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Edic-mini Weeny A111 Digital Voice Recorder with 50h recording time
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The Edic-mini Weeny A111 Audio recorder offers an integrated memory that allows up to 50h of recording time in continuous mode. 

The highly sensitive new digital microphone and 24-bit codec make sure to deliver excellent audio quality in a 15 m radius.

The device is operated via two buttons and is easy as well as intuitive to use. It is also essential to be able to quickly and covertly power the device on if a conversation starts that you need on record.

The Weeny A111 is flexible in regards to the operating system you use, as it has no restrictions. It can work on Windows, iOS, and even on tablets and smartphones! You can easily listen to your recordings on your smartphone, or configure/delete them. If you want to connect the device to your smartphone you will need a USB-to-micro USB adapter, that fits your phone of course. 
If you are used to working on multiple operating systems and need to check the device's files on the go, this is the perfect gadget for you. A high-end audio recorder, with ease of use as well as functions such as voice activation system, timer, linear and circular recording option, and password protection.
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Edic-mini Weeny A111 Features:

  • Voice Activation System (VAS)
  • Preset timer for recordings
  • Linear and circular recording
  • Built-in clock and calendar allow for file timestamp
  • Password protection 
  • Data in the internal memory of the Recorder can not be tampered with
  • Built-in markers to determine records' authenticity
  • Control and indication: on/off buttons and LED
  • WAV format
  • Direct connection to the PC via external drive (flash drive)
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Low current consumption
  • Records' digital signature

Edic-mini Weeny A111 Specifications:

Height: 37.5
Width: 24
Thickness: 3.5
Weight: 6 g
Case: Metal
Battery life in record mode: 50 h
Power supply: rechargeable battery
Built-in microphone sensitivity: up to 15m
Built-in flash memory: 256 Mb
Interface: USB 2.0
Audio-codec: 8 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit
Recording format: WAV
Frequency band: 0,1-10 kHz
Dynamic range: 90 dB
Sample rate: 8, 16, 22
Controls: button
Indication of operation: LED
Voice Activating System: YES
Timer recording: YES
Battery charging time: 2,5 hours

Feature Focus:

Timer Recording

The TS-Market Weeny series offers the option to preset a time for the recorder to start as well as stop recording. This feature enables you to plan your covert operations in a manner where you will not need to handle the device while in a situation you need to record. 
Detailed explanations on how to configure the device to offer this function, are available in the user manual below. However, if you need to stop the timer recording (for any reason), just press the STOP button until the LED is continuously on. 

VAS - Voice Activation System

This feature is enabled by using the VasEnabled parameter in the configuration file (that is stored on to your device), and if applied correctly it can seriously reduce both the memory and energy consumption of the device. The device will simply have more power for recording, as it will activate only when audio is detected. For more info, see the user manual below. 

Password protection

A password can be set, which makes it impossible to access the device's configuration file or audio files, prior to entering the password. This will protect your work and privacy. For details on setting the password, take a look at the user manual below.

How to use the Edic-mini Weeny A111:

  1. Make sure the recorder is fully charged
  2. Power the device on by pressing the ON button
  3. Connect the device via provided cable to listen to/ manage the files via your PC

  Edic-mini Weeny FAQs

Can the Edic-mini Weeny A111 work with different operating systems?
Yes, the Edic-mini Weeny A111 is compatible with all operating systems including Windows, iOS, and can also work on tablets and smartphones. This flexibility ensures that users can manage their recordings on various devices without compatibility issues. To connect the device to a smartphone, a USB-to-micro USB adapter compatible with the phone is required.

How can I listen to recordings from the Edic-mini Weeny A111 on my smartphone?
To listen to recordings from the Edic-mini Weeny A111 on your smartphone, you will need a USB-to-micro USB adapter that is compatible with your phone. This allows for direct connection and playback of the recordings on your smartphone, enabling easy access and management of your audio files.

How does the Voice Activation System (VAS) work on the Edic-mini Weeny A111?
The Voice Activation System (VAS) on the Edic-mini Weeny A111 activates recording only when sound is detected, conserving memory and battery life. This feature is configured through the VasEnabled parameter in the device’s configuration file. It optimizes the recorder’s efficiency by focusing on capturing audio only when necessary.

How is the Edic-mini Weeny A111 operated?
The Edic-mini Weeny A111 is operated via two buttons, making it easy and intuitive to use. This simple control scheme allows for quick and covert activation of the device, which is essential for recording conversations discreetly and efficiently. The design focuses on user-friendliness and rapid deployment.

How long can the Edic-mini Weeny A111 record in continuous mode?
The Edic-mini Weeny A111 can record up to 50 hours in continuous mode. This is made possible by its integrated memory, allowing for extensive recording without the need for frequent data transfers. The device is designed for long-duration recording, making it ideal for various recording needs.

Is it possible to protect recordings on the Edic-mini Weeny A111 with a password?
Yes, recordings on the Edic-mini Weeny A111 can be protected with a password. This security feature prevents unauthorized access to the device’s configuration file or audio files, ensuring that your work and privacy are safeguarded. Details on setting up the password can be found in the user manual.

What are some key features of the Edic-mini Weeny A111?
Key features of the Edic-mini Weeny A111 include a Voice Activation System (VAS), preset timer for recordings, linear and circular recording options, password protection, and built-in markers for records’ authenticity. These features enhance the device’s functionality, making it versatile for different recording scenarios and ensuring the security of the data.

What is the range of the microphone on the Edic-mini Weeny A111?
The microphone on the Edic-mini Weeny A111 has a range of 15 meters. It features a highly sensitive new digital microphone and a 24-bit codec, ensuring excellent audio quality within this radius. This makes it suitable for capturing clear audio in large rooms or outdoor settings.

What recording formats does the Edic-mini Weeny A111 support?
The Edic-mini Weeny A111 records audio in WAV format. This common audio file format is compatible with a wide range of audio playback and editing software, offering flexibility in how recordings can be used and shared.


For detailed information on the setup and usage of the device, please see the user manual available for download below. 
When using EM Weeny voice recorders on Linux operating system, there is damage to the configuration file. This problem will be fixed in the following versions. The manufacturer recommends saving a copy of the configuration file and re-upload it or using other operating systems for now.

24 Months Warranty

>>User Manual<<
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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