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LawMate Key Fob Camera Kit
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Key Fob Camera Kit consists of two bestseller audio and video covert devices for collecting evidence on the go, LawMate PV-RC200HD2 and LawMate PV-RC200HDW.

The first one is the LawMate PV-RC200HD2, a mini DVR camera able to record both audio and video on the complimentary SD card. Thanks to its 5 MP pinhole camera and key fob design it blends in perfectly in everyday situations. PV-RC200HD2 is easy to operate so it is suitable for both professionals and first-time users. Three-button design in addition to optional vibration alerts and led lights will help you navigate the device more efficiently. 

LawMate PV-RC200HD2


Very similar to PV-RC200HD2 is another key fob design, audio/video camera DVR from LawMate and that is the LawMate PV-RC200HDW. The technical specifications are almost the same as for the previously mentioned model (1/3" progressive CMOS sensor, angle of view of 66 degrees, minimum illumination of 3.3 Lux @ F 2.0, integrated rechargeable battery, etc.), while the main difference and an add-on to the more basic PV-RC200HD2 is the Wi-Fi function.

 LawMate PV-RC200HDW


PV-RC200HDW is able to connect via Wi-Fi to your mobile phone and by using the free smartphone app easily downloaded from App store or Google Play, you can monitor the footage locally from your mobile phone. You are also able to operate the device using the phone app and store the footage for later use on your phone while also having a backup SD card inside the device itself. Navigating the device by using the App has never been easier and more user-friendly, especially for those who have less experience with this type of equipment.



LawMate Key Fob Camera Kit FAQs

Are the devices difficult to set up?
The LawMate Key Fob Camera Kit is designed for easy setup and use, with detailed quick guides available for both models. The PV-RC200HD2 focuses on simplicity with its three-button operation, while the PV-RC200HDW adds Wi-Fi connectivity for enhanced control via a smartphone app. Quick guides are available at the bottom of this page.

Can I download the footage to my computer?
Yes, footage recorded on the devices can be downloaded to your computer. For the PV-RC200HD2, you can remove the SD card and access the files directly, while the PV-RC200HDW allows for downloading via the Wi-Fi connection or SD card. This flexibility ensures you can review and store evidence as needed.

Can I use these devices for professional surveillance?
Yes, the LawMate Key Fob Camera Kit is suitable for both professional and personal surveillance needs. Their discreet design, high-quality recording capabilities, and ease of use make them excellent tools for a variety of evidence collection scenarios. Professionals in law enforcement, private investigation, and similar fields will find these devices particularly useful.

Can the PV-RC200HDW connect to my mobile phone?
Yes, the PV-RC200HDW can connect to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi. By using the free smartphone app available on the App Store or Google Play, you can monitor footage in real-time and control the device remotely. This feature enhances user experience, especially for those less familiar with covert recording equipment.

How does the PV-RC200HD2 model operate?
The PV-RC200HD2 operates with a simple three-button design and can record audio and video to a complimentary SD card. It is designed for ease of use, making it suitable for both professional and first-time users. Optional vibration alerts and LED lights assist in navigating the device’s functions efficiently.

How long does the battery last on these devices?
The integrated rechargeable battery in each device offers significant recording time, but the exact duration can vary based on usage. For detailed battery life specifications, please refer to the individual product manuals. Both devices are designed for extended use to ensure you can capture the evidence you need without frequent recharging.

What is the field of view for these camera devices?
Both the PV-RC200HD2 and the PV-RC200HDW have a 66-degree angle of view. This wide angle is designed to capture a broad area, making it more effective for surveillance and evidence collection. The angle of view is a critical specification for understanding how much of a scene can be recorded at once.

What is the LawMate Key Fob Camera Kit?
The LawMate Key Fob Camera Kit includes two covert audio and video recording devices, the LawMate PV-RC200HD2 and the LawMate PV-RC200HDW. These devices are designed to look like key fobs, making them ideal for discreet evidence collection in various situations. Both models are equipped with a mini DVR camera, but the PV-RC200HDW also features Wi-Fi connectivity for live monitoring and operation via a smartphone app.

What is the video quality of the cameras in the kit?
Both cameras in the LawMate Key Fob Camera Kit are capable of high-quality recording, thanks to their 5 MP pinhole cameras. The detailed specifications, including video resolution, can be found in the product manuals. These devices are designed to capture clear video and audio, making them effective for evidence collection.



For detailed specifications of each device, please see the files below.

>>PV-RC200HD2 Quick guide (PDF)<<
>>PV Cam Viewer for Wi-Fi Cam <<
>>PV-RC200HDW Quick guide<<

Warranty: 24 months


Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

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