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BTech Cell phone 3 years IP service
225,00  EUR  ex VAT
281,25  EUR  inc VAT
Delivery in 15 days
14 day refund
24 month warranty

BTech Cell phone 3 years IP service is a 4G streaming option, that you can buy together with your Smartphone integration, and have access to the SmartEye program for 3 years. 

This is a Desktop program that allows your teammates live feed access and monitoring of your video recordings. 
Along with the live monitoring and downloading features, they will also be able to pinpoint your GPS location, which adds a second layer of security to covert missions. 


Communication is secured by the built-in VPN Encryption Mode

Communicate with your co-workers, and share your live feed without having to think about security. The VPN encryption assures your covert missions stay covert!


4G App / Server Information: 

  • Model without 4G works as a normal cellphone with all the regular data exchange with Google servers. Does not send information to other locations.
  • The 4G solution sends information to Taiwan only once; the sole communication to the server is the very first peak of registered license data check in each login.
  • The Google Cloud service is on USA soil, where the main server of this Taiwanese company for the 4G system is set.
  • There is a double password setting designed for the system while sending the covert video/s, which can avoid the system's unauthorized security breach.

Watch the Unpacking and Demo video of the Samsung S7 Spyphone with SmartEye Desktop App Demo:



Once you have purchased the Spyphone with the 3 years IP option, we will provide the user manual via email. 

Feel free to contact us if you need more information.


Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

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