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LawMate camera - which is the best choice for me?

How to choose the right LawMate camera on the market?  

LawMate, a world-recognized brand in the covert surveillance niche, offers a wide range of DVR cameras that are considered to be an all-in-one device - a DVR and a camera in one piece of equipment.  
But which one should you choose? This basically depends on where and how you plan to use your device.
Below proposed products are only some of the available LawMate cameras and to help you find the right solution, we have divided them into three categories.   

LawMate cameras designed for home and office.

The first one is home and office surveillance. If you don’t mind that your device is placed statically in one place, and you are looking for unlimited battery life and the possibility to connect to your LawMate camera remotely at any moment by using the free phone app to see what is going on, we advise devices like LawMate PV-WB10i Wi-Fi booster, PV-CS10i USB charger, and PV-CHG30i phone charger. Besides being covert devices powered by the cord, they also serve their original purpose. 
For instance, the LawMate PV-CHG30i can successfully charge your smartphone, whether being IOS or Android (thanks to changeable charging heads), while at the same time recording the area. If it is properly set and connected to the local network, it allows you to connect from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. When the light in the room goes off, the infrared feature automatically switches on and enables you to see what is happening even in low light conditions. 
LawMate camera - PV-CHG30i smartphone charger

If long battery life is not high on your priority list and you prefer a device that can easily be moved from one place to another, stores the footage to the complementary SD card, blends in indoor places, and has a motion detection option, then we advise considering LawMate PV-RC10FHD Universal Remote Controller DVR.
You will find a bit of both with PV-BT10i and PV-FM20HDWi, LawMate cameras that can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world, and have the looks and feels of common, everyday objects but depend on their limited battery life. They can now be found as a SpyShopEurope.com exclusive Home & Office Surveillance Kit, providing great value for money. 
LawMate PV-BT10i is a Bluetooth speaker and a surveillance camera in one single device. Connect it to your smartphone for an ordinary source of good music as you will find almost everywhere nowadays. At the same time while playing music, this device enables you to monitor the surroundings by storing the footage on an SD card or by accessing it remotely via the free smartphone app. If you prefer remote monitoring, make sure you have successfully connected your device to the local network in the area the device is placed in.  
LawMate PV-FM20HDWi is a digital clock camera DVR with Full HD quality recording. The device features low light sensitivity, infrared recording mode, overwrite function, adapter charging, and SD Card storage, enabling you to record in almost all conditions. You can leave the device in your home or office, and monitor as well as control the feed remotely.

Motion detection is another interesting feature because it saves battery, and thanks to app notifications you will be promptly alarmed by the detected movement so nothing passes unnoticed.  

Made to be worn or carried around - LawMate cameras for on-the-go 

The second category is body-worn cameras designed for recording on the go. In our experience, these are the most wanted devices by private investigators and security specialists. The most popular model of the LawMate camera made to be worn, and completely cord-free are the LawMate PV-EG20CL glasses. They are easily controlled by touch on the handle, they record to an SD card placed inside and they look smart.
LawMate camera - PV-EG20CL glasses

The same popularity goes for car key PV-RC200HD2 and its classier version. If you are looking for a carry-on LawMate camera but would like to have more control during the recording, then the right choice for you is either the PV-900EVO3 SmartPhone or PV-RC200HDW Car Key which allow you to connect via Wi-Fi to your smartphone and monitor the footage in the free app in real-time.  
One of the latest releases is the LawmatePV-900EVO3, which turned out to be one of the bestsellers right from the start. Exclusively at SpyShopEurope, it can also be bought as a part of the Private Investigator Starter Kit. Thanks to its 64GB internal memory you will have enough space to record the footage and playback it later in the free smartphone app or on the device itself. It comes with a complementary and elegant flip case, not obligatory to use, while the screen itself has several disguise modes to enable discretion. 

LawMate camera - Private investigator kit - PV-EG20CL PV-RC200HD2 PV-900EVO3

Another great solution for a camera on-the-go is the newly released LawMate PV-WT20W which appears and functions as a real SmartWatch while offering Full HD recording, a built-in Wi-Fi module so you can view and control all videos from your smartphone, and provides 32 GB of integrated memory storage. 
Thanks to the side position of the lens, you are free to hold your arm in a natural position while recording and go totally unnoticed. 

Audio solutions and LawMate camera modules 

Last but not least, are video modules and audio solutions. The most popular module from LawMate is the LawMate PV-DY20i, a rather small and versatile IP device that requires a bit of prior knowledge to operate properly, and a bit of a steady hand to install. When you overcome that, you will be more than satisfied. 
LawMate camera - PV-DY20i

Besides LawMate DVRs and LawMate cameras, a part of LawMate’s portfolio is also covert voice recorders, such as AR-100 and AR-300. They look like keys so they perfectly blend in with the surroundings and they are a good piece of equipment if you prefer audio over video.  
LawMate audio recorder - AR-300
The majority of LawMate cameras do not require any prior knowledge and are very user-friendly. They come with simple instructions on how to use them. On each product page at SpyShopEurope.com, you will find detailed specifications and instructions in PDF.   
Of course, if you need any assistance with your LawMate device, feel free to contact our support team at [email protected]. We reply within 24 hours.

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