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JJN digital
PRO-W12DX Pocket Wideband RF Detector 0-12 GHz
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JJN Digital PRO-W12DX is an ultra-sensitive pocket RF detector with an extensive frequency range 0-12 GHz capable of detecting the latest 5G spy devices on the market.

This professional-grade handheld bug detector detects all the latest covert listening, video, tracking (GPS), and cellular (GSM) surveillance devices, whether they are using digital or analog transmissions. 

All detected signals in your surroundings will be shown live as they are tracked on a 20-bar graph, keeping you fully informed about any hidden surveillance equipment nearby. You will be able to see the exact frequency of the concealed device as the frequency counter on the PRO-W12DX reads up to high 6 GHz. PRO-W12DX is a single channel (wideband) detector so in a busy RF environment, it will display the frequency of the most dominant and stable frequency detected. The device is extremely sensitive for the entire 0-12 GHz frequency range, with additionally improved performance at higher frequencies to ensure detection of the latest 5G broadcasting devices on the market. 

The PRO-W12DX wideband detector has a built-in memory capable of storing up to 1000 events, including short-burst transmissions from devices like GPS trackers, and compiles all detected signal data such as time & date, frequency, duration, and strength. Events are displayed in an easily readable list layout which you can scroll or they can be viewed in Graph-Log mode, where up to 8 minutes of live detected signal data is plotted on a graph. This function ensures you do not miss any detected events and will help you determine exactly which type of signal has been detected. 

As you get closer to the eavesdropping device, the PRO-W12DX will alert you with an audio signal, or if you need discretion, you can choose the silent vibrate mode as your notifying mode. Audio demodulation feature allows you to listen to the detected signals through the supplied earphones which will be especially useful when searching for bugging devices with microphones. 

To give even more precise detection, the PRO-W12DX Set includes two types of antennas. The High Gain Directional antenna is best used for precise targeting of high-frequency signals at a greater distance and the Hinged Omnidirectional antenna enhances the general use of the RF detector.

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest standards, it is powered by an internal lithium polymer battery that secures up to 8 hours of uninterrupted operation and comes in a heavy-duty military standard carry case for maximum protection while working. 
Pictures taken from User Manual: 
  1. ‘Livescan’ software shows detected signal strength & exact frequency
  2. Graph-Log mode storing all detected signal data

JJN Digital PRO-W12DX Main Features:

  • Detects latest listening, video, tracking, and cellular (GSM) surveillance devices
  • RF Frequency range from 0 to 12 GHz
  • 0-6 GHz Frequency Counter displaying digital and analog signals
  • Records all detected Burst signals & frequencies from GPS trackers
  • Audio demodulation
  • Shows live detected signal trace thanks to the "Livescan" feature
  • Highly sensitive - especially at higher frequencies
  • Two antennas supplied - High Gain Directional antenna and Hinged Omnidirectional antenna
  • Live Graph mode displays detected signals & frequencies over time
  • 1000 Event Memory Log with Time & Date records
  • Signal strength can be monitored in audible "Beep" mode or Silent Vibrate mode
  • Easy-to-read 2.5-inch Colour TFT display
  • Enclosed in high-grade machined aluminum for maximum durability
  • Supplied in Heavy Duty Military Standard Carry case providing the highest protection
  • Internal lithium polymer battery pack for up to 8 hours of uninterrupted operation - International chargers included
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

JJN Digital PRO-W12DX Full Specifications:

Typical Performance Characteristics - at 20 degrees C
Antenna Connector: SMA Socket - 50 Ohm
Input Frequency Range: 1MHz – 12,000 MHz (12.0 GHz)
  100 MHz -49 dBm
  200 MHz -48 dBm
  500 MHz -47 dBm
  1 GHz -44 dBm
  2 GHz -50 dBm
  5 GHz -42 dBm
  10 GHz -30 dBm
  12 GHz -28 dBm
Demodulation Sens. for 50mW Audio: -30dBm (measured at 500MHz 50% AM 1kHz)
Audio Frequency Response: 400Hz – 5kHz +/-2dB
Display: TFT Colour 2.5’ High Contrast Graphic Display
Battery: Internal 3.7V 1500 mAH Li-Ion rechargeable 
  Operating Duration – fully charged battery 8 hours 
  Charge Time – 4 hours 
Operating Temperature Range: -15 – +50 degrees C - Relative Humidity < 90% 
Dimensions: 146 mm x 80 mm x 24 mm 
Weight: Main Unit - 250g; Complete System in Carry Case - 1.3kg
Signal Processing and Control: RISC-Based Microcontroller 
Memory: 1000 Event Log – Time & Date – non-volatile memory
  8-minute live graph of signal data and frequency

JJN Digital PRO-W12DX Feature Focus:

Pocket handheld detector with 0-12 GHz frequency range

The PRO-W12DX is a pocket handheld RF detector with an unrivaled frequency range for its size. It features a 0-12 GHz frequency range for detecting and locating signals from the latest technology 5G spy devices such as hidden listening, video, cellular, and tracking devices. PRO-W12DX is ultra-sensitive so it will pick up all surrounding signals, with particularly improved performance at higher frequencies which the latest spy devices on the market use. It is equipped with a frequency counter for digital and analog signals in the wide 0-6 GHz range. 

Extensive signal analysis

All detected signals in your vicinity and their signal strength are shown on a 20-element bar graph, allowing you to locate the precise source of any detected signals physically. The new ‘Livescan’ feature graphically shows the detected live signal pattern to help identify signal type. This can be particularly useful when searching for pulsing or burst devices such as GPS trackers. As you get closer to the device, the PRO-W12DX alerts you to the raising signal strength audibly in Beep mode, or silently in Vibrate mode if you prefer discretion. Additionally, the detected signals can be listened to via supplied earphones as the RF detector includes Audio Demodulation function, a useful function when detecting conventional analog listening devices that contain microphones.

Built-in memory - Graph-Log mode for up to 1000 events

The PRO-W12DX Wideband detector has a built-in memory capable of storing up to 1000 detection events. This includes detailed data about signal frequency, event time and date, duration, and signal strength. Events are presented in an easily readable list format or Graph-Log mode where up to 8 minutes of live detected signal and frequency data is plotted on a graph. These functions ensure you catch all detected events and determine exactly what type of signal is being detected. The logging of events is particularly useful when searching for short-burst devices such as GPS trackers as their transmissions are quick and irregular so even if you don't catch it in the moment, you can still see it in the log and inspect further.  

Two antennas included in set

To boost accuracy of the PRO-W12DX bug detector, two additional types of antenna are included in the carry case. The High Gain Directional antenna pinpoints high-frequency signals at greater distances, while the new high-performance Hinged Omni-Directional antenna enhances general use and precision of the PRO-W12DX Detector.

High-quality design

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, JJN Digital products are made to the highest standards. The casing of the PRO-W12DX is made of high-grade machined aluminum to provide maximum device durability. At the same time, the complete kit comes supplied in a heavy-duty military standard carry case ensuring maximum protection while on the move. 

How to use the JJN Digital PRO-W12DX: 

Take a look at the detailed functions of the PRO-W12DX, and the ease of use the product provides:


JJN Digital PRO-W12DX Package Contents:

  • PRO-W12DX - Main Unit
  • Adjustable hinged antenna 
  • Directional High-Gain Antenna
  • 5V DC Charger - 110V to 240V AC input (Auto Switching) with International Adaptors
  • Earphones
  • Heavy Duty Military Standard Carry Case
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For detailed info on the specifications and use of the device, please read the PDFs available for download below. 
Use only the provided charger and cable, that are supplied in the accessories of the unit. Usage of other chargers may damage the unit and is not covered by the product warranty.
24 Months Warranty

>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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