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LawMate PV-MU10
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LawMate PV-MU10 is a covert camera disguised as a computer mouse, for home and office surveillance.

The idea behind PV-MU10 is quite simple, create a device that can easily be placed in an everyday office or home environment and make it so it can record for an extended period of time.
The PIR sensor will make sure that you record only the important things, and combined with the 7-9 standby mode, the battery will need less frequent charging. 

LawMate PV-MU10 Main Features:

  • Covert audio and video DVR disguised as a computer mouse
  • Wireless 
  • Integrated PIR sensor 
  • 7-9 days standby mode
  • VGA/HD resolution recording


LawMate PV-MU10 Full Specifications:

Sensor: 1/3.6’’ progressive CMOS sensor
Video Resolution: HD / VGA @ 30fps
Photo Capacity: 5MP (2592 x 1944) 
MIN Illumination: 3.3 Lux@F 2.8
Focal Length: 4.09mm
The angle of view: 66°
Overwrite: Yes 
Storage Capacity: Supports up to 16 GB memory card
Time Stamp: YYYY.MM.DD, HH:MM:SS
Code Compression: H.264
File Format: AVI
Frame Rate: 30fps
Recording Mode: PIR activated (Length: Max. 2 minutes)
Snapshot: PIR activated ( 1 snapshot/sec)
Indications: LED(Blue:Power On / Green:Charging / Red:Recording)
Standby Time: 7 days
Dimension : 65x130x35 mm
Weight: 90g

LawMate PV-MU10 Feature focus:

PIR Function

PV-MU10 is equipped with a PIR sensor. Unlike the visual motion detection function that is also used in surveillance products, PIR detection operates with much lower power consumption that in turn significantly increases battery time in standby mode.


Wired/Wireless mouse modes

Lawmate PV-MU10 can be used as a wireless mouse which makes it easier to set up for covert recording. While in wireless mouse mode it can be placed in standby mode for 9 days, the continuous recording will drain up the battery in just a couple of hours.
Alternatively, PV-MU10 can be connected to a PC USB port to make it look like a regular wired mouse. In this case, PV-MU10 is powered directly from the port is able to continuously record without battery power limitation.
Power source directly connected to a covert recording device in models like Lawmate clock, USB charging station, Bluetooth speaker, Wi-Fi booster, offer a clear advantage in prolonged in-house covert surveillance situations compared to products that due to their design cannot be easily connected to a power source during the covert recording session. (An example is wearable DVRs like a key fob PV-RC200HD2 or sunglasses DVR, button camera with a DVR, etc.)

How to use the LawMate PV-MU10?

  1. Place the PV-MU10 in the environment where surveillance activity will take place
  2. Connect the PV-MU10 with a USB cable to a PC if you wish to continuously record for a prolonged period of time
  3. Switch on the record button at the bottom of the mouse
  4. Modify the PV-MU10 angle as needed during recording


Is the LawMate PV-MU10 a fully functional computer mouse?
No, the LawMate PV-MU10 only looks like a computer mouse but is actually a covert camera for surveillance purposes.

How does the PIR sensor work on the PV-MU10?
The PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor activates recording only when it detects movement, which conserves battery life and ensures only relevant footage is captured.

How long can the LawMate PV-MU10 record?

In standby mode, the battery can last up to 7-9 days. Continuous recording can be maintained for a few hours, or indefinitely if connected to a PC via a USB port.

Can the PV-MU10 be used as a wireless mouse?
No, it cannot function as a regular mouse. However, it can operate wirelessly for covert recording by placing it in standby mode.

What is the recording resolution of the PV-MU10?
The PV-MU10 can record video in HD (1280 x 720 pixels) or VGA (640 x 480 pixels) resolution at 30 frames per second.

How do I ensure that the device is recording?

The recording status is indicated by a red LED light. When the light is on, the PV-MU10 is actively recording.

Can I overwrite old recordings?
Yes, the PV-MU10 has an overwrite feature that can automatically overwrite the oldest footage when the memory card is full.

What type of memory card does the PV-MU10 support?

It supports memory cards of up to 16 GB.

Is it possible to continuously record with the PV-MU10?
Yes, if connected to a USB port for power, the PV-MU10 can continuously record without worrying about battery depletion.

How do I start recording with the LawMate PV-MU10?
Simply place the device where you want to record, switch on the recording button at the bottom, and adjust the camera angle if needed.


PV-MU10 is not a functional computer mouse. It only looks like one.
For detailed specifications please download the brochure below.
24 months warranty.
>>PV-MU10 Quick guide (PDF)<<
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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