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Secureee HQ GSM Bugs, Audio Recorders and GPS Locators

New Brand with HQ Recorders Made in the EU
Digiscan Labs

New! The Phone Safe Ultra Detector of the illegal activation of Smartphones

Developed by information security professionals
Stealth Tronic

STronic GSM Bug in power extension cord, 3G Bug and Air Freshener PIR DVR

Premium electronics with high-end sound

New 2021 Arrivals from TS-Market! Mini Digital Voice Recorders in Stock

Miniature, lightweight, long battery life and in a metal case

New Temperature (Thermal) Access Cameras

Thermal cameras for face recognition, temperature detection, mask-wearing detection, access control etc

Take a look at our new arrivals!

New Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker hidden DVR and RF 3-band Detector

NEW! StealthTronic Products Available!

GSM Spy Bugs, Audio Recorder & Mini DVR Cameras with extra long standby / listening / recording time and much more...

LawMate New 2020 Releases - In Stock!

Smartphone Wi-Fi DVR, Wi-Fi Booster IP DVR and USB Charging station IP DVR

New Wi-Fi DVRs on Stock!

PV-500Neo, PV-500Neo Pro, BU-18Neo Button, BU-18Neo Cone

New Kits Available

IP Pack, Wi-Fi Pack and Wearable Mini DVR Camera Pack

New 2017 Products - Updated 31.10.2017.

PV-EG10CL, PV-500L4i, PV-TM10FHD, PV-DY10i, PV-CG10, and others

Digiscan Labs - New On Stock!

iProtect 1205, GSM Safe 3, Protect 1210, MNG-300 Rabbler

LawMate New Wi-Fi Releases

BU-18HD Cone, PV-500HDW Pro, PI-RF50TX, PV-UC10i, PV-50HD2W, PV-1000 Lite, PV-AC20uni, PV-FM20HDWi, PV-PB20i

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