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BTech Covert Pen DVR in 1296P with 30 and 60 fps
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BTech Pen DVR is an integrated and covert mini A/V recorder that offers up to 1269P recording while working as a real pen. 

This product is end of line and no longer available. If you are looking for a product with the same or similar specifications, please see related products at the end of the page or contact us directly at [email protected]

The BS-PC10 Pen DVR offers super HD quality recording in 1296P & 1080P @30fps and 720P @30/60fps options. It is very simple to use as it works via one button, which you use to power on/off, start/stop recording, take pictures, record just audio, and switch from continuos to motion detection mode.

Fully covert, the lens can be hidden if need be, with a simple slide of the lens cover. 

Thanks to the integrated pen design, you can use the DVR to record wherever needed, at home, in office, in a meeting, in public places, etc...

The device features a built-in 32GB memory, so you don't need to worry about recording space. For viewing, controlling and downloading, you just connect the USB plug to your computer. That same USB plug enables you to access and change the DVR settings to your choosing, like resolution, FPS, time&date stamp, color, optical source frequency, and also charge your Pen DVR. 

Pen DVR Main Features: 

  • 1296/1080/720P Resolution options
  • Simple operation with one button
  • Integrated 32GB Memory
  • Continuous and Motion detection recording mode
  • Snapshot function
  • Writes as a real pen - in black ink
  • Date&Time Stamp option
  • Option of covering lens - fully covert

Pen DVR Specifications: 

View Angle: 65°
Min. Illumination: 1 Lux 
Video Format: MOV
Compress Format: H.264 advanced version
Video Resolution: 2304x1296, 1920x1080, 1280x720
Frame Rate: 1296P/1080P @30fps; 720P @30fps/60fps
Photo Format: JPG 4352x3264
Storage: 32 GB integrated Memory
USB Interface: USB 2.0
Battery Charge: DC 5V/500mAH
Battery Capacity: 380mAH
Operation time: approx. 1 hour in 1080P
Dimension: L 155mm, D 15mm
Net Weight: 50g 

Pen DVR setup on PC

How to use the BTech Pen DVR:

  1. Press and hold the top Function button to Power ON.
  2. Start your recording immediately.
  3. If you wish to download/view/set up your covert DVR, just connect the USB port of the pen to your PC. 

BTech Covert Pen DVR in 1296P FAQs

Can the BTech Pen DVR record in different modes?
Yes, the BTech Pen DVR can record in continuous and motion detection modes. In continuous mode, it records continuously once started, while in motion detection mode, it only records when motion is detected, saving memory space and battery life. This flexibility allows users to choose the best recording mode for their specific needs, whether monitoring for security purposes or capturing long meetings.

Can the lens of the BTech Pen DVR be hidden?
Yes, the lens of the BTech Pen DVR can be covered for full covert operation. By simply sliding the lens cover, users can make the recording lens completely invisible, enhancing the pen’s discretion and ensuring that recording goes unnoticed in sensitive or private environments.

Does the BTech Pen DVR have a snapshot function?
Yes, the BTech Pen DVR includes a snapshot function that allows it to take pictures. This feature adds versatility to the device, enabling users to capture still images quickly and discreetly in addition to video recording, providing more options for documentation and evidence gathering.

How do I start recording with the BTech Pen DVR?
To start recording with the BTech Pen DVR, press and hold the top Function button until the device powers on, then release to begin recording. This simple one-button operation makes it easy to quickly start capturing video without drawing attention to the device. The pen will then record audio and video, allowing you to capture important moments discreetly.

How do I view or download the recordings from the BTech Pen DVR?
To view or download recordings, connect the USB port of the pen directly to your PC. This connection not only allows for the transfer of files but also charges the device and provides access to change settings like resolution, FPS, and time & date stamp. The process is straightforward, making it easy to manage your recordings and keep the pen DVR ready for use.

Is the BTech Pen DVR actually usable as a writing instrument?
Yes, the BTech Pen DVR writes with black ink and functions as a real pen. This feature enhances its covert nature, allowing it to blend in seamlessly in environments where pens are commonly used, such as offices or classrooms. The ability to write ensures that the pen’s cover as a recording device remains uncompromised.

What is the frame rate of the BTech Pen DVR at different resolutions?
The BTech Pen DVR records at 30fps for 1296P and 1080P resolutions, and at 30/60fps for 720P resolution. The availability of different frame rates at 720P allows for smoother video playback when needed, while the higher resolutions ensure detailed video capture for critical examination of footage.

What is the maximum recording resolution of the BTech Pen DVR?
The BTech Pen DVR can record up to 1296P resolution. This high resolution ensures that the video quality is super HD, providing clear and detailed footage for both professional and personal use. The device also offers 1080P and 720P recording options to suit different needs and storage capacities.

What is the storage capacity of the BTech Pen DVR?
The BTech Pen DVR comes with an integrated 32GB memory. This substantial built-in storage capacity eliminates the need for external memory cards and can store several hours of high-definition video, making it convenient for extended use without worrying about running out of space.


The user manual is provided with the device. 

24 Month Warranty


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