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New arrivals in 2022!

A few updates and an abundance of new products are now available in our webshop, so take a look below for more info. 


LawMate PV-WT20W 1080P Wi-Fi SmartWatch DVR - A new arrival and an updated version from the LawMate PV-WT10, this latest DVR offers: 

  • Built-in HD camera with 1080p resolution
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module
  • Real SmartWatch functions
  • Simple button design
  • Up to 90 minutes of continuous recording 
  • Integrated 32 GB memory storage
  • Over-write function
LawMate CM-BU20 Analog Button Camera - Designed for covert use, this CMOS camera with an integrated microphone offers low light recording capability of 0.015 Lux and has a selectable NTSC/PAL switch.
  • Mini, button design for covert operations
  • CMOS sensor with high resolution
  • Low light recordings with min. illumination of 0.015 lux
  • Integrated microphone
  • Built-in interchangeable NTSC/PAL
  • Easily installed with standard analog jack
  • Compatible with PV-500ECO2 & PV-1000EVO3

We have issued a production batch just for our customers, so back by popular demand and in limited availability, you can get the LawMate PV-1000 EVO3 DVR exclusively in our shop! The 5-inch IP/P2P DVR comes in Full HD 1080P, with 1 TB HDD and is compatible with both analog and digital cameras.
You can pair it with:
You can place your order online, or contact us for larger quantities at [email protected]

Also available in limited number only and back in stock is the popular budget DVR LawMate PV-500 ECO2. Some of the main features of the 3-inch DVR include:

  • HD 720P recording resolution
  • Compatible with both 5V and 12V analog cameras including CM-BU20 Analog Button Camera (also comes as a LawMate PV-500 ECO2 with CM-BU20 Button Camera Bestseller Kit)
  • Supports LawMate CMOS and CCD analog cameras like the HB-19
  • Normal/Motion Detection
  • Sound recording On/Off
  • Screenshot on preview & video playback

LawMate CM-NL10 Necklace Camera is now available on the webshop, some of the CM-NL10 features are:

  • Easy change of pendants for personalization
  • CMOS sensor with low power consumption
  • Compatible with common AV devices
  • NTSC/PAL selectable
  • Compatible with all PV-1000 DVR models, as well as the PV-500 ECO2, PV-500 EVO2U, and PV-500 L4i

Exclusively at SpyShopEurope.com, we assembled 2 new Sets to better suit your needs when using the PV-500Neo Pro Bundle which already includes PV-500 Neo Pro DVR and BU-18 Neo Button Camera. Guided by your feedback, we have now added the bestselling BA-4400 battery and PI-RF60 Remote Control, and lowered the price:
In the LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro XL Battery Set we added the BA-4400 battery for a longer operation time:
In the LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro XXL Battery Set, you get two extra BA-4400 batteries and PI-RF60, remote control:


We expanded and diversified our GSM Bug Longlife series portfolio, we added the Micro GSM Spy Bug, Longlife 10, and Longlife 20+
From left to right: Micro GSM Spy Bug, Longlife 10, Longlife 20+

Micro GSM Spy Bug Main Features:
  • High-quality microphone
  • Up to 3 days in standby mode
  • 1.5 hours of continuous listening
  • VOX call back function
  • Small and lightweight - 47*29*12 mm

LONGLIFE 10 Main Features:
  • High-quality microphone
  • Up to 10 days in standby mode
  • 4-6 hours of continuous listening
  • VOX call back function

LONGLIFE 20+ Main Features:
  • High-quality microphone
  • Up to 20 days in standby mode
  • 8-12 hours of continuous listening
  • VOX call back function
  • Extended microphone

Below you can take a look at the comparison table for the Longlife series and see which one best suits your needs.
Latest listening device in the GLite series from StealthTronic, the GLite Vario 2.0+ Pro Spy Bug is a small, covert listening device with a built-in antenna that offers secure, reliable audio transmission over a 2G network with a MEMS microphone.
  • MEMS extended microphone for clear sound
  • Voice detection mode
  • Password control functions
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Connectable to other accessories for maximum control and reliability
  • Plug-and-play setup
Designed to let you listen to everything within a car, the Vario Pro Car+ is a GSM Spy Bug that works on 99% of cars and is equipped with the high-quality Knowles microphone for clear sound.
  • Attach it to the Sound system, Lighting, Radio/Front part of the car
  • Power supply from the car - Works on inner car circuit running on 12V, which is a standard nowadays in many car batteries
  • Voice activation mode
  • Easy to install
  • Knowles microphone for extra clear audio - additionally shielded to limit possible car-related sound interference


 JJN Digital

JJN Digital products are a novelty at our webshop in professional counter-surveillance equipment. All devices boast an extraordinary frequency range for portable, handheld solutions on the market, are designed and manufactured in the UK and feature high quality, professional-grade materials, machined aluminum enclosures, in addition to arriving in heavy duty military standard carry cases for maximum durability. 

For product comparison, view this JJN digital chart
From left to right: HSA-Q1, EDD-24T, WAM-X25, WAM-108t, PRO-SL8, PRO-W12DX, CAM-GX5

Take a look at the items available on our webshop: 
HSA-Q1 Handheld RF Spectrum Analyser is a fully integrated RF Spectrum Analyser with a frequency range of 1 MHz to 13.44 GHz and sweep time of just 0.5 seconds. Sensitivity can be adjusted over 5 levels. It also features the Spectrogram Waterfall Function for in-depth analysis of detected signals. 
EDD-24T NLJD (Non-Linear Junction Detector) is designed to detect all active, passive, or switched-off devices
WAM-X25 Wireless Activity Monitor is a multi-band RF signal detector designed to detect and log transmissions from all types of radiofrequency devices with a 0-14 GHz detection range and separate 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz bands capable of detecting the latest generation 'Store & Forward' devices.
WAM-108t Multiband Wireless Activity Monitor is a high specification multiband detector designed to detect, locate and log all types of radiofrequency devices offering a detection range from 0-14 GHz, with 8 separate RF detectors that operate simultaneously.
PRO-SL8 Pocket Bug Detector is an ultra-compact pocket-sized bug detector with a 0-8 GHz frequency detection range and high sensitivity for detecting signals from up to 10 meters. It can display detected frequencies up to 6 GHz and is very simple to use. - READY FOR DELIVERY!
PRO-W12DX Pocket Wideband RF Detector is an ultra-sensitive pocket RF detector with a 0-12 GHz frequency detection range that can detect the even the latest 5G spy devices. It has a built-in memory that can store up to 1000 events, including short-burst transmissions from devices like GPS trackers.

CAM-GX5 Cellular Activity Monitor is a multi-band cellular signal detector designed to detect the latest generation 5G, WiFi/Bluetooth devices as well as the existing 2G/3G/4G electronics. Detects signals up to 50 meters depending on ambient conditions and signal strength.


Take a look at the new TSCM device from DigiscanLabs, the Phone Safe Summit that offers protection against data leakage by acoustically isolating up to 4 mobile phones in one device. 

  • Holds up to 4 phones
  • Blocks phone microphone with non-filterable, inaudible ultrasonic interference
  • Two-side interference for both bottom and upper phone microphones
  • Prevents surround recording apps from recording conversations and sounds
  • Compatible with all types of phones (max. height 180mm)
  • Optimally designated for all existing smartphone models
  • Phone accessible for calls while acoustically isolated
  • Natural wood stand
Another innovation from Digiscan Labs is the new iProtect 1217 Anti-Tracking Mobile System, the only RF detector in the world able to detect more than 26 mobile and wireless bands on every continent.
  • Four operation modes: All bands, Group, Band, Tracker
  • Tracker mode for detecting GPS trackers with history accumulation
  • Adjustable frequency allocation to the country of use
  • Detects hidden devices such as cell phones, spy bugs, hidden cameras, hidden voice recorders, and GPS trackers
  • Picks up signals up to 10 meters
  • 43 levels to set optimal sensitivity
  • Two antennas for maximum sensitivity
  • Can be used while charging

A more affordable version od the Delta X G2 sweeping systems, with its own exclusive features, the Delta S Handheld Counter Surveillance Sweeping System is both powerful, easy to use, and can detect RF jammers!
  • Detects all types of RF surveillance devices in a frequency range up to 6 GHz
  • Highly sensitive with an update time of 0.8 seconds
  • Adjustable to the frequency allocation for the country of use
  • Background masking feature to reject friendly signals
  • Detects RF jammers and has multiple search modes including inspection of suspicious bands or signals
  • ThreatMark feature displays dangerous signals
  • Demodulation of audio in AM/FM mode
  • Unlimited number of logs and history of events with audio alarms
  • "Hold maximum danger" feature displays the most dangerous band or signal


Mriya GSM Transmitter - Covert Audio Bug in functional Travel Adapter with unlimited power supply.
  • High-quality analogue microphone for clear GSM communication 
  • Security function through an Administrator number
  • Unlimited listening time when connected to a power supply
  • Battery life of 2 hours in case of power shortages or disconnections
  • LBS locating via LBS base stations for GPS tracking
  • Sound and vibration alarms for added security and detection
  • Compatible with 2G Nano SIM cards from any operator


Hawksweep HS-C3000 Plus is a handheld RF detector that shows the exact frequencies of a detected device in a 10 MHz to 10 GHz frequency range. It detects all analog/digital AV and wiretaps. The unit offers 3 detection modes, including cellular detection, wideband detection, and exact cellphone and Wi-Fi frequency detection (from 500 MHz to 3000 MHz frequency span):

  • Detection Frequency from 10 MHz to 10GHz - covers the full commonly used frequency band spectrum
  • Detects A/V cameras, voice recorders, phones (telephones, smartphones), etc. 
  • 8 bit LCD display
  • Straightforward and simple operation with a Multi-functional operation key 
  • 20-segment RF signal power indicator
  • Multiple Alarms: Sound, Vibrating, and Silent
  • Squelch adjustment (upper knob, that powers on the device, and where you adjust the sensitivity)
  • Configured with a full range antenna 10 MHz to 10GHz


BTech Covert SpyPhone Samsung Galaxy S7 and Covert SpyPhone Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus are original Samsung smartphones with high precision camera integration for covert recordings along with a specially designed hidden App. 

  • Fully run App in the Background
  • Smartphone can be locked while recording in the background and all apps can be normally used 
  • GPS stamp available
  • Compatible with Google Play
  • Angle of view: 0 / 90 / 180 and 360 degrees
  • 4G Streaming Option - share your fieldwork in real-time with your co-workers
  • As new Smartphones get released, they get available for custom integration
In addition to the integrated SpyPhones, we have the external BU-300 Button Smartphone Camera. It can be bought separately and used as a second, external camera option. It's extremely small with a 15 mm diameter and has a cable length of 75 cm, offers Full HD 1080P quality, and supports the 4G streaming option. 

Also available is the 3 year IP service - a 4G streaming option, that you can buy together with your Smartphone integration, and have access to the SmartEye program for 3 years. SmartEye is a desktop program that allows live feed access and monitoring of your video recordings to you and your colleagues. 

BTech USB Power Adapter IP/Wi-Fi Camera is both a functional USB Power Adapter and covert camera with 1080P quality along with built-in IP connectivity. 

  • Functional Travel AC Power Adapter
  • 1080P quality recording with 2 Mega Pixel CMOS Lens
  • Infra-Red available
  • Built-in Wi-Fi P2P Streaming
  • Viewing angle of 15 degrees upwards 
  • Camera angle can be rotated 
  • Motion detection and Push alarm messages are available
  • Supports up to 128GB SD Cards

BTech Covert Pen DVR is an integrated A/V recorder with 1296P quality recordings and 30 or 60 fps that also works as a real pen. 

  • 1296/1080/720P Resolution options
  • Simple operation with one button
  • Integrated 32GB Memory
  • Continuous and Motion detection recording mode
  • Snapshot function
  • Writes as a real pen - in black ink
  • Option of covering lens - fully covert

BTech Tissue Holder IP/Wi-Fi Camera is perfect for home or office surveillance as the camera and microphone are hidden in plain sight, in the tissue box. The App offers lots of functions for adjusting and controlling the camera.

  • IP & Wi-Fi enabled
  • 4K (for streaming) and 1080HD resolution option
  • Night Vision IR Light recording option
  • Snapshot function
  • Scheduled recording option
  • Motion detection & Continuous recording mode
  • 6-hour battery life

BTech iPowerUP iPhone Battery Case Wi-Fi/IP DVR is a battery case for iPhone that functions as a covert video and audio recorder. It captures video in Full HD 1080P resolution and is Wi-Fi/IP enabled, allowing you to view and download recordings in-App from anywhere in the world.
  • Full HD 1080P Resolution
  • Wi-Fi/IP enabled
  • Compatible with iPhone models from iPhone 6 Plus and up
  • Easy and instant video previews
  • Scheduled Recording Function
  • Night Vision IR Light
  • 32GB Integrated Memory
  • Battery life up to 4 hours


As always, feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any inquiries. Payments for our offers can be made via bank account, TransferWise, and PayPal. We respond within 24 h following the last working day.  

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