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iProtect 1217 Detector of mobile and wireless signals
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The new iProtect 1217 Anti-Tracking Mobile System, is the only RF detector in the world able to detect more than 26 mobile and wireless bands on all continents. 

The iProtect 1217 is a newly released (2022) detector of mobile and wireless signals that is able to find all kinds of hidden devices such as cell phones, spy bugs, hidden cameras, hidden voice recorders, GPS trackers, any type of secret surveillance device which uses mobile communication and sends out signals.

Thanks to its unique selective detection design, you are able to see exactly which signals were found so you can differentiate between suspicious signals from a surveillance device or harmless external interference. Conventional wide-band detectors aren't able to do that as they combine all the signals they detect. As the iProtect 1217 is highly sensitive, it will pick up signals from up to 10 meters and as you move, it will guide you to the signals source so you can physically search for hidden devices.

With the iProtect 1217, you will always be informed when a high-level signal is detected and near you. The ALARM function has 43 levels for setting optimal sensitivity and allows you to set up an alarm threshold with audio & visual warnings.

The ability to detect more than 26 mobile and wireless bands is one of the best advantages the iProtect 1217 has compared to other conventional RF detectors on the market - as that covers all existing mobile standards on every continent!
This mobile phone detector, to ensure maximum precision and speed of detection, offers adjustable frequency allocation to the country in which you will be using the device. As every country has its own frequency allocation for mobile bands and wireless devices, frequencies like 4G/LTE, 5G, and others can differ in different parts of the world. So at the start of the sweep, you can adjust the iProtect 1217 only to the bands used in the country of use and get the most accurate detection results. 

The iProtect 1217 offers 4 search modes to further help you analyze detected signals and as a result, uncover any surveillance devices that may be hidden in your home, office, or vehicle. 
  1. The ALL BANDS mode is the main searching mode that enables detection of all mobile and wireless signals and is used to start the sweep. 
  2. Once all the signals are detected, you can use the GROUP mode to inspect bands in a certain group, e.g. DECT. 
  3. To explore a signal even further and start a physical search, use the BAND mode as it displays a graph with the history of the signal level over a certain time period. This allows you to note the signal as you approach or move away from it so you know exactly where to look for the hidden device. 
  4. The fourth mode is the TRACKER mode designed to search for GPS trackers on vehicles or other mobile devices. TRACKER mode is adjusted to detect only mobile signals and accumulate a history to find periodic sending of data with coordinates that GPS trackers use. 

The iProtect 1217 comes in a protective transportation case with two antennas included in the set to ensure maximum sensitivity: 
  1. The high-band directional antenna LPDA-12 helps locate transmitters above 2400 MHz, and 
  2. The low-band rod antenna covers transmitters below 2400 MHz. 

The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 5 hours of operational time, however, the device can also be used while charging.

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iProtect 1217 RF Scanner Main Features:

  • Worldwide coverage - detects all existing bands of GSM, 3G, 4G/LET, 5G, and CDMA in the range up to 6 GHz
  • Detection of more than 26 mobile and wireless bands
  • Adjustable frequency allocation to the country of use
  • Picks up signals up to 10 meters
  • Resistant to interference and highly sensitive
  • 4 operation modes: All bands, Group, Band, Tracker
  • TRACKER mode for detection of GPS trackers with history accumulation
  • 43 levels to set optimal sensitivity
  • Two antennas included in set along with carry case
  • Operational time up to 5 hours, and can be used while charging

iProtect 1217 Specifications: 

Number of bands: 26
Antenna inputs:
- Input 1: SMA, 2400 – 6000 MHz
- Input 2: SMA, 600 - 2400 MHz
Operation modes:
 • ALL BANDS (detection on all bands)
 • GROUP (detection on the selected group of bands)
 • BAND (analysis of a separate band)
 •  TRACKER (detection of GPS trackers)
Alarm function: Visual or audio
Number of alarm threshold levels: 43
Sound signals: Alarm, depression of buttons
 • US (bands of the USA)
 • EU (European bands)
 • TOTAL (all bands)
Operating and control elements:
 • Joystick: move left-right, up-down, threshold adjustment, mode selection
 • Button POWER OFF: switch off
 • Button POWER ON: switch on
 • Button ALARM: alarm
 • Button AUDIO: sound
 • Button BANDS: band set up
 • Button BACK: exit to the previous mode
 • Button SAVE (storing the current state)
Power supply source: USB 5V
Power: Built-in rechargeable battery 6800 mA*h 3.7 V
Battery operational resource: Up to 5 hours
 • The device without antenna: 750 g
 • Packed: 1500 g
 • The device without antenna: 208 x 86 x 41mm
 • Packed: 27 x 22 x 10 cm
Operating temperature range: -5...50 °C

iProtect 1217 Multi-Channel Wireless Detector Feature Focus: 

4 operation modes accommodating specific detection needs

The iProtect 1217 features several search modes to better help you identify all detected signals, what they might be and where they could be hidden, enabling quicker discovery of all surveillance devices. The main searching mode that enables detection of all mobile and wireless signals is the ALL BANDS mode. You can use this mode when starting your search. As you progress, you can narrow down to inspect bands belonging to a certain group in GROUP mode, for example, the 4G/LTE group. It is commonly used when the detector finds a high level of signal. To be able to explore a specific band, use the BAND mode. As the signal is measured in one band only and as the histogram is displayed on screen, you can perform a physical search for the surveillance device. The fourth, TRACKER mode allows you to search specifically for GPS trackers and mobile devices.

Worldwide coverage and extensive detection capabilities including 5G

With the iProtect 1217, you are able to see exactly which signal has been detected which helps you tell the difference between suspicious signals & external interferences enabling you to perform a physical search for a certain transmitter. This mobile phone detector is able to detect all existing bands of GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G/LTE, and the latest 5G in the range up to 6 GHz, and also all types of wireless signals, including Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz, Bluetooth, DECT, ISM 434 MHz, ISM 968 MHz, and ISM 915 MHz.

Highly sensitive and resistant to interference

By being a selective detector, the iProtect 1217 detects signals from all mobile bands in a country providing greater sensitivity as it doesn't let stronger signals hide the weaker ones. It allows you to detect mobile and wireless signals at a 10 times greater distance than conventional RF detectors, even if their signals are weaker.

Adjustable to country of use for maximum precision in detection

As every country has its own frequency allocation for bands of mobile communication, some frequencies can slightly differ in different parts of the world. To ensure maximum precision and speed in detection, as well as to avoid any false responses the iProtect 1217 enables you to customize it to your country of use.

Detection of minimum 26 mobile and wireless bands

In every country, there are up to 10-15 different frequency bands of mobile communication for GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G & other bands and the iProtect 1217 offers detection of at least 26 bands, which you can select automatically od manually for even further customization. This means you can use this detector in any country in the world and get maximum precision results as it detects all existing mobile and wireless standards in any country of use. 

Analysis mode for further signal inspection

Analysis mode of a certain band allows you to perform a physical search of a transmitter. When in BAND mode, a histogram is displayed on screen that shows you the history of the signal level for a certain time period so it lets you know as you are approaching/moving away from the signal and you can physically look for the hidden device.

TRACKER mode for detection of GPS trackers

In TRACKER mode, you are able to search for GPS trackers (beacons) in vehicles or for other mobile devices because the histogram displayed on iProtect 1217, shows you short-time signals and also measures time between signal responses.

Two antennas ensuring maximum sensitivity

Two antennas are supplied with the iProtect 1217. The high-band directional antenna LPDA-12 helps you to locate transmitters operating above 2400 MHz and the low-band antenna under 2400 MHz. 

High-quality carry case 

The device and all accessories come supplied in a high-quality case for maximum protection and transportation.


How to use the iProtect 1217: 

  1. Connect the high-frequency antenna LPDA-12 to the left socket and the rod antenna to the right socket. Make sure your device is charged. 
  2. Switch off any possible nearby interference such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, radio telephones, and others.
  3. Power ON the iProtect 1217 and adjust it to the frequency allocation in the country of use by pressing the BANDS button.
  4. Adjust the alarm threshold and switch on alarm visual/audio options.
  5. Start working by choosing the operation mode. When starting, it is best to choose ALL BANDS. 
  6. As the device displays all detected signals in the vicinity, choose GROUP or BAND mode for further exploration of possible surveillance equipment.
  7. Choose TRACKER mode when inspecting a vehicle or if you suspect a GPS tracker is nearby. 
  8. Power OFF the device when the sweep is complete. 

Supplied set:

  • iProtect 1217
  • High-band antenna Micro-Pointer LPDA-12
  • Low-band rod antenna
  • Charging cable USB Type C
  • 2 x Angle adapter SMA
  • Carry case
  • User’s Manual

iProtect 1217 Detector of Mobile and Wireless Signals FAQs

Can the iProtect 1217 be used worldwide?
Yes, the iProtect 1217 can be used worldwide thanks to its adjustable frequency allocation feature, which allows users to customize the device to the mobile bands used in their country of use. This ensures maximum precision and speed of detection regardless of the user’s location, making it a versatile tool for international travelers or professionals working in multiple countries.

Can the iProtect 1217 detect 5G signals?
Yes, the iProtect 1217 can detect 5G signals, along with GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, and CDMA bands up to 6 GHz. This ensures that it covers all existing mobile standards on every continent, making it a versatile tool for detecting a wide range of mobile and wireless signals. Its ability to detect such a broad spectrum of signals makes it an essential tool for counter-surveillance efforts.

How does the iProtect 1217 work?
The iProtect 1217 works by scanning for mobile and wireless signals across more than 26 bands, using two antennas for comprehensive coverage. Once powered on and set to the correct frequency allocation for the country of use, it can detect signals up to 10 meters away, guiding users to the signal source for further investigation. Its unique design allows for selective signal detection, making it easier to identify and locate hidden surveillance devices.

How does the TRACKER mode work on the iProtect 1217?
The TRACKER mode on the iProtect 1217 is specifically designed to detect GPS trackers by focusing on mobile signals and accumulating a history of signal transmissions. This mode helps users find periodic data transmissions used by GPS trackers, making it easier to locate these devices on vehicles or other mobile assets. It’s an essential feature for those concerned about being tracked without their consent.

How long can the iProtect 1217 operate on a single charge?
The iProtect 1217 has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides up to 5 hours of operational time. Additionally, the device can be used while charging, ensuring continuous operation during extended surveillance detection tasks. This makes it suitable for thorough sweeps of large areas or long-duration monitoring.

Is the iProtect 1217 easy to use?
The iProtect 1217 is designed for ease of use, with four operation modes (All Bands, Group, Band, Tracker) to help users analyze detected signals and locate hidden devices. Users can start with the ALL BANDS mode to detect all nearby signals and then narrow down their search using the other modes. The device comes with a user manual and is supplied in a set that includes everything needed to start using it immediately.

What comes with the iProtect 1217?
The iProtect 1217 is supplied in a set that includes the main unit, a high-band directional antenna LPDA-12, a low-band rod antenna, a USB Type C charging cable, two angle adapters SMA, and a carry case. A user’s manual is also included to guide users through the setup and operation of the device, ensuring they can start using it effectively right away.

What is the iProtect 1217?
The iProtect 1217 is a state-of-the-art detector of mobile and wireless signals capable of identifying over 26 mobile and wireless bands globally. It is designed to uncover hidden devices such as cell phones, spy bugs, hidden cameras, and GPS trackers by detecting their signals. This device stands out due to its selective detection design, allowing users to distinguish between different types of signals for more effective surveillance detection.

What makes the iProtect 1217 different from other RF detectors?
The iProtect 1217 stands out due to its ability to detect more than 26 mobile and wireless bands and its selective detection design, which allows users to identify the exact type of signal detected. Unlike conventional wide-band detectors that combine all signals, the iProtect 1217 provides detailed information about each detected signal, enhancing its effectiveness in uncovering hidden surveillance devices.

Where can I find more information about the iProtect 1217?
More detailed information about the iProtect 1217, including its specifications and usage instructions, can be found in the user manual available for download at the bottom of this site. This resource provides comprehensive details about the device, ensuring users can maximize its potential for detecting hidden surveillance equipment.


For detailed info on the specifications and use of the device, please read the PDF available for download below. 

24 Months Warranty
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

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