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LawMate Private Investigator Starter KIT
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Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

LawMate Private Investigator Starter KIT 

Private Investigator Starter KIT is a recommended collection of three complementary covert surveillance devices that look like everyday objects. This kit is made to combine all requirements of a professional detective to gather necessary evidence in a discreet way. 
The first device in the kit is the LawMate PV-900 EVO3, a DVR that looks like a smartphone but with multiple covert recording functions. It has a 64 GB built-in memory, three recording modes (auto/manual/motion detection), can be connected to your smartphone via App, and allows live monitoring. To enable complete covert monitoring, the LawMate PV-900 EVO3 comes with multilayered password protection to protect recorded files, and the possibility to set the screen as if it’s locked.

 LawMate PV-900 EVO3
The second device in the kit is the LawMate PV-RC200HD2, easy to use audio/video recorder and one of the all-time bestsellers. The LawMate PV-RC200HD2 looks like a car key and can easily be carried around without anyone noticing that this is actually a covert surveillance device. It makes high-quality audio and video recordings (5MP; 1920x1080@30FPS; 1280×720@30FPS) stored on a complimentary SD card and thanks to vibration alerts it allows easy handling. 
LawMate PV-RC200HD2

The third device in the Private Investigator kit is the LawMate PV-EG20CL, mini DVR eye glasses camera, completely cordless with an angle of view of 67º and HD 720p video quality @30 fps. The frame design well disguises the built-in lens and is one of the most popular body-worn cameras from LawMate. Records up to 60 min on the complimentary SD card and the recording is easily started and stopped by pressing the temples. 
LawMate PV-EG20CL


For detailed specifications of each device, please see the files below

>> PV-900EVO3 detailed specifications (PDF)<<
>> PV-RC200HD2 detailed specifications (PDF)<<
>> PV-EG20CL detailed specifications (PDF)<<

Warranty: 24 months


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