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JJN digital
PRO-SL8 Pocket Bug Detector 0-8 GHz
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JJN Digital PRO-SL8 is a pocket-sized RF detector designed for discovering all types of RF activity, including both digital and analog signals.

The PRO-SL8 is an ultra-compact pocket RF detector with outstanding performance for its size, featuring a 0 to 8 GHz frequency detection range and designed to detect the latest cellular, audio, video, and tracking devices. In addition, with the built-in frequency counter, PRO-SL8 displays detected frequencies up to 6 GHz. Featuring ultra-high sensitivity, it can detect signals from up to 10 meters. 

On the OLED screen, which provides clarity in all lighting conditions, a 20-segment display indicates signal strength along with an audio tone. Such features allow you to precisely pinpoint a signal's source. The 'Burst' Detect feature guarantees all short burst devices, such as those from GPS trackers or GSM-based devices, will be recognized and discovered, even if the transmission is in just a fraction of a second. 

In addition to that, it has 2 working modes: 'Beep' and Silent Vibrate. Once a signal is detected, depending on your choices, the device can produce an audible beep sound to alert you, or it can be set on the silent vibration mode for covert and concealed use, for example in your jacket pocket. Thanks to the complementary earphones and audio demodulation feature, the PRO-SL8 has to offer, you can easily distinguish detected signals and exclude the harmless ones. 

Supplied with the device is a flexible Multiband Whip Antenna, which further aids in performance improvement and flexibility of the PRO-SL8.

The PRO-SL8 has a very simple interface and work mode. You just switch ON and any detected signal will show on the display. It is a noteworthy device if you are searching for an ultra-compact yet straightforward and easy-to-use RF detector featuring the latest generation technology. 

JJN Digital PRO-SL8 Main Features:

  • Ultra-Wide Frequency Range 0-8 GHz
  • Built-in Frequency Counter up to 6 GHz
  • Audio demodulation allows for listening to the detected signals through supplied earphones
  • Signal strength is indicated on a 20 segment display along with an audio tone, enabling the pinpointing of signal sources
  • Ultra sensitivity - can detect signals from up to 10 meters
  • Digital 'Burst' Signal ensures detection of short bursts such as those from GPS trackers 
  • Internal Lithium Polymer battery pack with a resource of 6 hours
  • Working modes: 'Beep' Mode or Silent Vibrate Mode
  • OLED Display for clarity in all conditions
  • Machined Aluminium enclosure
  • The whole system comes in a protective plastic carry case

JJN Digital PRO-SL8 Full Specifications:

Frequency Range: 1MHz – 8000MHz (8 GHz)
   100MHz / -42 dBm
   200MHz / -42 dBm
   500MHz / -42 dBm
   1GHz / -44 dBm
   2GHz / -46 dBm
   5GHz / -42 dBm
   8Ghz / -40 dBm
Frequency Counter: 100 Mhz to 6000MHz (6 GHz)
Demodulation Sens. for 50mW Audio: -30dBm (measured at 500MHz 50% AM 1kHz)
Audio Frequency Response: 400Hz – 5kHz +/-2dB
Signal Processing and Control: RISC Based Microcontroller
Antenna Connector: MCX Socket - 50 Ohm
Display: OLED High Contrast Graphic Display
Battery: Internal 3.7V Li-Ion rechargeable 
Operating Duration: up to 6 hours 
Charge Time: up to 4 hours 
Dimensions: 126 mm x 65 mm x 25 mm 
Weight: Main Unit 200 g 
Operating Temperature Range: -15 to +50 degrees C - Relative Humidity < 90% 

PRO-SL8 detects the precise frequency of the hidden device (bug, wireless camera, cellular, audio, etc.). In the graph below, we have listed the frequency ranges of possible hidden devices:

JJN Digital PRO-SL8 Feature Focus:

0-8GHz Frequency Detection Range

PRO-SL8 features a 0 to 8 GHz frequency range, an extraordinary performance for a pocket-sized detector. It is designed to detect and locate transmissions from all RF signals including the latest cellular, tracking, covert listening, and video devices. 

Built-in Frequency Counter

With the built-in frequency counter, the PRO-SL8 is able to display frequencies of detected signals up to 6 GHz. This feature allows you to accurately determine what signal types are present while scans are being performed and distinguish analog from digital.

Ultra-high sensitivity

The PRO-SL8 can detect signals from up to 10 meters, indicating signal strength on a 20-segment display in addition to an audio tone, which enables you to pinpoint the exact signal source. To improve sensitivity and performance, the device also comes with a flexible Multiband Whip Antenna.

'Burst' signal detection

The 'Burst' Detect feature will make certain short burst devices, such as GPS trackers and GSM-based devices that transmit data in short regular bursts, don't get unnoticed as they are usually missed using lower quality bug detectors. The PRO-SL8 catches the signal even if transmitted in a blink of an eye. 

Audio demodulation function

With the Audio demodulation feature, you can listen to the detected signals through the supplied earphones which allows you to better differentiate regular bugs with microphones from harmless detected signals such as broadcast radio. 

2 working modes available

There are 2 working modes you can choose from. The 'Beep' Mode produces a tone when a signal is detected, but if you wish it to remain silent and unnoticed, you can set the PRO-SL8 to silent vibrate mode. This mode will pulse and vibrate silently when a signal is detected, allowing you to keep the device concealed, in a jacket pocket for example. 

Quality build

The device is set in machined aircraft-grade aluminium enclosure for maximum durability. It uses an integral Lithium-Polymer battery back, which provides you with up to 6 hours of uninterrupted operation time. The whole system comes in a protective plastic carry case for ensuring safeguarding and portability. 


How to use the JJN Digital PRO-SL8:

Watch the PRO-SL8 unboxing video with full package contents (subtitles with accessories description available) & quick Wi-Fi detection demo:


Take a look at the detailed functions of the PRO-SL8, and the ease of use the product provides:


JJN Digital PRO-SL8 Package Contents:

  • Flexible Multiband Whip Antenna 
  • 5V DC Charger - 110V to 240V AC input (Auto Switching) with International Adaptors
  • Earphones
  • High Protection Carry Case
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For detailed info on the specifications and use of the device, please read the PDFs available for download below. 
Use only the provided charger and cable, that are supplied in the accessories of the unit. Usage of other chargers may damage the unit and is not covered by the product warranty.

24 Months Warranty

>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<

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