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LawMate PV-RC200HD2 Classy Look
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The newest edition to the PV-RC200 series, with a new classy look and the same qualities that have made this Mini DVR one of our bestsellers. 

Like the PV-RC200HD2, the PV-RC200HD2/Classy Look is a high quality disguised video and audio recorder that is simple to use. The device has a video resolution of up to 1920*1080 @30FPS with excellent low light recording and WDR function. 

PV-RC200HD2/Alternative Look Main Features:

  • Full HD integrated DVR recorder
  • New 5MP camera sensor that records much crisper and generally higher quality video recording as well as snapshots
  • WDR – wide dynamic range video recording
  • Integrated 650 mA high polymers battery
  • Integrated AGC microphone & audio recording (all LawMate DVRs from our webshop record audio)

PV-RC200HD2/Alternative Look Full Product Specifications:

Camera: 1/3" progressive CMOS sensor
The angle of view: 66 Degree 
Video Resolution: 1920*1080@30FPS ; 1280*720@30FPS 
Photo Resolution: 5MP 
Lens: 4mm 
Min. Illumination: 3.3 Lux @ F 2.0 
Video File Format: MOV 
Picture File Format: JPEG 
PC Interface: Mini USB2.0 
Time Stamp: YYYY.MM.DD./ HH:MM:SS 
Vibration Alert: On/Off/Record/Photo/Low Battery 
Charging Time: 3 hours 
Battery Type: DC 3.7V / 650 mA high polymers battery 
Working Hour Approx; 75min 
Memory Type: 8GB Micro SD Card (Supports up to 16GB) 
Dimensions: 71*35*16mm 
Weight: 32g


Feature focus:

Wide Dynamic Range:

The PV-RC200HD2/Classy model also has the ability to balance out the dynamic range of the images. The integrated Wide Dynamic Range feature allows taking better pictures of situations where the light falls on the camera instead of a person or his/her face. Sometimes the entryways of buildings make abrupt changes in dark and light conditions. WDR makes sure that the picture has a balanced out brightness/darkness ratio, and together with the HD recording, it allows simple usage and reliable material. 

Hardware switchable VGA/HD mode and Vibration ON/OFF

By removing the lid, you gain access to the SD Card slot, USB connection, and the two switches that control the resolution and vibration mode. This is a great improvement in the PV series, as the older models had buttons that were difficult to access especially if you were in a hurry. Now you can move the left switch for resolution, and the right for vibration adjustment.


The device can be used as a webcam, its simple installation on your PC or laptop makes it a great alternative to the built-in cameras. Just connect the device via USB to your PC/laptop, and it will install automatically. 
 <<Sample of the picture with PV-RC200HD2/Alt - for larger image click on the picture>>

The PV-RC200 HD2/ Classy model is simple to use:

In the pre-setup, make sure to put an empty and preferably formatted SD card into the device then:
  1. Push the Power ON / Record button (first button) to turn the device ON
  2. Push the Power ON / Record button once again to start the recording,
  3. Push the Photo button (third button) to snap a picture,
  4. Use both at once to snap pictures during video recording
  5. Push the Power OFF (second button) to turn off the device



Can the PV-RC200HD2 Classy Look be used as a webcam?
Yes, the device can be used as a webcam when connected via USB to a PC or laptop. It installs automatically, providing an alternative to built-in cameras with the added benefit of its portability and high-quality video. This feature extends the utility of the device beyond just surveillance.

Can the PV-RC200HD2 Classy Look be used in low light conditions?

Yes, the PV-RC200HD2 Classy Look is equipped with excellent low light recording capabilities and a WDR function. The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature allows it to balance the brightness and darkness in the video, ensuring clear footage even in varying light conditions. This makes the device versatile and reliable for use in different environments.

Can the PV-RC200HD2 Classy Look take snapshots?
Yes, the PV-RC200HD2 Classy Look is capable of taking snapshots thanks to its new 5MP camera sensor. This feature allows for much crisper and generally higher quality video recording as well as the ability to capture still images. The enhanced camera sensor ensures that both video and photo outputs are of superior quality.

Does the PV-RC200HD2 Classy Look have audio recording capabilities?
Yes, the PV-RC200HD2 Classy Look features an integrated AGC microphone for audio recording. All LawMate DVRs, including this model, are equipped to record audio, enhancing the overall recording experience. This feature is particularly useful for comprehensive surveillance where both video and audio documentation are required.

How do I switch between VGA and HD modes on the PV-RC200HD2 Classy Look?
By removing the lid, you can access the SD Card slot, USB connection, and two switches that control the resolution and vibration mode. Moving the left switch allows you to choose between VGA and HD resolution, offering flexibility depending on your recording needs. This hardware switchable feature is an improvement over previous models, making it more convenient to use.

Is the PV-RC200HD2 Classy Look easy to use?
The PV-RC200HD2 Classy Look is designed to be simple to use, with straightforward operation procedures. Users can start recording with a single push of a button or snap pictures as needed, making it user-friendly and accessible even for those not tech-savvy. Its ease of use makes it a popular choice for a wide range of surveillance needs.

What is the battery capacity of the PV-RC200HD2 Classy Look?
The device comes with an integrated 650 mA high polymers battery. This battery supports extended recording times, providing users with the assurance that they won’t miss important moments due to battery depletion. The high-capacity battery is a significant advantage for prolonged surveillance tasks.

What is the video resolution of the PV-RC200HD2 Classy Look?

The PV-RC200HD2 Classy Look records in Full HD with a resolution of up to 1920*1080 @30FPS. This high resolution ensures that the video footage is clear and detailed. The device’s capability to record in such high quality makes it suitable for capturing important moments with precision.



For any additional information regarding the PV-RC 200HD2/Classy model feel free to consult the PDF below, the specifications and operation are the same. 
24 months warranty.
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

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