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LawMate DVR - how do I choose the right one?

If you were ever wondering which LawMate DVR is the right choice for you, allow us to help you decide. 

As you may already know, LawMate is a widely recognized brand when it comes to covert surveillance devices. It is best known for its portable digital video recorders that offer good video and audio quality recordings and are very reliable when it comes to their performance. In order to work, DVR needs a compatible cable camera to be attached, while the LawMate camera on the other hand is an all-in-one device (DVR with a built-in camera). 

A must-have LawMate DVR 

Now that we have together determined that you are in the right place and looking for a LawMate DVR, the best value for money and one of the most widely used and bestseller DVRs for many years now is LawMate PV-500Neo Pro, the successor of the equally successful model Lawmate PV-500 EVO2 and a modified version of the LawMate PV-500 Neo. Small in size and easy to carry around, it offers a 5” touch screen and built-in Wi-Fi. This device is commonly used by private investigators, and security specialists and is also widely spread in the television industry so it indeed has an extensive list of users worldwide.  
Thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi feature, you can connect your Neo Pro to your smartphone using a Wi-Fi connection and monitor the recordings in the free smartphone app which is easily downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. On the other hand, it allows you to store recordings on the complimentary SD card so you can watch them later. It has the ability to record an average of 160min @ 1920x1080 resolution (on a 16GB SD card) with a complementary lithium-ion battery BA-2200. According to our experience, you can maximize the battery life by keeping the Wi-Fi and screen off, by considering a lower resolution, etc. to get it to 280 min, or finally decide to get a larger compatible battery BA-4400. Altogether, this is a handy and very powerful piece of equipment in a small case with good recording capabilities.
LawMate DVR - PV-500 Neo Pro

Which camera is compatible with my LawMate DVR? 

As we've learned before, your LawMate DVR needs to be connected to a compatible camera and the one available for the Neo Pro is the LawMate BU-18Neo or the so-called button camera. Why button? Because it comes with a standard set of buttons and screws that can be installed on the camera itself to make it covert. One button or screw can easily be installed directly on the camera while others serve as matching pieces to help with your covert operation. With a little bit of practice and a steady hand, you can also make a body-worn camera out of your LawMate DVR with a matching camera. However, if you prefer to use it without the accessories, you are free to do so.  
One of the good features of the BU-18Neo digital camera is the military-grade locking connector which attaches your camera to the LawMate DVR securely and without fear of losing the signal. The camera has an integrated microphone, a 2 MP sensor, and is very lightweight with a thin and flexible long cable. 

BU-18 Neo Button camera for LawMate DVR PV-500Neo Pro
On SpyShopEurope PV-500 Neo Pro and its compatible BU-18Neo Pro can be bought separately and as a bundle.  

LawMate DVR for remote monitoring 

If you find it important that your LawMate DVR can be connected to the local network and that you can monitor the recordings from the distance, then we advise considering the LawMate PV-1000EVO3, a sturdier model, with a much larger touch screen, internal memory and SD card, and the possibility to attach a digital or analog camera. There is also a much-simplified model LawMate PV-500 L4i without a touch screen. 

LawMate DVR - PV-1000 EVO3
PV-1000 EVO3, when successfully connected to the local network, allows you to connect to it remotely from any part of the world and see what is going on in the place your device is in, by using the free smartphone app previously installed on your smartphone. The app is very user-friendly and doesn’t require any prior knowledge. All LawMate DVRs come with detailed instructions in the package and instructions on how to use them.  
LawMate PV-1000 EVO3 is compatible with both digital and analog cameras so it gives you the freedom to choose which one is best for you. Both of them are so-called button cameras with a little pinhole and a set of buttons and screws like the BU-18Neo. Even though their general specifications are similar, the digital LawMate CMD-BU20LX has proven to be better in low light conditions according to our tests than the analog LawMate CM-BU20.
CMD-BU20LX camera for LawMate DVR PV-1000EVO3     CM-BU20 camera for LawMate DVR PV-1000 EVO3

On the other hand, if you prefer to have an all-in-one device that has all the mentioned possibilities and looks even more covert, we advise you to take a look at the LawMate DVR Cameras

For a more extensive understanding, we have made a LawMate compatibility guide to compare how different LawMate DVRs and cameras work together.

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