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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

BELING d.o.o. recognizes the importance of personal data privacy and applies high standards for personal data protection and performs personal data protection measures in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Implementation Act of the General Data Protection Regulation NN 42/18, and other regulations.
In accordance with legislation and our awareness of the importance of this area, we have prepared explanations regarding the protection of your data and the rights you have as the data owner. Please read the explanation below carefully before you consent to the collection or processing of your personal information.

This notice:

  • Describes the type of personal information we collect and receive
  • Prescribes the rules and procedures we have established for their use and storage
  • Describes the rights you have as a respondent
  • Contains contacts to which such questions or requests can be directed


These rules apply to all our clients, and people who are enquiring about our services and goods.
The rules apply to all users and types of processing equally and is carried out by Beling d.o.o.


Beling d.o.o. has provided a document where you can see:
  • Types of personal information we collect
  • The purpose in which we collect data
  • Funding resources
  • Who has access to the data
  • Length of data retention
You can view the document in this PDF file.
Your name and email address that we receive from your registration will be used to send an individual email to your e-mail address for a discount code or free shipping code that you will only be able to use on our website.
All information submitted to us on our website is considered a business secret and will be used exclusively for the purposes of communication.
Your data will be available to third parties only if it proves necessary in order to enable Beling d.o.o. to fulfill mandatory regulations (respond to a court call, search warrant, or other legal requirements).
We will not share your information with other third parties in order to reach a business interest in that transaction.
Like most websites, we use cookies that allow us to create a better user experience website and Google cookies that collect anonymous information about our visitors. Learn more about how to use cookies in our Cookies Policy.


At any time you can realize your rights, which are as follows:
  • The Right to Access Your Personal Information - You have the right to access your personal information at any time, and to receive confirmation from Beling d.o.o. whether your personal information is being processed, the purpose of processing, the categories of data processed, the recipients, and the storage time. 
  • The Right to a Correction and the Right to be Deleted - You have the right to require the Respondent to correct or supplement the incorrect or incomplete personal information that is related to you at any time. You can request to access the information that the manager has collected about you, or the immediate deleting of your personal data – if the data is not collected for the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations, and must thus be stored for an unlimited period of time or a limited period of time as required by law. 
  • The Right to Restricting Processing - You have the right to obtain processing limits of your data from us if the processing has no legal basis. You have the right to cancel your consent for personal data processing at any time. The cancellation is eligible for a particular purpose, or for any purpose of processing your personal information, that you have agreed upon in the past. 
  • The Right to Data Transferability - You have the right to request for your personal data that is being processed by us, to be forwarded to another data processor.
  • The Right to Objection - If you notice that your data is used for purposes other than those specified in this Notice or the purpose of processing is not legally established, you may request in writing (by electronic mail) for us to stop using your data for this purpose.
Your rights can be realized by writing by e-mail at [email protected]
We will inform you about the course of the application and the reasons for rejecting the request at the latest within 30 days.
If you consider that Beling d.o.o. Has hurt your rights guaranteed by the General Regulation, you have the right to apply for a violation of the rights to the competent authority.
Beling d.o.o.
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