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StealthTronic Product Portfolio

StealthTronic manufactures a variety of security and surveillance products with premium materials and components while managing to offer them at an affordable price. They are located in Europe and specialize in manufacturing listening and camouflage devices with a focus on long-term surveillance solutions.

In our offer, we have mainly the LONGLIFE and VARIO series and UltraLife DVR Cameras. However, you can contact us regarding any product from the STronic Portfolio, and we will order it for you.
Just let us know at info@spyshopeurope.com

Below you can take a look at the product range :

Voice Recorders

From left to right: URP-250, UR125-075, UR225-135, URP GSM PRO K Plus, URP450.

STronic URP-250 - Audio Recorder with 250 days in voice detection mode and 150 hours of continuous recording. Very sensitive microphones, possibility to set time, HQ audio using mp3 coded for perfect compression, and 8 GB internal memory. Get Quote

STronic UR125-075 - Audio Recorder with 75 h of continuous recording and up to 125 days in voice detection mode (standby mode). Available in Shop


STronic UR225-135 - Audio Recorder with 225 days in Voice activation mode and 135 hours of recording time with HQ audio using the Mp3 codec for perfect compression. Extremely thin; 3.5 mm. Available in Shop

STronic URP GSM PRO K Plus - Dual Module Voice Recorder and GSM Bug with 100 days in standby. Voice detection/recording with Voice Activation (VOX) function. Has Time and Date stamp for the files and an internal 8 GB memory that allows 288 h of recordings on the MP3 codec. Available in Shop


STronic URP-450 -  Audio Recorder with 450 days Voice activation period and 240 hours recording time. Possibility to set date and time for file names. 8 GB internal memory and HQ audio using the Mp3 codec for HQ compression. Recommended for law enforcement use. Available in Shop 

Listening Devices

Camouflage Listening

From left to right: GSM Bug in power extention, 3G Listening Unit, UltraLife Smoke Detector, GSM Electrical Outlet.

GSM bug in power extension - USB version, the possibility for nonstop operation, unlimited range, adjustable voice activation, fully functional power extension unrecognizable from regular two-socket power extension. Available in shop


3G Listening Unit - with 2G and 3G options, VOX, AGC, 2 microphones (MEMS and Knowles). Up to 25 days in standby and up to 150 days in voice activation mode. A wide number of features can be set up via SMS. The device has the option to be password protected. Available in Shop

UltraLife Smoke Detector Listening Device - based on the VARIO series, uses the same module as well as carefully mounted on a smoke detector. Monitoring offices and houses, excellent camouflage, very clear sound. Get Quote


GSM Electrical Outlet - using VARIO PRO K+ module, a standard model of outlet found in stores. The possibility of non-stop operation, unlimited range (GSM), VOX functionality, fully functional power extension. This device requires expertise with electrical current to be installed (electricians). Comes with battery and works even if power is out! Get Quote


From left to right: LongLife 10, LongLife 20, LongLife 10+, LongLife 20+, LongLife 60, Micro GSM, LongLife PRO 20 K+.
GSM Spy Bug LONGLIFE 10 - up to 10 days in standby mode, 4-6 hours of continuous listening, VOX call back function, extremely clear sound. Available in Shop
GSM Spy Bug LONGLIFE 20 - up to 20 days in standby mode, 10 hours of continuous listening, extremely clear sound. Available in Shop
GSM Spy Bug LONGLIFE 10+ - up to 10 days in standby mode, monitoring spaces over unlimited distances, very clear audio. Get Quote
GSM Spy Bug LONGLIFE 20+ - GSM Spy Bug with clear audio and battery life up to 20 days. This model has an extended microphone. 10 hours of continuous listening and call back function. Available in Shop
GSM Spy Bug LONGLIFE 60 - up to 75 days in standby, up to 26 hours of continuous listening. For long-term monitoring with no access to power sockets. Available in Shop
Micro GSM Listening Device - smallest device from LONGLIFE series. Short battery life: up to 3 h in standby, 1.2 h of continuous recording. Call back function. High-quality microphone. Available in Shop                     
LongLife PRO 20 K+ - an upgraded version of LONGLIFE series, Knowles microphones, up to 20 days in standby mode, 4-6 hours of continuous listening, VOX call back function. Get Quote

Vario Series 

From left to right: GSM Module VARIO+, GSM Module VARIO, Vario PRO CAR+, Vario PRO K+.
GSM Module VARIO+ - battery life up to 200 days, microphones mounted on several centimeters long cables, can connect various types of batteries, extra sensitive microphones, very small, can listen via mobile phone from any distance, voice activation/deactivation via SMS. Get Quote
GSM Module VARIO - battery life over 200 days, voice activation mode for longer battery life, for long-term surveillance with very high-quality audio, can listen via mobile phone from any distance, voice activation/deactivation via SMS. Get Quote
Vario PRO CAR + works with 99% of cars, Knowles low humming microphone to get the best possible sound from the GSM network. Combination of Vario PRO K+ and 12V to 3.7V adaptor. Connect the unit to the 12V powered battery or in any other place in the car, very easy installation. Available in Shop
Vario PRO K+ is an upgraded version of VARIO series with Knowles microphones, up to 180 days in standby, VOX call back function. Can be attached to batteries from 800mAh to 12800mAh. Available in Shop

gHost Series


From left to right: GSM sleep R50, GSM gHost SC, Plug Outlet UHF Transmitter.
GSM sleep R50 - unique device that can detect motion through its vibrating sensor, powerful with 180 days standby, 3 minutes interval sleep time mode, remotely settings change, remote movement notifications, integrated light sensor to notify you if someone has found the device, intelligent sound filters for noise reduction, possibility for position tracking, miniature size. Get Quote
GSM gHost SC - GSM Bug working on all frequencies, the combination of the latest hardware and software technology, perfect sound over long distances, very small and very efficient external (30 cm) Knowles microphones, can also be connected to a normal car battery. Possibility to change the setting of sensitivity remotely, sound detection (adjustable sensitivity), phone number filter, detection alarm, password protection, extra good quality antenna. Get Quote


UHF radio transmitters

Plug Outlet UHF Transmitter - outlet is fully functional, EU design (difference cannot be spotted), clear sound (Knowles analog microphone used), high-quality component, 24/7 monitoring, non-stop surveillance with reception up to 700 meters, listening + recording possibility, AVC for automatic control of the microphone sensitivity, discrete frequencies between (350 – 400MHz), noise minimization, perfect camouflage in a fully functional Electric Plug! Get Quote

Glite PRO Series

From left to right: GLite PRO Large 3600, GLite PRO 1200, GLite PRO Vario+ (module only), GLite PRO Large 3600+, GLite PRO Vario (module only) .

GLite PRO Large 3600 - a listening device with various functions: control your device via SMS, Knowles microphones, password control, filter incoming numbers, voice detection, microphone, light detection, easy installation (plug and play). Up to 37.5 days standby. Get Quote

GLite PRO 1200 - GSM communicator can serve as a protective device or gather information. Long battery life up to 12.5 days standby, Knowles microphones. Functions: password control, filter incoming calls, voice detection, light detection, plug and play installation. Get Quote
GLite PRO Vario+ (module only) - listening communicator, ability to control the device via SMS, a protective device as well as an information gatherer. Small proportions with high-quality sound (Knowles microphones), password control, filter incoming calls, voice detection, light detection, plug and play installation, 220V connectable, car connectable. Get Quote
GLite PRO Large 3600+ - GSM communicator, Knowles microphones, small sized with crisp sound, password control, filter incoming phone numbers, voice detection, light detection, plug and play. Get Quot
GLite PRO Vario (module only) - listening communicator compatible with 180-220V devices and plugs. Small sized, Knowles microphones, password control, filter incoming calls, voice detection, light detection, plug and play installation, 220V connectable, car connectable. Get Quote


From left to right: GLite PRO 750+, GLite PRO 750, GLite PRO 1200+, GLite 220V to 3.7V UPS Adapter, GLite Car adapter 12V to 3.7V UPS .

GLite PRO 750+ - GSM listening device, the + stands for an extended microphone, up to 7.8 days standby, 5 hours in-call. Password control, filter incoming numbers, voice detection, light detection, Knowles microphones, plug and play installation. Get Quote
GLite PRO 750 - listening device and gathers information. Knowles microphones, password control, filter incoming numbers, voice detection, light detection, easy installation (plug and play). Up to 7.8 days standby, 4.5 days call back, 5 in call hours. Get Quote


GLite PRO 1200+ - GSM communicator that serves as a protective device. Small sized with Knowles microphones. Password control, filter incoming numbers, voice detection, light detection, plug and play installation. Get Quote

Glite 220V to 3.7V UPS adapter (24/7 surveillance) -  with this you can place the listening device onto any power grid up to 220 Volts (GLite and Glite Pro). Has 12V to 3.7V UPS adapter with a built-in battery of 400mAh. Built to easily fit anywhere. Allows you to work with Glite PRO module in a more comfortable way. Get Quote
Glite Car adapter 12V to 3.7V UPS - with this device you can GLite to any car with 12V supply and monitor employees in the vehicle. Has a built-in battery of 400mAh which still gives Glite PRO or GLite PRO+ the ability to work for few hours in case there is an electricity shortage. Get Quote


PC Surveillance

Keyboard with keylogger and spy bug

Keyboard with a keylogger and spy bug - with a 4 GB capacity built directly into a keyboard for discreet covert operations. This is a combination of a covert listening device and a keylogger. The keylogger records all buttons pressed. Built-in GSM module, not detectable by antivirus. Supports numeric keyboard. Only US/ENG keyboards, for other languages please contact us. Get Quote

Counter Surveillance

From left to right: Extension Cord Detector v2.0, Extension Cord Detector, Ar-Mi Protect Talk.

Extension Cord Detector v2.0 - New and upgraded version of the Extension GSM cord Detector. Improvements in terms of usability. This new version comes with the cord (that can be adjusted depending on your country of residence) that gives you the option to test other devices like electronic outlets. Detects listening devices like GSM bugs, recording devices, pulse devices, UHF and VHF devices, any battery based device that connects to the circuit. Get Quote

Extension Cord Detector - this unique device is designed for the detection of wiretaps, or other listening devices in extension cords. This device can detect even inactive wiretapping or dictaphones, and is specially designed to uncover only the devices that are placed inside the cords. Detects listening devices (GSM bugs), recording devices (Dictaphones, Voice Recorders), pulse devices (Wifi based device, and pulse bugs), UHF & VHF devices. Get Quote


Ar-Mi Protect Talk - is a low-frequency generator specially developed for creating a background sound that will interfere with any kind of recording or listening device. Compatible with a wide range of speakers, has the reset function, up To 10 presets, where 2 or more voices can be combined, basic white noise 0-100 scale setting, led indicators for Audio and Noise. Offers protection against the most modern forms of recording (eavesdropping). Get Quote

Additional information about StealthTronic products/ordering:

If you need more information than described on our website, feel free to contact us at info@spyshopeurope.com.
If you are interested in ordering StealthTronic products, you can do so via our website with secure online credit card processing and PayPal. 
Products that we do not stock are available for pre-order. We will order them upon payment confirmation, and the estimated shipping time is approx. 2 weeks. 
As always, feel free to contact us at sales@spyshopeurope.com for a quotation. Payments for our offers can be made via bank account, TransferWise, and PayPal. We respond within 24 h following the last working day.  
You can find all the StealthTronic products in our web store by running a search on the "StealthTronic" keyword in the search window.
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