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STronic GSM Bug Vario Pro Car Plus
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The Vario Pro Car+ is a GSM Spy Bug designed to let you listen to everything within a car, and equipped with the high-quality Knowles microphone providing clear audio.

The Vario Pro Car+ can be attached to: 
  • Sound system
  • Lighting
  • Radio/Front part of the car
The GSM Spy Bug works on 99% of cars, and it can be attached to any inner circuit running on 12V, which is a standard nowadays in many car batteries. 

Picture from User Manual displaying:
  1. Dashboard
  2. Car doors for passengers
Thanks to the high-quality extended Knowles microphone, you will be able to clearly hear everything from the car and have unlimited access to the audio. The microphone is shielded to also limit possible interference of car-related sounds. 

Featured as well, is the voice activation mode. When you enable voice activation on the spy bug, the device will call you as soon as a sound is detected. 

The hidden car bug is simple to use. After you install it in the car, insert a SIM card (without PIN number) and call the phone number. It will automatically pick up and let you listen to everything happening within the car. 

Vario Pro Car+ Main Features:

  • Extra clear sound due to high-quality Knowles microphone
  • Works with 99% of cars - only 12V needed
  • Easy to install
  • Voice activation

Vario Pro Car+ Full Specifications:

12V connectable: Yes
Size: 4,8 x 2,9 x 0,5 cm
VOX activation: Yes
Standby consumption: 2-3 mA
VOX consumption: 20-30mA
In-call consumption: 100-150mA

Vario Pro Car+ Feature Focus: 

Specially designed for audio surveillance in vehicles

Vario Pro Car+ works on 99% of cars and was developed so the device can be easily installed to any inner car circuit running on 12V power supply, a standard in cars today. It can be attached to the car's sound system, radio, front part of the car, lighting, etc. As the Knowles microphone from Vario Pro Car+ is extended, wherever you install the listening device, you are able to position the microphone to the best-suited position for direct sound. 

Power supply from the car - No battery needed

Vario Pro Car+ from StealthTronic is a combination of the GSM listening device Vario Pro K+ and the 12V to 3.7V adapter, which converts 12V power supply to 3.7V needed to run the spy bug Vario Pro Car+. Additionally, the adapter has a built-in battery of 400mAh which gives Vario Pro Car+ the ability to work for a few hours even in case of an electricity shortage. 

Voice Activation

To save battery, time, and resources, Vario Pro Car+ features Voice Activation Callback function. When activated, as soon as audio is detected within the car the spy bug alerts you by calling you on your connected phone and enables you to hear the ongoing conversation.

Knowles microphone for clear audio

Vario Pro Car+ is equipped with Knowles low humming extended microphone to provide extra clear audio quality so you can hear and understand all communication happening in the car. The Knowles microphone is additionally shielded to limit possible car-related sound interference. 

STronic  Vario Pro Car+ FAQs

Can the Vario Pro Car+ work with any car?
Yes, the Vario Pro Car+ is compatible with 99% of cars as it only requires a 12V power supply, which is standard in many vehicles today. Its versatile design allows it to be easily installed in various parts of the car, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicle models. This compatibility ensures that most users can take advantage of its surveillance capabilities.

Does the Vario Pro Car+ need a battery to operate?
No, the Vario Pro Car+ does not need a separate battery as it draws power directly from the car’s 12V supply. It includes a 12V to 3.7V adapter with a built-in 400mAh battery, allowing the device to continue working for a few hours even if there’s an electricity shortage. This design ensures continuous operation without the need for regular battery replacements.

How clear is the audio captured by the Vario Pro Car+?
The audio captured by the Vario Pro Car+ is extra clear, thanks to the high-quality Knowles microphone. This microphone is designed to provide superior audio quality, allowing you to hear and understand all communication happening in the car. It is also shielded to limit possible car-related sound interference, ensuring the clarity of the audio.

How does the Vario Pro Car+ attach to a car?
The Vario Pro Car+ can be attached to any inner car circuit running on 12V, including the sound system, lighting, or the radio/front part of the car. It is designed to work with 99% of cars, making it highly versatile for different vehicle types. The installation process is straightforward, but professional installation is recommended for optimal performance.

Is a SIM card included with the Vario Pro Car+?
No, a SIM card is not included with the Vario Pro Car+. Users need to insert their own SIM card (without a PIN number) into the device to enable its GSM capabilities. This requirement allows users to choose their preferred mobile service provider for the device.

Is professional installation required for the Vario Pro Car+?

Professional installation of the Vario Pro Car+ is recommended to ensure optimal performance and safety. While the device is designed for easy installation, a professional can ensure that it is correctly connected to the car’s inner circuit and positioned for the best sound capture. This recommendation aims to maximize the device’s effectiveness and minimize potential issues.

What happens if there is a mobile signal issue at the installation location?
The quality of the mobile signal at the installation location can affect the quality of the audio interception by the Vario Pro Car+. A strong mobile signal is necessary for clear audio transmission and reception. Users should consider the mobile signal strength in their area when installing the device to ensure the best possible audio quality.

What is the Vario Pro Car+?
The Vario Pro Car+ is a GSM Spy Bug designed for audio surveillance in vehicles, equipped with a high-quality Knowles microphone for clear audio. It can be attached to various parts of a car such as the sound system, lighting, or radio, and operates on a 12V power supply. This device allows for real-time listening and features voice activation for efficient use.

What is the voice activation feature on the Vario Pro Car+?
The voice activation feature on the Vario Pro Car+ enables the device to call you as soon as sound is detected within the car. This function saves battery, time, and resources by alerting you only when there is audio to listen to. It enhances the usability of the device by providing real-time alerts for audio surveillance.


We recommend the installation be done by a professional. 

The quality of the mobile signal in the place of installation strongly affects the quality of interception.

SIM Card not included.

For more info regarding GSM Bug please carefully study the user manual available for download below. 

24 Months Warranty

>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

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