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The PAD-BU SET Buttons and screws for LawMate's Button cameras. 

PAD-BU Set Buttons and Screws are compatible with:

A PAD-BU Stick is supplied with these buttons and screws.


Are there any additional tools required to install the PAD-BU SET?
No additional tools are required for the installation of the PAD-BU SET, as it comes with all necessary components including a PAD-BU Stick for assistance. This stick is specifically designed to facilitate the attachment process, making it straightforward and user-friendly.

Can I get buttons in colors other than black for the PAD-BU SET?
Buttons provided in the PAD-BU SET are available only in black. This color choice is made to offer a discreet and universal option for various surveillance needs. The uniform color ensures the buttons blend seamlessly with a wide range of clothing for covert operations.

Can the PAD-BU SET be used with non-LawMate cameras?
The PAD-BU SET is designed for compatibility with specific LawMate button camera models and may not fit non-LawMate cameras. Its design and components are tailored to ensure optimal performance with the listed LawMate models. Users should verify compatibility before attempting to use it with other brands.

How do I attach the PAD-BU SET to my camera?
The PAD-BU SET is designed for easy attachment to compatible LawMate button cameras, using the included screws and buttons along with the PAD-BU Stick for installation. Detailed instructions are not provided here, but users can refer to their camera’s manual or contact customer support for guidance. This ensures a secure and proper fit for optimal performance.

How do I know if the PAD-BU SET will fit my LawMate camera?
Compatibility is listed in the product description, including models like BU-18 Neo Button, CMD-BU20LX, and others. Users should check their camera model against this list to ensure a proper fit. This information helps in making an informed purchase decision for accessory needs.

Is the PAD-BU SET compatible with all LawMate button cameras?
No, the PAD-BU SET is compatible with specific models such as the BU-18 Neo Button, CMD-BU20LX, CMD-BU13LX, and a few others listed in the product description. It is designed to ensure a perfect fit and functionality with these selected models. Compatibility details are provided to help users identify the right match for their LawMate button cameras.

What is included in the PAD-BU SET?
The PAD-BU SET includes buttons and screws necessary for attaching LawMate’s Button cameras to clothing or other materials. A PAD-BU Stick, which aids in the installation of these components, is also included in the set. This comprehensive package ensures users have everything needed for a successful setup.

What is the PAD-BU SET?
The PAD-BU SET consists of buttons and screws designed for LawMate’s Button cameras. It is specifically compatible with a range of models including BU-18 Neo Button, CMD-BU20LX, and several others, ensuring a wide applicability. Each set comes with a PAD-BU Stick to assist in the attachment of these components.

Where can I purchase the PAD-BU SET?
The PAD-BU SET can be purchased through authorized LawMate retailers and online stores, including links provided in the product description. These official sources ensure that customers receive genuine and compatible accessories for their LawMate button cameras. Purchasing from authorized dealers also ensures warranty coverage and support.


Buttons are available only in the color black. 
24 Months Warranty


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