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Lawmate AR-100 Covert Voice Recorder

Lawmate AR-100 is a key fob appereance covert voice recorder. 

Looks a lot like Lawmate video/audio recorder PV-RC200 however this device is specialized for recording audio. 

Equipped with automatic gain control (AGC) microphone which allows it to get used in places such as conference rooms. Also possesses voice activated recording function.

Memory: Built-in 2GB.
Microphone: AGC Microphone
Recording modes: Continuous (Overwrite) and Voice Activated
Recording Battery Lifetime: 18 hours
Playback Battery Lifetime: 24 hours
Dimension: 70 * 34 * 16 mm
Weight: 34 g

Professional equipment – simple use. Can be used on a keychain and carried with you everywhere. That way you can covertly record audio whenever you want.

24 months warranty.

>>AR-100 Quick guide (PDF)<<
Price:   59,00 EUR
Available on stock
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