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6800mAh battery for PV-DY20i
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The external battery with 6800mAh 3.7V is suitable for PV-DY20i Portable IP/P2P DVR Module.

The BA-DIY battery prolongs the life of PV-DY20i threefold than the BA-DIY 2200mAh battery that comes with the device. The exact battery life depends on whether the Wi-Fi on the device is ON or OFF, if the resolution is at 1080p, 720p or WVGA. 
Approximate lifetime for Battery Input DC 3.7V / 6800 mA Lithium battery:
540min(1080P / WIFI ON)
630min(1080P / WIFI OFF)
585min(720P / WIFI ON)
675min(720P / WIFI OFF)
630min(WVGA / WIFI ON)
720min(WVGA / WIFI OFF)

BA-DIY specifications:

Capacity: 6800 mAh
Voltage: 3.7 V
Dimensions: 65mm x 35mm x 17mm

6800mAh battery for PV-DY20i FAQs

What happens when the Wi-Fi is off?
When Wi-Fi is off and recording at 1080P, the battery life extends to about 630 minutes. Turning off Wi-Fi conserves battery power, allowing for longer recording times, which is beneficial in situations where Wi-Fi connectivity is unnecessary or to maximize battery life.

Can the 6800mAh battery be shipped internationally?
Yes, the 6800mAh battery can be shipped internationally, but it must be sent via ground shipping services. This is due to regulations regarding the shipment of "Fully Regulated Dangerous Goods.” Specific shipping methods include ocean transportation worldwide and ground transportation in Europe, adhering to safety and regulatory standards.

How does the battery life of the 6800mAh battery compare to the original battery?
The 6800mAh battery offers up to three times the life of the original BA-DIY 2200mAh battery. Battery life varies based on Wi-Fi usage and video resolution settings, providing a flexible and extended use case for the PV-DY20i device. This makes it an ideal choice for users needing prolonged operation without frequent recharges.

How does the battery perform at WVGA resolution?
At WVGA resolution with Wi-Fi on, the battery provides approximately 630 minutes of use, and with Wi-Fi off, it lasts up to 720 minutes. This demonstrates the battery’s efficiency at lower resolutions, offering the longest usage time for extended recording sessions without the need for immediate recharging.

How long does the battery last with Wi-Fi on and recording at 1080P?

With Wi-Fi on and recording at 1080P, the battery lasts approximately 540 minutes. This extended runtime allows for significant recording periods, suitable for various surveillance and recording needs. The battery’s capacity ensures reliable performance even with high-demand settings.

Is the 6800mAh battery compatible with other devices?
The 6800mAh battery is specifically designed for compatibility with the PV-DY20i Portable IP/P2P DVR Module. Its design and specifications are tailored to enhance the performance and usability of this particular device, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.

What about battery life at 720P resolution?

At 720P resolution with Wi-Fi on, the battery lasts around 585 minutes, and with Wi-Fi off, it extends to 675 minutes. The lower resolution consumes less power, further extending the operational time of the PV-DY20i, making it versatile for different recording quality requirements.

What are the shipping regulations for the 6800mAh battery?
Due to its classification as a "Fully Regulated Dangerous Good,” the 6800mAh battery must be shipped via ground shipping services. These regulations ensure safe transportation, with specific guidelines for worldwide ocean transportation and ground transportation in Europe, adhering to international shipping standards for batteries.

What is the capacity of the external battery for PV-DY20i?

The external battery has a capacity of 6800mAh at 3.7V. It is designed to significantly extend the operational life of the PV-DY20i Portable IP/P2P DVR Module compared to the standard 2200mAh battery. This higher capacity allows for longer use times before needing a recharge.


When ordered separately (without PV-DY20i), the batteries have to be shipped via ground shipping services.
This is due to the air shipping regulations for "Fully Regulated Dangerous Goods".  More about shipping information here. 
The standard shipping takes 3-7 days:
  • Worldwide - Ocean Transportation
  • Europe - Ground Transportation
24 months warranty.


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