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LawMate AR-100 Covert Voice Recorder
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LawMate AR-100 is a covert voice recorder appearing as a keyfob.

This is one of the timeless Bestsellers from LawMate when it comes to audio recorders. The AR-100 offers a great microphone, 2 GB internal memory, and is ease of use. Its small size means it can be hidden in plain sight, and all within a budget price. 
It looks a lot like Lawmate's video/audio recorder from the PV-RC200 series, however, this device is specialized for recording audio. 
Equipped with the automatic gain control (AGC) microphone which allows it to be used in places such as conference rooms. AR-100 Voice Recorder also possesses a voice-activated recording function.

AR-100 Full Specifications:

Memory: Built-in 2GB
Microphone: AGC Microphone
Recording modes: Continuous (Overwrite) and Voice Activated
Recording Battery Lifetime: 18 hours
Playback Battery Lifetime: 24 hours
Dimension: 70 * 34 * 16 mm
Weight: 34 g

AR-100 FAQs

Can the AR-100 be used discreetly?
Yes, the AR-100 is designed for covert operations and can be used discreetly. Its appearance as a keyfob allows it to be hidden in plain sight, making it an excellent choice for covert audio recording in various settings. The device can be carried on a keychain, ensuring it is always ready for use without drawing attention.

Can the AR-100 be used in conference rooms?
Yes, the AR-100 is equipped with an AGC microphone making it suitable for use in conference rooms. The microphone’s ability to adjust to different sound levels ensures that it can capture clear audio in settings with multiple speakers. This feature, combined with its discreet appearance, makes the AR-100 an excellent choice for recording meetings and discussions.

Does the AR-100 have voice-activated recording?
Yes, the AR-100 features a voice-activated recording function. This function allows the device to start recording automatically when it detects sound, making it more efficient by only recording when necessary. It is particularly useful in situations where continuous recording is not needed, saving memory space and battery life.

How does the AR-100 differ from the PV-RC200 series?
While the AR-100 and the PV-RC200 series may look similar, the AR-100 is specialized for audio recording only. The PV-RC200 series includes devices that are capable of both video and audio recording. The AR-100 focuses on providing high-quality audio recording with features like automatic gain control (AGC) for optimal sound quality in different environments.

What is the LawMate AR-100?
The LawMate AR-100 is a covert voice recorder designed to look like a keyfob. It is a popular choice for discreet audio recording, featuring a high-quality microphone, 2 GB of internal memory, and user-friendly operation. Its compact size allows it to be easily hidden, making it ideal for a variety of recording situations.

What is the memory capacity of the AR-100?
The AR-100 comes with 2 GB of internal memory. This capacity allows for significant amounts of audio to be stored directly on the device. The memory size is sufficient for extensive use before needing to transfer files to free up space.

What is the purpose of the automatic gain control (AGC) microphone?
The automatic gain control (AGC) microphone adjusts the microphone gain according to the sound level, ensuring optimal audio quality. This feature allows the AR-100 to record clear audio in various environments, from quiet rooms to places with background noise. It enhances the versatility of the device, making it suitable for recording in conference rooms and other settings. 


Professional equipment – simple use. Can be used on a keychain and carried with you everywhere. That way you can covertly record audio whenever you want.
24 months warranty.
>>AR-100 Quick guide (PDF)<<
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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