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What is a portable mini DVR recorder? 

Our mini DVRs from LawMate are small, portable, and versatile devices that are capable of recording both video and sound. They are compatible with micro cameras that can be easily attached to the DVR itself. The mini DVR and micro camera work well together as a bundle, but they can also be sold separately. To start recording, you must connect the DVR to the matching spy camera; otherwise, the device will not function. To ensure compatibility, we always advise our clients to choose devices from the same brand, which provides a warranty that the two devices will indeed be compatible.

LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro – multipurpose mini DVR 

One of our best-selling DVRs is the LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro, which features a 3-inch LCD Touch Screen and a reinforced miniature dim plug system that ensures a secure connection between the DVR and the camera. This DVR is popular worldwide due to its versatility and multipurpose design that can be used in various industries and by users of different skill levels. It can even be considered a wearable spy camera, as it comes with a set of buttons that can be sewn into clothes. One of the matching buttons can easily be installed on the camera itself to keep your covert operation undetected. Additionally, the spy cam comes with a set of screws in case you prefer to set the camera in a static place and cover it with a matching screw. This type of camera is popular among mystery shoppers, investigative journalists, private detectives, and animal rights activists.

For example, an investigative journalist may use the mini DVR and corresponding camera for their covert operation. The journalist sets up the mini DVR in a static place inside a room or by wearing it, conducts the meeting or interview as usual, and then reviews the footage afterward to extract any relevant information for their story as evidence to support their reporting.

Additionally, the majority of LawMate DVRs have an integrated touch screen for easy operation, and are small and compact, making them easy to fit in a pocket or bag. They either have an integrated memory or record to an SD card that comes with the DVR. They also can cut recordings into clips (3, 5, or 10 minutes) – a feature that is usually available in high-end DVRs or specific models or brands. This allows for better insight into specific parts of the recordings by skipping over unimportant parts, giving you more flexibility and preventing the loss of important footage. This is the main reason these DVRs are also being widely used by media companies directors in a non–covert way as a certain backup for the recordings.

Our LawMate mini DVRs are highly versatile and portable devices that can be used for a wide range of applications. Whether you're a mystery shopper, film director, private detective, or animal rights activist, these DVRs are designed to meet your needs and help you capture high-quality footage discreetly and effectively. With the ability to cut recordings into clips, you can easily review and extract relevant information from your footage to support your work and make important decisions. 

LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro Wi-Fi DVR with reinforced locking plug

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411,25  EUR  inc VAT
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LawMate PV-500 ECO2 3inch Touchscreen Analog DVR

242,00  EUR  ex VAT
302,50  EUR  inc VAT
Ready for delivery

LawMate PV-1000 EVO3 5 Inch Full HD Wi-Fi / IP DVR with 1 TB HDD

579,00  EUR  ex VAT
723,75  EUR  inc VAT
Not on stock

LawMate PV-500 L4i IP/P2P DVR

299,00  EUR  ex VAT
373,75  EUR  inc VAT
Not on stock

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