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Counter surveillance equipment - SpyShopEurope.com overview

Here at SpyShopEurope.com, you will find a variety of counter-surveillance devices for private persons and professionals from the field which will help both you and your clients regain privacy and detect possible unwanted activities.  

We strongly believe that the brands and the products we provide are some of the best possible choices available on the market when it comes to a varied range of counter-surveillance solutions.   
Here below is our overview divided into several categories. 

RF detectors - first choice for surveillance protection 

The first one is the so-called RF detectors - radio frequency detectors are devices that detect the presence of RF waves. Many surveillance devices operate on a certain frequency and by using a high-quality detector you will be able to detect possible surveillance activities. In our offer we have several RF detector models: 
  • Multi-channel Protect 1207i is specially designed to detect GSM bugs, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi communication in the detection range from 824 MHz to 7000 MHz and for the ability to detect 6 different types of transmissions simultaneously. It detects a more precise range in which most covert surveillance devices operate.
  • 3-band RF detector iProtect 1216 with an additional microwave band that detects very high frequencies from 3 to 12 GHz and with the ability to detect analog and digital devices.
  • Protect 1206i with antennas for easy wireless source pinpointing and detection of the devices within a much lower frequency range, from 50 MHz to 6000 MHz with main antenna. and 2.4 - 2.48 GНz/ 4.9 - 5.875 GНz with an auxiliary antenna.
To improve the performance of your detector, you can consider complementary antennas available on the market. At SpyShopEurope.com you will be able to get the iProtect 1216 with complementary UHF/VHF antenna and Protect 1207i with complementary microwave antenna at a very good price.  
If you are looking for a more sophisticated high-end solution when it comes to RF detectors, take a look at this new device in our portfolio. WAM-X25 from JJN Digital is a portable multiband wireless activity monitor designed for detecting and measuring wireless signals in the frequency range of 0.1 MHz to 14 GHz. It offers a range of features such as real-time monitoring, audio demodulation, data logging, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth analyzing, and precise location of detected signals, making it a versatile tool for professionals in the counter-surveillance field. Its advanced technology allows for high sensitivity and precision, enabling you to detect even the faintest of wireless signals and analyze their characteristics. It is made from high-quality materials, enhanced with a machined aluminum enclosure for ultimate protection and durability.


Sweeping systems

Speaking of professional sweeping systems, Deltas from Digiscan Labs are a good choice among others on the market nowadays because of the great value for money and other significant features of this type of equipment. At SpyShopEurope.com we have a few different types of counter surveillance sweeping systems from Digiscan Labs and some of these are Delta X 100/12*, Delta X 100/4*, and Delta X 2000/6*. Their looks are almost the same but their performance varies on the exact model of the device itself. They differ in the update rate, frequency range, reaction time, and other features. For example, Delta 2000/6 can detect a signal's existence in just 2-3 seconds. *(These models of Delta are no longer available since February 2022).
The new and updated versions of the Delta X sweeping system feature a handheld design so you are able to perform the RF sweep while carrying the system around. The New Generation Delta X G2/6 and Delta X G2/12 feature the same portable appearance while differing in a few key specifications. For example, Delta X G2/6 has a frequency range from 9 kHz to 6000 MHz, an update rate of 2000-3000 MHz per second, and detects signals in 2-3 seconds, while the Delta X G2/12 has a frequency range from 9 kHz to 12000 MHz, an update rate of 3000-4000 MHz per second, and detect signals in 3-4 seconds. Such ranges of detection deliver impressive outcomes in sweeping operations.
All Deltas have 20-50 times higher sensitivity compared to conventional RF detectors and are completely portable, powered by a laptop. The accompanied software is user-friendly and the report function allows you to export all obtained information easily. The standard package includes the main unit with the built-in spectrum analyzer and RF switcher, USB with the software, antennas, a set of accessories, and an extensive user manual. 

Another high-quality professional sweeping system is the HSA-Q1 from JJN Digital. This fully integrated RF Spectrum Analyser features a frequency range from 1 MHz to 13.44 GHz and an incredible sweep time of just 0.5 seconds, ensuring detection of all types of RF signals. With features such as Waterfall Spectrogram, Persistence mode, Tune & Listen, Background scan, etc., the HSA-Q1 provides an abundance of details to help identify signals and analyze the RF environment. 

One of the main advantages this device provides is it is portable for handheld or desktop use, so you are free to move around comfortably while performing the sweeps. 

The software is user-friendly and you can log all memory on a provided USB stick with included Time & Date Stamp. The whole HSA-Q1 package comes with the main unit, multi-element concentric antenna, telescopic whip antenna, charger with international adapters, earphones, and USB stick. To also ensure maximum protection, everything is encased in a military standard carry case.

NLJD or how to detect inactive surveillance devices

A more easily portable and recommended high-end solution for professionals, is a nonlinear junction detector EDD-24T from JJN Digital, made in Europe and with a CE certificate. The device detects semiconductor circuits used in electronic devices eg. smartphones, trackers, hidden cameras, listening devices, etc. no matter if they are switched on or off. The NLJD transmits a directional signal on 2.4 GHz and receives on 4.8GHz (second harmonic) and 7.2GHz (third harmonic). When those high-frequency radio signals are transmitted over silicon (used in mobile phones, sim cards, bugging devices, voice recorders, and hidden cameras) they produce a strong second harmonic and when they are transmitted over bi-metals and oxidized metals they respond with a third harmonic. Thanks to its screen and an intelligent algorithm, this nonlinear junction detector allows a quick evaluation of a detected signal and analysis. Audio confirmation is also possible through complementary earphones or internal speakers. It is lightweight, made from high-quality durable materials, and comes with the standard carry case for maximum protection. 

For those looking at a more traditional NLJD, we suggest the Lornet from Elvira. They offer different frequencies for various application conditions, e.g concrete structures, in various soils, and are recommended for experienced users because their operation requires practice and understanding of the operation principles. Various Lornet models are available on the market, and they differ by probing signal frequency range, power of signal in pulse mode/ CW (continuous wave carrier) mode, dynamic range, distance of detecting semiconductor components, overall weight, dimensions, and simplicity to operate. Some models are specially designed to be used in hard-to-reach places and under limited space conditions and others are extremely lightweight for easier handling. 
For the comparison, please consult this Lornet chart
Due to specific RF operating signatures, please send us an inquiry to provide information regarding the availability of these devices.


Protection of conversations 

It is also possible to take some measures to prevent eavesdropping and we have several solutions for protecting conversations between participants. The easiest to use and the most economic solution would be to use a Digiscan Labs Rabbler device. This is a portable noise generator producing speech-like noise that is assembled from different real conversations between people. Similar to what you hear if you find yourself in a crowded shopping mall just before Christmas.  
Druid D-06 on the other hand is a high-end protection system that guarantees absolute protection against the interception and recording of your private conversations. It comes with a complementary set of headsets with a microphone through which participants speak while the device generates audio interference that is being produced simultaneously with speech. Up to 6 participants can be a part of the protected conversation or by connecting 2 devices you will be able to have 12 participants.  
If more participants are included in a private conversation we suggest considering DNG 2300, 3 channel white noise generator kit which comes with a generator, 12 transducers, and speakers. The generator, together with its transducers and speakers creates powerful, non-filterable interference on the structure of a building and within its void. It requires previous mounting following the instructions inside the room the conversation is being held. 
Phone Safe Ultra* is another solution for keeping your conversations private. It is designed to prevent information leakage from the room the meeting is being held in. For instance, spyware can be installed on your smartphone without you knowing, or smartphone apps with granted access to your microphone can jeopardize the nature of your conversation. To keep it private, Digiscan Labs has created a powerful case in which you put your smartphone when attending the meeting you prefer to keep private. (*no longer available)
Phone Safe Summit is a protection solution that can take up to 4 phones in one unit, so it is the best choice when you want to attend an important meeting or negotiations with multiple participants without the possibility of information leakage via smartphones. Phone Safe Summit blocks phone microphones by creating two-side non-filterable inaudible ultrasonic interference so both upper and bottom phone microphones are blocked with no exposure to acoustic information. 


Hidden camera lens detection 

LawMate RD-30 is a very handy device when it comes to detecting hidden cameras, both wired and wireless. It is very small, almost pocket-sized, and lightweight so it is convenient to use on the go. Besides detecting cameras, the RD-30 can also detect frequencies between 200 Mhz and 6 GHz meaning it operates as an RF detector with vibration detection mode making it discreet to use. 
Digiscan Labs WEGA-i on the other hand is a high-end solution for detecting cameras not depending on if they are powered on or off. Very easy to operate, it has a detection distance of between 2 and 20m and an IR filter for the rejection of natural lights. We find that this device is a good option for both professionals and private persons.

If you have any questions on counter-surveillance available on the market and if you need our professional advice, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We are glad to help you!
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