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LawMate BU-19 Analog Button Camera
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The BU-19 camera is one of LawMate's best spy cameras when it comes to low light sensitivity. With a min. illumination of 0.005 Lux/30 IRE @F1.2, it will record in light circumstances where other cameras produce only a dark picture.  

This product is end of line and no longer available. Please take a look at the latest version LawMate CM-BU20 Analog Button Camera.

The camera comes with a 700 TV Lines resolution, is compatible with NTSC and PAL Video Systems, and has a 78-degree angle of view.  

Learn more about LawMate DVRs and LawMate spy cameras to make sure you choose the right one. 


BU-19 Main Features:

  • This camera is compatible with the following DVRs: PV-500L4i, PV-500ECO2, PV-1000EVO3
  • High performance 1/3 inch SONY SUPER HAD CCD series sensor, making the resolution to 700 TV lines
  • Miniature size achieved by the evolutionary micro-sized PCB technology, making it smaller than using the 1/4 CCD sensor
  • Featured with much better performance by adopting 1/3 CCD sensor resolution, sensitivity & angle of field
  • Improved sensitivity in comparison with regular pinhole CCD cameras as low as 0.005 Lux F1.2  


BU-19 Full Specifications:

Item Number: BU-18(NTSC) & BU-18(PAL)
Video System: NTSC & PAL
Picture Element: NTCS: (H)976x(V)494 / PAL: (H)976x(V)582
Resolution: (H) 700 TV Lines
CCD Image Sensor: Interline 1/3’’ SONY SUPER HAD CCD
S/N Ratio: More than 54 dB (ACG off)
Min. Illumination: 0.005 Lux / 30 IRE @ F1.2
Electronic Shutter: NTSC: 1/60~1/100,000; PAL: 1/50~1/100,000
A.G.C; +18dB Max
Video Output: 1.0V p-p Composite at 75 ohm
Audio Output: 2Vp-p(MAX) 10KHz ohms Impedance
MIC Sensitivity: Yes
Lens: 4.3 mm
Angle of View: 78 Degree
Power Supply Voltage: 5V+/-0.5V
Power Supply Current: 220 mA
Dimensions: 25(W)*22(H)*12(L) mm
Weight: 22g

BU-19 FAQs

Can the LawMate BU-19 camera be used with both NTSC and PAL video systems?
Yes, the BU-19 camera is compatible with both NTSC and PAL video systems. This compatibility allows it to be used in different regions without compatibility issues. The camera’s versatility makes it a suitable choice for international use across various video system standards.

How does the miniature size of the BU-19 camera benefit its users?
The miniature size of the BU-19 camera is achieved through micro-sized PCB technology, making it smaller than cameras using the 1/4 CCD sensor. This compact size allows for discreet placement and easier concealment in various environments. The camera’s small form factor is particularly beneficial for covert surveillance operations.

Is the LawMate BU-19 camera still available for purchase?
The BU-19 camera is end of line and no longer available. Customers are encouraged to look at the latest version, the LawMate CM-BU20 Analog Button Camera, for updated features and compatibility. Information on the newer model can be found at https://spyshopeurope.xyz/product/lawmate-cm-bu20-analog-button-camera/.

What is the angle of view for the LawMate BU-19 camera?
The BU-19 camera has a 78-degree angle of view. This wide angle of view allows for a broad surveillance area, making it easier to capture more in a single frame. The camera’s angle of view is ideal for monitoring activities without the need for constant repositioning.

What is the minimum illumination the LawMate BU-19 camera can operate in?
The BU-19 camera operates in as low as 0.005 Lux/30 IRE @F1.2. This low light sensitivity allows it to record in conditions where other cameras would not be able to produce a clear image. It’s designed to perform in nearly dark environments, making it ideal for low-light surveillance.

What makes the BU-19 camera’s sensitivity improved compared to regular pinhole CCD cameras?
The BU-19 camera’s improved sensitivity is due to its 0.005 Lux F1.2 feature and the use of a 1/3 inch SONY SUPER HAD CCD series sensor. This combination allows for better performance in low-light conditions compared to regular pinhole CCD cameras. The camera’s enhanced sensitivity makes it capable of capturing clearer images in minimal light.

What resolution does the LawMate BU-19 camera offer?

The BU-19 camera offers a resolution of 700 TV Lines. This high resolution is achieved through the use of a 1/3 inch SONY SUPER HAD CCD series sensor, ensuring clear and detailed images. The camera’s resolution supports the capture of high-quality video footage, making it suitable for various surveillance needs.

Which DVRs is the LawMate BU-19 camera compatible with?
This camera is compatible with the following DVRs: PV-500L4i, PV-500ECO2, and PV-1000EVO3. Compatibility with these DVRs ensures seamless integration and functionality for recording and managing video footage. Links to these DVRs can be found on their respective product pages for more details.


For more details regarding the specifications please consult the PDF file available for download below.
24 Months Warranty.
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

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