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LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro XXL Battery Set
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To secure the maximum operation time along with remote usage, we assembled a kit consisting of PV-500 Neo Pro DVR, BU-18 Neo button camera, 2 extra BA-4400 batteries, and PI-RF60, remote controller.

When looking for a compact mini DVR with built-in Wi-Fi, LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro has proven to be a good choice. Thanks to its 3” touch screen, operating has never been easier and more intuitive. Discreet led lights on the side of the DVR make the operation simple and easy and by pressing the exact buttons you will store your recordings on the complementary SD card. 

The PV-500 Neo Pro is compatible with the BU-18 Neo camera with an integrated microphone and a cable design. The 1080p camera is full HD with a 2-megapixel sensor.

PV-500 Neo Pro comes with the integrated BA-2200 lithium-ion rechargeable battery (2200 mAh/ 3.7V) that offers an average of 160min recording @ 1920x1080 resolution. There are some tips on how to extend the battery life like recording with lower resolution, the LCD, and/or Wi-Fi turned off, and using different types of recording modes (auto, manual, motion detect). If the battery life is still insufficient, we advise considering a stronger BA-4400 battery (4400 mAh/3.7V) with the ability to prolong the recordings for up to 400 min. 

Changing the battery on the PV-500 Neo Pro is very quick and easy so you can replace it in a matter of seconds. LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro XXL Battery Set comes with 2x BA-4400 extended batteries to provide maximum operation time. 
With the PI-RF60 remote control, you can control and operate the PV-500Neo Pro from up to 10 meters away. The PI-RF60 allows you to power on/off, start/stop recording, and power on/off Wi-Fi discreetly from a distance. It is easily operable and shows you the system status with built-in LED light and vibration alert which are optional. 

LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro XXL Battery Set contains: 

  • PV-500 Neo Pro DVR with standard BA-2200 battery 
  • 2x USB cable 
  • Controller cable
  • 5V charger
  • European head adapter
  • Pouch 
  • 16 GB memory card
  • BU-18 Neo camera
  • Button and screw kit
  • 3M double-coated tape
  • DIY lens cover button 
  • 2x BA-4400 battery
  • PI-RF60 - Remote control
  • Receiver for PI-RF60
  • User manual 

 LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro XXL Battery Set FAQs

Can the PV-500 Neo Pro be operated remotely?
Yes, the PV-500 Neo Pro can be operated remotely using the PI-RF60 remote control, which allows operations from up to 10 meters away. The remote control enables users to power the device on/off, start/stop recording, and control Wi-Fi settings discreetly. This feature adds a layer of convenience and stealth to surveillance activities.

Can the recordings be stored externally?
Yes, recordings can be stored externally on the complementary 16 GB memory card included in the set. The PV-500 Neo Pro DVR supports SD cards, allowing for easy transfer and storage of video files. This feature facilitates the management and archiving of surveillance footage.

How can I extend the battery life of the PV-500 Neo Pro?
To extend the battery life of the PV-500 Neo Pro, consider recording at a lower resolution, turning off the LCD and/or Wi-Fi, and using different recording modes such as auto, manual, or motion detect. These adjustments can significantly reduce power consumption, thereby extending the operational time of the device. The inclusion of two BA-4400 extended batteries in the set also offers a solution for longer recording needs.

How easy is it to change the battery on the PV-500 Neo Pro?
Changing the battery on the PV-500 Neo Pro is very quick and easy, allowing for replacement in a matter of seconds. This design ensures minimal downtime and facilitates extended use, especially when using the additional BA-4400 batteries included in the XXL Battery Set. The ease of changing batteries enhances the device’s usability in the field.

How long can the PV-500 Neo Pro record with the BA-4400 battery?
The PV-500 Neo Pro can record for up to 400 minutes with the BA-4400 battery at 1920×1080 resolution. This extended battery significantly increases the device’s operational time, making it suitable for longer surveillance tasks. The ability to swap batteries quickly ensures minimal downtime and continuous recording capabilities.

Is the BU-18 Neo camera included in the set capable of recording audio?
Yes, the BU-18 Neo camera included in the set is equipped with an integrated microphone for audio recording. This full HD 1080p camera with a 2-megapixel sensor captures high-quality video and audio, making it ideal for detailed surveillance. The integrated microphone ensures that both visual and auditory information is recorded.

What is included in the LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro XXL Battery Set?
The LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro XXL Battery Set includes the PV-500 Neo Pro DVR with a standard BA-2200 battery, BU-18 Neo camera, 2x BA-4400 extended batteries, PI-RF60 remote control, and other accessories such as USB cables, a controller cable, a 5V charger, and a 16 GB memory card among others. This comprehensive set is designed to provide extended recording capabilities and ease of use for surveillance purposes. The inclusion of two extended batteries and a remote control enhances the operational time and flexibility of the device.

What is the resolution of the BU-18 Neo camera?
The BU-18 Neo camera captures video in full HD 1080p resolution with a 2-megapixel sensor. This high-resolution camera ensures clear and detailed video footage, making it suitable for professional surveillance needs. The full HD capability is crucial for capturing high-quality evidence and detailed observations.


For additional information please see below the full specifications of the PV-500 Neo Pro, BU-18 Neo and PI-RF60.
>> PV-500 Neo Pro detailed specifications (PDF)<<

24 months warranty.


Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

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