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Home & Office Surveillance

Covert audio and/or video recorders for discreet home and office surveillance. Multifunctional and easy to operate


LawMate PV-BT10i Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Covert IP DVR

243,00  EUR  ex VAT
303,75  EUR  inc VAT

Mriya GSM Transmitter in functional 5V/2A Travel Adapter

239,00  EUR  ex VAT
298,75  EUR  inc VAT

LawMate PV-FM20HDWi IP DVR Clock with IR

259,00  EUR  ex VAT
323,75  EUR  inc VAT

LawMate PV-PB20i Power Bank IP/P2P DVR

229,00  EUR  ex VAT
286,25  EUR  inc VAT

Body Worn Cameras

Covert audio and/or video recorders for a discreet recording made to be worn or carried. Always at your hand


LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro with BU-18Neo Button Camera

415,00  EUR  ex VAT
518,75  EUR  inc VAT

LawMate PV-EG20CL Spy Glasses DVR

215,00  EUR  ex VAT
268,75  EUR  inc VAT

LawMate PV-WT20W 1080P Wi-Fi SmartWatch DVR

255,00  EUR  ex VAT
318,75  EUR  inc VAT

Audio & Video Modules

Small and easy to hide audio and/or video recorders for discreet monitoring depending on your requirements


STronic URP GSM PRO K Plus GSM Bug and Voice Recorder

309,00  EUR  ex VAT
386,25  EUR  inc VAT

STronic GSM Bug Vario Pro Car Plus

299,00  EUR  ex VAT
373,75  EUR  inc VAT

LawMate PV-DY20i Portable IP/P2P DVR Module

229,00  EUR  ex VAT
286,25  EUR  inc VAT

Counter Surveillance

Detect GSM Bugs, Wireless cameras, 3G/4G/5G cameras, Bluetooth devices, unwanted activities and more


Delta X G2/6 Handheld Counter Surveillance Sweeping System

12.650,00  EUR  ex VAT
15.812,50  EUR  inc VAT

Protect 1207i Multi-Channel Detector

629,00  EUR  ex VAT
786,25  EUR  inc VAT

WAM-X25 Handheld Wireless Activity Monitor 0-14 GHz

10.815,00  EUR  ex VAT
13.518,75  EUR  inc VAT


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New arrivals in 2022!

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