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Covert SpyPhones: Original Smartphones with a Special Covert Camera Design

Covert SpyPhones are real smartphones specifically designed for covert surveillance and security. The key feature of these spy devices is the location of the camera. Unlike traditional smartphones, whose cameras are located on the back and front of the device, on the Cover SpyPhones the original front camera has been moved to the top of the device. This unique design allows you to hold your hand in a natural position while covertly recording video and audio without drawing any unwanted attention.
This feature makes these smartphones an ideal spy cam for people who need to record footage discreetly, such as private investigators, security personnel, journalists, etc. The ability to record covertly allows you to capture footage without alerting the subject, making it a valuable tool for gathering evidence or information.

Covert SpyPhones have all the features, functionality, and benefits of the smartphone model you choose.

They make calls, send messages, manage apps, and browse the internet, making them versatile and useful devices if you need both a surveillance tool and a regular phone. In this category, you will find smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S9+, Samsung Galaxy S7, and Xiaomi. Contact us directly for the most precise information on the currently available smartphone models, as they can be specially ordered.

Pre-installed on the smartphone is a covert App, hidden in a very popular application, with which you control all the spy camera settings, review, or/and share files. The App works uninterruptedly in the background, no matter if the phone if you are using the phone or if it is locked.

Another optional feature of some Covert SpyPhones is the 4G option to share live video feeds. Users can stream live video feeds to a desktop or laptop using the 4G connectivity option, which is particularly useful for individuals who need to monitor a location remotely. The connection is protected by VPN encryption.

The remote control option can be used to control the camera and adjust settings and record or save the live feed, making it easy to gather evidence or review footage at a later time. However, this feature is optional and included in spy phones with the 4G mark, or it can also be added as a separate 3-year IP service with BTech Smatrphone for those who decide to use it at a later time.

BTech SpyPhones are not just limited to their own internal camera capabilities as they also have the option to connect with external cameras, such as the BU-300 Button camera or NT-800 Necktie camera.

By connecting to these external cameras, BTech smartphones provide users with a complete surveillance solution, as the external cameras can be hidden in plain sight, as buttons on a shirt, or as a necktie. This makes them ideal for a wide range of concealed surveillance. In addition, with the ability to store and review footage on the BTech SpyPhones, it can also serve as a digital video recorder (DVR) for external cameras.

BTech SpyPhones provide the full functionality of a modern everyday smartphone with the added special camera design for secret recording, a pre-installed covert App, optional 4G for live video feeds, and external hidden camera options, making them the ideal tool for both personal and professional surveillance needs.


Ariama Covert Spyphone 4G

2.339,00  EUR  ex VAT
2.923,75  EUR  inc VAT
Delivery in 15 days

BTech Covert Spyphone S20

1.199,00  EUR  ex VAT
1.498,75  EUR  inc VAT
Delivery in 15 days

BTech Spyphone DVR w/ Button cam. PDV-900BU

459,00  EUR  ex VAT
573,75  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery

BTech Covert Spyphone S9 Plus

999,00  EUR  ex VAT
1.248,75  EUR  inc VAT
Delivery in 15 days

BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S9 Plus

1.185,00  EUR  ex VAT
1.481,25  EUR  inc VAT
Delivery in 15 days

BTech BU-300 Mobile Phone Camera

169,00  EUR  ex VAT
211,25  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery

BTech NT-800 Mobile Phone Camera

199,00  EUR  ex VAT
248,75  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery

BTech Cell phone 3 years IP service

225,00  EUR  ex VAT
281,25  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery

BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S7

1.099,00  EUR  ex VAT
1.373,75  EUR  inc VAT
Not on stock

BTech Covert Spyphone S7

765,00  EUR  ex VAT
956,25  EUR  inc VAT
Not on stock

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