Free DHL express shipping worldwide
Same day shipping for orders made before 13:00 with average 24 h delivery across the EU

All items imported inside EU

All the items on our website are imported inside the EU.
That means once the order is made the package travels fast without additional expenses or customs delay.
If you are to make an order from a country outside the EU, for example, the USA, China, or UK (since Brexit*) for these same products, there will on average 2-10% custom expenses and oftentimes additional expense of the shipping company that makes the import. Country-dependent VAT (16%-26%) will also be charged during the import.
Take care where you buy your products from and what will be your final costs. 
*Packages from the UK since Brexit are free of customs charges only if the products are made in the UK. In the surveillance and counter-surveillance niche, very few are.

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