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Digiscan Labs
iProtect 1216 with complementary UHF/VHF antenna
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To improve the performance of the iProtect 1216, a 3 band professional RF detector from Digiscan Labs, we have prepared a special kit that includes the detector iProtect 1216 and complementary omnidirectional antenna ODA-4.

iProtect 1216 will soon be back in stock, in the meantime, you can find this a temporary replacement: 
JJNdigital PRO-SL8 Pocket Bug Detector 0-8 GHz - a pocket-sized RF detector designed for discovering all types of RF activity, including both digital and analog signals.


The iProtect 1216 itself offers a solid frequency range detection "Mobile and wireless 700 MHz – 3 GHz" and "Microwave and wireless 3-12 GHz".

To ensure your safety and privacy, the improvement of the performance of the iProtect 1216 by using ODA-4 will be seen when detecting lower frequency ranges (lower than 700 MHz) with the most significant increase of the performance within 80-700 MHz. This improvement is important when detecting or receiving signals operating on VHF, UHF, and ISM 315 & 433 MHz bands.
For instance, VHF and UHF audio bugs use lower bands meaning this kit can efficiently locate the eavesdropping devices operating at lower frequencies.
The omnidirectional antenna is a perfect add-on to this high-quality detector and by combining them you are rest assured to cover the most common frequency ranges in the field.

KIT contains:

  • Detector iProtect 1216
  • Rod antenna
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Mini USB
  • ODA-4 antenna
  • Tripod
  • Cable (80 cm)
  • Manuals

Learn more about complete counter surveillance equipment available at



Please see below the full specifications of the iProtect 1216 and ODA-4 antenna

>>iProtect1216 manual<< 

>>ODA-4 manual<<


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