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What is an IP remote recorder? 

An IP remote recorder is a type of electronic device commonly called a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that uses IP (Internet Protocol) to store and transmit recordings. The most exciting feature of IP remote recorders, when it comes to spying gear is their ability to provide remote access to the spy camera attached to the DVR or integrated into the recorder. A vast majority of DVRs using IP are multipurpose devices, meaning they serve as a hidden camera on one side, and as objects for which they initially show their purpose on the other. According to our experience, they are commonly used among our clients for holiday home surveillance, houses while on holidays, and to legally monitor workspaces like factories, offices, and other commercial or industrial settings. On SpyShopEurope.com, many of the devices from this category can also be found under "Home & Office Surveillance”.

IP remote recorders for home and office surveillance

IP remote recorders usually don't require any prior knowledge, and they are a good choice for professionals like private detectives and for private individuals looking to monitor their vacation homes. They do, however, require time for proper installation of the spy camera to be sure everything will work as planned when the time comes. When speaking of installation, choosing the right spot where the IP DVR will be placed and determining if battery life is an important factor. For instance, if a client prefers to monitor a holiday home he will not attend for months, we would suggest going for a spy cam with a power outlet connection, meaning the battery will not drain since the device is connected to the power supply. One of the most popular for that purpose is the LawMate PV-BT10i, a fully functional Bluetooth speaker with an integrated hidden camera. The installation process suggests placing the PV-BT10i in a desired location, pairing the device with the smartphone using WiFi and the LawMate smartphone app, and then connecting it to a home router following the complementary manual. After all installation steps are completed correctly, the device can be easily accessed remotely from any location.

For more experienced users and professionals from the surveillance industry, we recommend a wifi spy cam that uses IP, and the most popular is the LawMate PV-DY20i. This is actually a do-it-yourself module so unlike other devices from this category it is not hidden in an ordinary object. It requires installation in a way your covert operation will go unnoticed and at the same time offers many possibilities to be integrated in surroundings thanks to its flexible ribbon cable. More experienced users will more easily find a proper location to install this wifi spy cam and more easily go through the installation process. This is why this spy camera is one of the first choices among detectives on different covert tasks to collect evidence. 

Hidden camera you can watch from your phone 

In general IP remote recorders are popular because of the ability to access the device remotely from any location in the world as long as the installation process is done correctly and as long as both your smartphone and spy camera have a solid internet connection. Their popularity also favors the fact that their design is mostly familiar, like Bluetooth speaker, phone charger, wall clock, power bank, and many others so it doesn't draw any attention and does not look suspicious.

When choosing spy equipment for a specific task, it's important to consider all options and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each. While there may be more budget-friendly options available, it's important to keep in mind that they may not offer the same level of performance or reliability as more professional solutions. Finally, the decision is up to the individual or organization to determine the level of importance and investment they are willing to make for their specific needs.

IP Remote Recorders FAQs

Do IP remote recorders require prior knowledge for operation?
IP remote recorders usually do not require prior knowledge and are suitable for both professionals and private individuals.

How long is the typical battery life of IP remote recorder products?
The battery life of IP remote recorder products varies, with some offering up to 500 minutes of recording time and others being mains powered for continuous operation.

What are some common features of IP remote recorder products?
Common features include Wi-Fi connectivity, multiple recording modes, remote access via smartphone apps, and support for SD cards for storage.

What are some popular IP remote recorder products available on the market?
Popular IP remote recorder products include LawMate PV-BT10i, LawMate PV-DY20i, LawMate PV-FM20HDWi, and LawMate PV-PB20i.

What are some unique design disguises for IP remote recorder products?
Unique design disguises for IP remote recorders include Bluetooth speakers, power banks, USB charging stations, and everyday objects like calculators and tissue holders.

What are the main features of IP remote recorders?
IP remote recorders offer remote access to attached spy cameras, are multipurpose devices, and are commonly used for home and office surveillance.

What factors should be considered during the installation of an IP remote recorder?
Factors to consider during installation include choosing the right placement, ensuring a stable power source, and determining the need for battery life.

What is an IP remote recorder?
An IP remote recorder is a type of DVR that uses Internet Protocol to store and transmit recordings, commonly used for surveillance purposes.

Why are IP remote recorders popular for home and office surveillance?
IP remote recorders are popular for their remote access capabilities, discreet designs, and familiar appearances as everyday objects.


LawMate PV-BT10i Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Covert IP DVR

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LawMate PV-FM20HDWi IP DVR Clock with IR

298,00  EUR  ex VAT
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LawMate PV-PB20i Power Bank IP/P2P DVR

272,00  EUR  ex VAT
340,00  EUR  inc VAT
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LawMate PV-DY20i Portable IP/P2P DVR Module

259,00  EUR  ex VAT
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LawMate PV-CHG30i Universal Smartphone Charger

282,00  EUR  ex VAT
352,50  EUR  inc VAT
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LawMate PV-AP10i Covert DVR in Air Purifier Design

250,00  EUR  ex VAT
312,50  EUR  inc VAT
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LawMate PV-CS10i 1080P WI-FI / IP Covert DVR in functional USB Charging Station

285,00  EUR  ex VAT
356,25  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery

LawMate PV-WB10i Covert Wi-Fi / IP DVR in functional Wi-Fi Booster

302,00  EUR  ex VAT
377,50  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery

4G Security Camera in Utility Box

525,00  EUR  ex VAT
656,25  EUR  inc VAT
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LawMate PV-CHG20i (Droid) AC Adapter

257,62  EUR  inc VAT
286,25  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery

BTech iPowerUP iPhone Battery Case Wi-Fi/IP DVR

249,00  EUR  ex VAT
311,25  EUR  inc VAT
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BTech USB Power Adapter IP/Wi-Fi Camera

159,00  EUR  ex VAT
198,75  EUR  inc VAT
Delivery in 15 days

BTech Tissue Holder IP/Wi-Fi Camera

165,00  EUR  ex VAT
206,25  EUR  inc VAT
Delivery in 15 days

BTech 4K IP functional Calculator DVR

199,00  EUR  ex VAT
248,75  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery

Wall Clock 1080P Covert Wi-Fi / P2P Security Camera

135,00  EUR  ex VAT
168,75  EUR  inc VAT
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LawMate PV-1000 EVO3 5 Inch Full HD Wi-Fi / IP DVR with 1 TB HDD

579,00  EUR  ex VAT
723,75  EUR  inc VAT
Not on stock

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