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The ideal choice for long-term surveillance with PIR sensor technology.

Our UltraLife DVR camera series, created by StealthTronic, is made for long-term surveillance of various types of premises, such as homes, offices, warehouses, storage units, farms, holiday homes, yachts, etc. These cameras provide an added layer of security for your property, whether it is indoor or outdoor.

UltraLife spy cameras are designed to be automated and easy to use while remaining virtually unrecognizable! The hidden cameras look like normal everyday objects such as air freshener, junction box, and alarm sensor, making it difficult for intruders or suspicious individuals to identify them. This makes them ideal for covert monitoring as they do not look out of place and do not raise suspicion.

Which key features make the UltraLife hidden cameras ideal for long-term surveillance?

All of our UltraLife hidden cameras offer HD 720P Resolution and come with a PIR sensor. A PIR sensor (Passive Infrared sensor) is commonly used in motion detection systems, such as in security cameras and burglar alarms. The main advantage of using a PIR sensor is that it is able to detect motion by sensing infrared light given off by a moving object or person that radiates heat in the environment. This allows it to detect the presence of people or animals, saving battery life and efficiently using storage space, making it a more reliable and efficient way of detecting motion compared to other types of sensors.

Also available is the standard motion detection option which starts recording as soon as it detects any movement, also saving you time reviewing footage and battery life. 

The extra long battery life ensures that the cameras can be used for extended periods of time, as the UltraLife PIR Sensor camera stays up to 30 days in standby mode, while the UltraLife Spy Camera in Air Freshener and UltraLife Spy Camera in Junction Box can stay in standby mode up to 55 days!

Our UltraLife spy cameras are simple to use and they can be operated via the provided remote control that allows for setting the video recording, PIR detection, taking snapshots, etc.

They are very useful spy equipment for those looking for long-term surveillance solutions. With their advanced features, such as IR and motion detection, and their automated and easy-to-use design, these cameras are ideal for a wide range of applications, from monitoring remote properties such as holiday homes to securing your office or warehouse. 


STronic UltraLife Spy Camera in Air Freshener with PIR Sensor

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STronic UltraLife Spy Camera in Junction Box with PIR Sensor

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STronic UltraLife PIR Sensor Camera with 30 days Standby

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4G Security Camera in Utility Box

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