secureee is a local European brand known for its high-quality audio recorders and GSM bugs offered at competitive prices.

They stand out for their price and quality balance, with a focus on the client’s satisfaction. Their products are well made, and they use superior and durable materials, with an emphasis on the use of high-quality Knowles and MEMS microphones, which are crucial for such devices.
Secureee as a brand is widely used and popular among professionals seeking high-quality and reliable products at an affordable price.
In addition to the brand’s commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, Secureee’s product range is famous for its innovation. They offer excellent products, small in size but with very long battery life, covert models like GSM bugs hidden in adapters and power extension cords, nano models, professional voice recorders, and the latest technology, 4G GSM bugs.

Buran Series

Buran is a synonym for durable 2G GSM bugs in a plastic carbon design with a strong magnet for easy installation. Buran’s are 3 in 1 devices – GMS bugs, audio recorders, and GPS locators. They feature MEMS microphones, and encrypted cables for secure recordings, and offer both integrated and external microphone options.
 From left to right: Buran 500 w/ Ext Mic, Buran 500 w/ Int Mic, Buran 1200 w/ Ext Mic, Buran 1200 
Buran 500 with External Microphone – GSM bug with 3D MEMS low noise microphone and internal 8GB memory for storing voice recordings. Features sleep option which increases the battery life and allows up to 1800h of recordings. Voice activation is another interesting feature that saves battery life and provides optimal usage. A complimentary USB cable is coded to ensure maximum data protection. The GSM listening module is user-friendly and easy to set up by following step-by-step instructions from the manual.
Buran 500 with Integrated Microphone – GSM bug with the same specifications as the Buran 500 with External Microphone with the one difference and that is the position of the microphone. This model has an integrated 3D MEMS low-noise microphone.
Buran 1200 with External Microphone – another 3 in 1 device with slightly different specifications than Buran 500. The main difference between the two besides a bit bigger dimensions is the battery size. Buran 1200 comes with a 1200 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery which enables it to record for 4000 hours in sleep mode and remain in deep sleep mode for 6 months.
Buran 1200 with Integrated Microphone – GSM bug, GPS locator, and High-quality voice recorder like the model with external microphone with the only difference being the position of the MEMS microphone. 

Covert and Wi-Fi Models

Secureee offers fully covert GSM bugs, voice recorders, and WiFi models hidden in everyday objects like travel adapters.  They all serve their visible purpose while at the same time being covert modules for collecting evidence.
Mriya High-Quality Voice Recorder in Adapter – The Voice recorder in European 5V/2A travel adapter features an unlimited power supply and is powered on by simply putting the adapter in the power socket. Thanks to its integrated memory Mriya is capable of recording up to 300 hours of audio while plugged in the socket and up to 100 hours when plugged out because of the backup battery. From the outside, the device is completely covert and discreet.
Mriya GSM Bug In Adapter - from the outside, it looks completely the same as the Mriya Voice recorder but they differ in the specifications. It has a hidden GSM module and comes with a screwdriver with which you can open the device and insert the SIM card. Battery life is unlimited while plugged in the socket and you can make a call and hear what is going on in the room Mriya GSM is placed in. In case of power shortage, it has a backup battery.
Mriya WiFi Listening Device – a dual-purpose device that is in the same time power adapter and a listening device with a 32GB integrated memory card. It uses WiFi technology so it can be connected to the phone app and your local wifi network so you will be able to hear what is going on remotely. 

Atom Series

The Atom series are GSM bugs in a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic housing with a GPS receiver for locating via GPS satellite. They have built-in memory, 3 high-quality MEMS microphones, and noise filters, and they offer very long battery life—up to 30 days in standby. - Get Quote
From left to right: Atom 500, Atom 1200

Nano Series

Very small in size audio recorders with compact design, long battery life, and integrated Knowles microphone. Nano Voice Recorders NR-2032 and NR-2025 feature scheduled recording and voice activation modes for even longer battery life and encryption for maximum security. Thanks to its program for Windows you can easily set and configure the Nano recorder by following step-by-step instructions to get the maximum out of your recorder. The batteries used are the commonly available CR2025 and CR2032 models, ensuring easy replacement. When operating on a standard button CR2025 battery it can record up to 288 hours in A-LAW format.
From left to right: NR-2032, NR- 2025

Professional Voice Recorders

Secureee features professional voice recorders in a discreet black box design.
CR series of professional voice recorders offer a unique feature where the voice recorder enters a sleep mode when no sound is detected significantly extending the battery life up to 6000 hours. Recordings are in MP3 format and the CR series includes an ALC preamplifier for enhancing quiet sounds, making it more suitable for capturing low-volume audio. - Get Quote
MR series voice recorders on the other hand feature continuous recording of up to 100 hours in WAV format and are more oriented for users who are looking for a simple voice recorder. - Get Quote
From left to right: CR-25, CR-75

Additional Information about Secureee products/orders

If you need more information on the latest Secureee’s products or if you are looking for a custom-made solution, feel free to contact us directly via e-mail at [email protected] or WhatsApp.

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