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Mriya GSM Transmitter in functional 5V/2A Travel Adapter
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The Mriya GSM Transmitter in functional 5V/2A Travel Adapter is a fully covert black-box designed GSM bug that has an unlimited power supply.

This GPS audio bug has been designed so it can not be detected even if inspected closely. The screws used to hide the panel with SIM card, LED light, and microphone have been specially made, and you need the provided screwdriver to be able to remove it. 

You can set up the device to let you know if audio is detected in a room, or if someone is touching/moving it. Security is the main theme of this device, so only you will be able to call in and hear the audio in the room. This is made sure by the administrator number. Everyone else will just get a busy signal, and will not be able to reach the device. You can even pinpoint the location of the device via the LBS station.

The HQ analog microphone for GSM communication will provide clear sound on the whole surveilled parameter. You will be able to hear the conversation from the back of the room. This is important as some devices have clear sound only if the conversation takes place in close proximity. 

The Mriya GSM is a low-maintenance device as it provides unlimited listening in time when connected to a power socket. In case of a power shortage, it will operate for 2 more hours autonomously, and with the Sleep mode, you can have it 24h in stand-by mode. 

Mriya GSM Transmitter Main Features:

  • Security function through an Administrator number
  • Unlimited listening time when connected to a power supply
  • Battery life 2h (disconnected from power supply/power shortage)
  • Sleep mode enables 24 h standby 
  • HQ Analogue Microphone for GSM communication
  • LBS locating via LBS base stations
  • Sound Alarm lets you know if audio in a room is detected
  • Vibration Alarm lets you know if the device shakes (is being moved)
  • Compatible with 2G Nano SIM cards of any operator
  • Black Box design with special screws and screwdriver

Mriya GSM Audio Bug Specifications:

Dimensions: 70x40x20 mm
Output: 5V/2A USB output
Weight: 50g
Battery life when connected to 220V: unlimited
Battery life when disconnected from 220V: 2 days in standby, 2 hours live listening mode 
Microphone: analouge electret mic
Antenna: 2G GSM integrated antenna

Mriya GSM Transmitter Bug Feature Focus:

Voice activation security through Administrator number

The Administrator number makes sure that only you can call and listen through the device. If anyone else calls the number in the GSM listening device, they will get a busy line signal and will not be able to reach the device. 

Battery Life, Sleep Mode, and Unlimited Working Mode

The device offers an unlimited listening time when it is connected to the 220V supplied adapter. This GSM bug does not depend on batteries, and once installed at your surveilled location, you do not have to worry about recharging it. 
It has the possibility to record 2 hours in case of a power shortage and can be 24 hours in standby when the Sleep Mode is active. 

HQ Analog Microphone provides clear sound through your GSM transmitter

This low-noise microphone is adapted for use in covert audio surveillance, with a focus on GSM communication. You will be able to hear everything that happens in the surveilled area without noise interference in the audio transmission.

LBS locating via LBS base stations

This is basically the GSM-based positioning of the device, via the LBS stations. As the GSM network is used to transmit data, the service provider network infrastructure can be used to find out the location of the device.

Sound Alarm Mode turns the GSM Transmitter into a GSM Alarm

If you enable this mode, the device will send you an alert if it detects sound in the surveilled room. Not only can you hear everything that happens in your supervised area you can also be warned if an unauthorized entry into the area occurs. This indicates the right time to call in the device and check what is going on. 

Vibrating Alarm informs you if the device is being moved

The device will alert you if it shakes. This naturally occurs when it is removed from its place and transported or inspected. 

2G Nano SIM Cards of any operator is compatible with the GSM Listening Unit:
The device will allow for any Nano SIM card to be used in any area covered by a GSM signal. Just make sure that the PIN is removed from the SIM cards, and try it out before placing it in to the unit. 

BLACK BOX Design and Hidden Lid

The GSM unit is completely covered, including the SIM card and microphone. There is no visible microphone hole or any indication that this is a covert audio transmitter. In addition, the device has 4 special screws that keep the SIM card hidden, and they can only be removed with the special screwdriver (that is supplied in the accessories of the device).
It can be placed in any indoor space and left with the assurance it will remain hidden. 

How to use the Mriya GSM Bug in Power Adapter:

  1. Insert the SIM card and set it up as shown in the user manual (available for download below)
  2. Make sure the device is powered off. 
  3. Insert the SIM card as instructed in the user manual. Make sure that the SIM card has no PIN code.
  4. Set up the administrator number
  5. Set up the modes that you need: Power saving, Alarm, GPS location. 

Package contents:

  1. Mriya GSM Transmitter Adapter Head
  2. Special Screwdriver

Mriya GSM FAQs

Can the Mriya GSM Transmitter work without a power supply?
Yes, the Mriya GSM Transmitter can operate for 2 hours without a power supply thanks to its internal battery. This feature ensures that surveillance continues even during a power outage. After the battery is depleted, the device needs to be reconnected to a power source to continue functioning.

How do I set up the Mriya GSM Transmitter?
To set up the Mriya GSM Transmitter, insert the SIM card as per the user manual, power off the device, and then configure the administrator number and desired modes such as Power saving, Alarm, and GPS location. Detailed setup instructions are provided in the user manual, which is essential for proper configuration and optimal performance of the device.

How does the Administrator number function work?
The Administrator number function ensures that only the person with the designated number can call and listen through the device. When anyone else tries to call the device, they will receive a busy signal and cannot access the audio. This feature enhances the security of the surveillance, making sure that eavesdropping is restricted to authorized users only.

How does the LBS locating function work?
LBS locating uses the GSM network and LBS base stations to determine the location of the device. This feature allows the user to pinpoint the device’s location, adding an extra layer of security by enabling the tracking of the device in case it is moved or needs to be located for any reason.

How does the Sleep Mode function?
Sleep Mode enables the Mriya GSM Transmitter to be on standby for 24 hours, conserving battery life when not actively surveilling. This mode is particularly useful for extending the operational time of the device during periods of inactivity, ensuring it is ready to transmit audio or alerts when needed.

What is included in the package of the Mriya GSM Transmitter?
The package includes the Mriya GSM Transmitter Adapter Head and a special screwdriver for accessing the hidden panel. Note that the Nano SIM card and USB cable are not included and must be obtained separately. This package provides the essential components needed to start using the device for covert surveillance.

What is the Mriya GSM Transmitter in functional 5V/2A Travel Adapter?
The Mriya GSM Transmitter in functional 5V/2A Travel Adapter is a covert GSM bug designed for unlimited audio surveillance. It is disguised as a travel adapter and can be powered indefinitely when connected to a power supply, with a battery backup of 2 hours in case of power failure. The device features a high-quality analog microphone for clear GSM communication and various security functions, including administrator number protection and location tracking via LBS stations.

What is the purpose of the special screws and screwdriver?
The special screws and screwdriver are designed to secure the hidden panel that covers the SIM card, LED light, and microphone, ensuring the device remains covert. These components are specifically made to prevent unauthorized access and tampering, keeping the device’s presence undetectable in the surveilled area.

What is the range of the microphone?
The high-quality analog microphone is designed to capture clear sound throughout the entire surveilled area. It is capable of picking up conversations from the back of the room, ensuring comprehensive audio surveillance without the need for the conversation to occur in close proximity to the device.

What types of SIM cards are compatible with the Mriya GSM Transmitter?
The device is compatible with 2G Nano SIM cards from any operator. It is important to ensure that the SIM card has no PIN code before inserting it into the device. This compatibility allows for flexibility in choosing a service provider that offers the best coverage in the area of surveillance.


For detailed information on how to set up and use the Mriya GSM Transmitter please read the PDF file available for download below. 
The Nano SIM card and USB cable are not provided in the package contents. 

24 Months Warranty

>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

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