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High-end Counter-surveillance

High-end Counter-surveillance equipment at SpyShopEurope.com in stock & ready for Express delivery!

Regain privacy and detect possible unwanted activities using professional high-end counter-surveillance equipment from manufacturers like Digiscan Labs and JJN Digital. 

Delta X G2/6 Handheld Counter Surveillance Sweeping System

Delta X G2/6 is a spectrum analyzer that detects all kinds of RF listening devices; analog/digital, constantly existing/intermittent, sending audio/video, with/without encryption.

  • Frequency range 9 kHz – 6 GHz
  • Multiple working modes: instant detection, guarding, locating, and car tracker detection
  • Audio demodulation
  • Storage for unlimited quantities of signals
  • Full support on the usage of the device
Specifications PDF - Delta X G2/6
Read more about Delta X G2/6 here...

WAM-X25 Handheld Wireless Activity Monitor 0-14 GHz

WAM-X25 Wireless Activity Monitor is a compact multi-band RF signal detector equipped to detect the latest 5G devices.

  • Frequency range 0-14 GHz
  • Wi-Fi Network Analyser/Bluetooth Device Analyser
  • Worldwide Cellular Coverage
  • Direction Find Function for precise location of the signal source
  • Up to 10 000 events in the Event Log
Specifications PDF - WAM-X25
Read more about WAM-X25 here...

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