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Counter Surveillance devices are tools designed for detection of various spy equipment and to protect your privacy from unwanted surveillance.

Utilizing counter surveillance equipment is essential in today's world, as it helps detect hidden cameras, microphones, and other electronic devices used for recording, monitoring, and eavesdropping. Counter surveillance equipment can be used for a variety of purposes, including personal privacy, safety, corporate security, and government intelligence gathering.

As technology continues to advance, the possibility of electronic surveillance increases, making it more important than ever to have countermeasures in place. There are many different types of counter-surveillance equipment available, each designed for a specific purpose. Some of the most popular types of counter-surveillance tools include RF detectors, spectrum analyzers, white noise generators, non-linear junction detectors (NLJD), and hidden camera lens detectors. By investing in such counter-surveillance equipment, you can ensure your privacy remains protected from bugs and other spying instruments.

Whether you're an individual looking to protect your personal life, a business owner securing sensitive corporate information, or government institutions looking to be a step ahead and prevent intelligence leakage, there's a counter-surveillance tool that's ideal for your needs. In the following text, we will walk you through the different types of available counter-surveillance solutions and give you a better understanding of how they work. With the right counter surveillance equipment in place, you can stay one step ahead of potential bugs and other intrusive gadgets.

RF detectors – first pick in counter-surveillance equipment among security professionals

RF detectors are usually the first counter-surveillance tools law enforcement units, private investigators and security specialists choose when wanting to locate electronic surveillance devices such as hidden camcorders or spy bugs. These detectors are the most common types of counter surveillance equipment, as they are portable, easy to carry around, fit in a pocket of a jacket, and are extremely user-friendly with a one or two-button design for easy operation. "RF" stands for radio frequency which can range from 3 KHz to 300 GHz, and RF detectors basically detect a certain frequency a spy device is transmitting. To be able to understand how RF detectors work, you need to be aware that the majority of electronic surveillance equipment transmits in the range from 800 MHz to 12 GHz. For example, the RF detector will show the exact frequency a hidden device is transmitting, and based on that, you can conclude if a spy device is installed in the room. Such bugs can be a real threat to one's privacy and security, making it essential for people to invest in reliable counter-surveillance equipment like RF detectors. Depending on the model and brand, they usually have a screen, bar graph, and several working modes like sound and vibration to help you locate spy devices.

RF detectors, which can also function as GPS detectors, are not only effective in uncovering an electronic surveillance device like a hidden camcorder or spy bug, but they can also be used to locate GPS trackers. This dual functionality makes these detectors invaluable tools for individuals and professionals seeking comprehensive protection against unwanted surveillance. By covering a wide range of frequencies, including GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS signals, RF detectors can efficiently locate and identify a variety of spying devices, ensuring privacy and security for users.

Some of our clients' bestselling RF detectors and budget-friendly counter surveillance equipment options are the Digiscan Labs Protect 1207i and iProtect 1216. Their performance and detection range can be increased by installing an additional antenna for detecting specific frequencies.

Advanced RF detectors for detection of the latest 5G and Store & Forward devices.

For those looking for more sophisticated RF detectors with additional analyzing functions, we recommend considering JJN Digital. These UK-manufactured RF detectors offer advanced counter-surveillance options that provide you with better insight into each detected signal. They are of great assistance while conducting a thorough detection analysis and providing conclusions.

One of the best-selling RF detectors is the WAM-X25 with a frequency range of up to 14 GHz and the ability to detect the latest 5G and Store and Forward devices. Its numerous analyzing functions make it a popular choice among security professionals in the counter-surveillance niche. The WAM-X25 offers a range of analysis features, including a Wi-Fi Network Analyzer and Bluetooth Device Analyzer, and an event log which can be easily downloaded for later examination.

Use spectrum analyzers to identify the specific type of spy bug present in your surroundings.

Spectrum analyzers are advanced electronic devices designed for counter surveillance as they detect and analyze radio frequency signals in an area. They are commonly used to detect and identify unauthorized radio waves that could potentially compromise security, privacy, or confidentiality. Unlike typical searching devices RF detectors, which only alert you to the presence of signals, spectrum analyzers can provide detailed information about their frequency, strength, persistence, pattern, and other characteristics. They can detect a wide range of signals from electronic surveillance devices, including hidden video recorders, bugs, hidden GPS trackers, etc. With the ability to analyze signals in real time, they can help identify the source of the signal and determine if it is part of a larger surveillance operation.

In simpler terms, spectrum analyzers can be thought of as tools that can help you "see" and understand signals that you might not be able to detect with a simple RF detector. They allow you to look deeper into the electromagnetic spectrum and identify specific signals of interest, rather than just detecting the presence of any signal. This is extremely useful for counter-surveillance purposes, as you need to identify and analyze potentially malicious signals.

We offer a range of powerful, sensitive, and portable spectrum analyzers, including the HSA-Q1, Delta X G2/12, Delta X G2/6, and Delta S, which are all powerful, user-friendly, and capable of storing and exporting data. The HSA-Q1 from JJN Digital is a handheld device that can analyze a wide range of frequencies in 1 MHz to 13.44 GHz range with a sweep time of 0.5 seconds. The Delta X G2/12 and Delta X G2/6, from Digiscan Labs, are handheld sweeping systems that cover a frequency range of up to 12 GHz and 6 GHz, respectively. The Delta S is a handheld sweeping system that can also detect RF jammers, with a frequency range of 57-6000 MHz.

How to secure your conversations from spy bugs and phone recordings?

Whether you need to safeguard phone calls, face-to-face meetings, or even large group discussions, we have a counter-surveillance solution for you. Devices for the protection of communication are designed to protect your private conversations from unwanted eavesdropping and surveillance, as they can be compromised by recordings on devices such as smartphones, hidden audio recorders, and spy bugs. There are two main types of counter surveillance equipment against eavesdropping available at our webshop: white noise generators and devices that block interception and recording of conversations.

White noise generators work by creating a constant background noise, such as speech-like noise or the sound of a crowded room, which masks your voice and makes it difficult for anyone to listen in on your personal talks. The speech noise can be adjusted to different volume levels and frequencies, allowing you to find the perfect level of security for your needs. If you're looking for a portable white noise generator of a small size that can protect you from being monitored while on the go, take a look at our MNG-300 Rabbler. For a higher level of security and including multiple people in your secure conversation, one DRUID D-06 generator creates external audio interference while providing headsets for up to six participants. The DNG-3000 White noise generator, on the other hand, provides protection for whole rooms by creating non-filterable white noise. 

For those looking for a counter-surveillance device that specifically protects from unwanted spying from your smartphone, the Phone Safe Summit and Phone Safe Ultra are perfect for the job. Both work by generating a non-filterable ultrasonic interface that blocks the microphone of the smartphone, efficiently preventing any recording Apps from capturing communication and sounds. The Phone Safe Ultra accommodates one phone, while the Phone Safe Summit can secure up to four phones at once.

Detect spyware in all modes: active/passive/powered off.

NLJDs (Non-Linear Junction Detectors) are specialized counter-surveillance electronic tools that help in the detection of hidden electronic surveillance devices, such as listening devices, location trackers, covert video recorders, digital audio bug, SIM/Nano cards, and smartphones, regardless of whether they are active, passive, or powered off. One such detector is the JJN Digital EDD-24T, a handheld NLJD with a CE certificate, made in Europe.

How Do NLJDs Work? NLJDs work by transmitting a high-frequency radio signal and then analyzing the response of the signal when it hits a target. If the signal hits a device made with silicon, commonly used in many electronics, it will produce a strong second harmonic frequency. Similarly, if the signal hits bi-metals or oxidized metals, it will respond with a third harmonic.  The EDD-24T is designed to make the detection process simple and efficient. It transmits a focused directional signal at 2.4 GHz and receives signals at 4.8 GHz (second harmonic) and 7.2 GHz (third harmonic). With the EDD-24T, you can quickly evaluate and analyze the detected signals, even for small amounts of silicone or metal in electronic surveillance products like mobile phones, location trackers, or SIM cards.

The EDD-24T NLJD is portable, user-friendly, and suitable for use by beginners and professionals alike. It has a high-sensitivity receiver, an intelligent algorithm that analyzes the detected signals, and a screen for quick evaluation and analysis of the signals. Additionally, it is lightweight and made from high-quality, durable materials. It also comes with a standard carry case for maximum protection.

How to find hidden cameras in any room?

Hidden camera lens detectors are counter-surveillance electronic devices designed to locate the presence of hidden video recorders in a room or an area. This type of counter-surveillance equipment has become increasingly popular due to the growing concern for privacy and the increasing number of hidden surveillance cameras in public places, hotels, and rental properties. These camera detectors help you ensure your privacy and security by detecting even the smallest camera lenses that might be hidden in your environment. They work by emitting infrared light, which is then focused on the area being searched using a lens. When the light hits a camera lens, it reflects back and is picked up by the detector, alerting you to the presence of a hidden camera, whether it is powered on or off.

Two examples of hidden camera detectors available from our selection are the LawMate RD-30 and the Digiscan Labs WEGA-i. Both of these are compact and can be easily carried in your pocket, making them ideal for travelers who prioritize privacy. The LawMate RD-30 is a wired and wireless camera detector and scanner that uses both infrared and radio frequency technology. With its frequency range of 20 MHz to 6 GHz, it can also be used as a wireless bug sweeper. RD-30 is easy to use, with a simple LED display that indicates the presence of a hidden surveillance camera. The WEGA-i, on the other hand, is a handheld device that utilizes infrared technology for the detection of hidden cameras from a distance of up to 10 meters. It also has an IR filter that rejects natural reflections.

Hidden camera lens detectors are essential for anyone who values privacy and security, and wants to make sure their space is free from unwanted surveillance. With tools like the LawMate RD-30 and the WEGA-i, you can be confident that your privacy is protected at all times.

JJN digital

WAM-X25 Handheld Wireless Activity Monitor 0-14 GHz

10.924,00  EUR  ex VAT
13.655,00  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery
JJN digital

PRO-SL8 Pocket Bug Detector 0-8 GHz

1.855,00  EUR  ex VAT
2.318,75  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery
Digiscan Labs

Protect 1207i Multi-Channel Detector

629,00  EUR  ex VAT
786,25  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery

LawMate RD-30 RF Wired and Wireless Camera Detector and Scanner

103,00  EUR  ex VAT
128,75  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery
JJN digital

PRO-W12DX Pocket Wideband RF Detector 0-12 GHz

3.085,00  EUR  ex VAT
3.856,25  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery
Digiscan Labs

Delta X G2/12 Handheld Counter Surveillance Sweeping System

15.900,00  EUR  ex VAT
19.875,00  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery
JJN digital

EDD-24T NLJD for Active and Passive Devices

9.250,00  EUR  ex VAT
11.562,50  EUR  inc VAT
Delivery in 5 days
Digiscan Labs

iProtect 1216 3-band RF detector

624,00  EUR  ex VAT
780,00  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery

Hawksweep HS-C3000 Plus Handheld RF detector of analog/digital AV and Wiretaps

899,00  EUR  ex VAT
1.123,75  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery
Digiscan Labs

Delta X G2/6 Handheld Counter Surveillance Sweeping System

12.650,00  EUR  ex VAT
15.812,50  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery
Digiscan Labs

WEGA-i Detector of Hidden Video Cameras

349,00  EUR  ex VAT
436,25  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery
Digiscan Labs

MNG-300 Rabbler

289,00  EUR  ex VAT
361,25  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery
Digiscan Labs

Phone Safe Summit for Protection of Conversations

833,00  EUR  ex VAT
1.041,25  EUR  inc VAT
Delivery in 15 days
Digiscan Labs

Protect 1206i Detector of Bugs and Digital Transmissions

389,00  EUR  ex VAT
486,25  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery
Digiscan Labs

iProtect 1217 Detector of mobile and wireless signals

2.899,00  EUR  ex VAT
3.623,75  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery
Digiscan Labs

Delta S Handheld Counter Surveillance Sweeping System

11.750,00  EUR  ex VAT
14.687,50  EUR  inc VAT
Delivery in 15 days

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