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LawMate CM-TC10 Tie Clip Camera
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The LawMate CM-TC10 is a miniature-size video Tie Clip Design Camera.

The CM-TC10 is a small covert camera hidden in plain sight on a silver tie clip suitable for both men and women.
The lens itself blends flawlessly with the clip design.
It is extremely lightweight (20g) and allows recording in high resolution with low power consumption. 

CM-TC10 Product Features:

  • Small, miniature full audio-video solution in a covert disguise 
  • Switchable NTSC / PAL model
  • Low power consumption allows prolonged use with limited power sources (battery)
  • Regardless of miniature size features 640*480 VGA resolution
  • Analog video and audio output is compatible with standard AV devices 


CM-TC10 Full Specifications:

Video Resolution - 480 TV Line
Pixel Size - 2.5μm X 2.5μm
Digital Picture Resolution -  640x480
Built-in image sensor - 1/13" CMOS Sensor
Illumination Sensitivity - 4V (Lux‧sec)
Lens F/No - 2.8
Focal Lens - 0.99 mm
Dynamic Range - 66dB
AGC - Auto
S/N Ration - 34dB
Shutter Type - Electronic Shutter
Angle of View - 60° ± 2°
Lens Construction - 2 Plastic+IR Cut
Operating Temperature -  -20° to +60°
Operating Humidity - 30%-90%Rh
Video System Switch - NTSC/PAL
Power Input - DC 4.5V-5.5V
Power Consumption -  190±5mA
Color - Clear
Frame Rate -  NTSC: 30 Frame /PAL: 25 Frame
Weight - 20g
CM-TC10 Illustration from the quick manual:

How to use CM-TC10? (with LawMate DVR):

  1. Connect the camera to a portable DVR (ie. PV-500EV02 / PV-500L2 / PV-1000Touch)
  2. Select NTSC/PAL on the camera
  3. Plugin the Tie Clip Camera into a DVR
  4. Power on the DVR and press the REC button


Can the CM-TC10 be used without a DVR?
The CM-TC10 is designed to be used with a portable DVR and cannot operate independently. It requires connection to a DVR, such as those in the PV series, for power and recording functionality. The camera is powered by the DVR, and its analog video and audio output are compatible with standard AV devices through the DVR.

Does the CM-TC10 have audio recording capabilities?
Yes, the CM-TC10 is a full audio-video solution, capable of recording both video and audio. This feature allows for comprehensive recording of events, capturing both the visual and auditory elements of the environment.

How does the CM-TC10 camera work?

The CM-TC10 camera works by connecting to a portable DVR, such as the PV-500EV02, PV-500L2, or PV-1000Touch, and recording audio and video once the DVR is powered on and the REC button is pressed. It is designed for easy use with switchable NTSC/PAL settings and plugs directly into the DVR for operation. This setup allows for high-quality covert recording in a compact form factor.

Is the CM-TC10 camera easy to conceal?
Yes, the CM-TC10 camera is designed for easy concealment. It is disguised as a silver tie clip, making it virtually undetectable when worn. The camera’s lens is integrated into the design of the clip, allowing for covert recording without drawing attention.

Is the CM-TC10 compatible with both NTSC and PAL systems?
Yes, the CM-TC10 is a switchable NTSC/PAL model, making it compatible with both video systems. This feature allows for flexibility in recording and playback across different regions and devices.

What is the LawMate CM-TC10?
The LawMate CM-TC10 is a miniature video tie clip camera designed for covert audio-video recording. It is disguised as a silver tie clip, making it suitable for both men and women, and it blends the camera lens seamlessly with the design for discreet recording. Despite its small size, it offers 640*480 VGA resolution for clear video capture.

What is the resolution of the CM-TC10 camera?

The CM-TC10 camera features a 640*480 VGA resolution. Despite its miniature size, it provides clear video quality for covert recording situations. This resolution is suitable for capturing detailed footage in a variety of settings.

What is the weight of the CM-TC10 camera?
The CM-TC10 camera weighs 20g, making it extremely lightweight. Its light weight, combined with its compact size, ensures that it can be worn comfortably for extended periods without causing discomfort or drawing attention.

What power source does the CM-TC10 use?
The CM-TC10 is powered by the DVR it is connected to, eliminating the need for an independent power source. This design ensures low power consumption and allows for prolonged use with limited power sources.


The CM-TC10 camera can be connected to RF wireless equipment. 
Compatible with DVR PV series. Powered by DVR.
For additional information regarding the Lawmte CM-CT10 please consult the files offered for download below.
24 months warranty.
>>CM-TC10 Quick guide (PDF)<<
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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