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BA-4400 SLIM PV-1000 Series Battery

56,25 EUR  inc VAT
Available on stock

BA-4400 SLIM is spare Li-Ion battery designed to fit Lawmate DVR PV-1000 Touch. 

The battery provides 4000 mAh capacity and will power the PV-1000 Touch for a period of 180 of recording time.

BA-4400 Slim specifications: 

Capacity: 4400mAh
Operation hours: 120 minutes (with DC 12V camera) and 180 Minutes for DC 5V sensor
Dimensions: 100 X 70 X 10mm
Weight: 91g
Compatibility: PV-1000 Touch (all versions)

Easily installed by placing the battery in the backside compartment of a PV-1000 Touch DVR.


When ordered separately (without DVR), the batteries have to be shipped via ground shipping services.
This is due to the air shipping regulations for "Fully Regulated Dangerous Goods". 
The standard shipping takes 3-7 days:
  • Worldwide - Ocean Transportation
  • Europe - Ground Transportation
24 months warranty.
56,25 EUR  inc VAT
Available on stock
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