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Digiscan Labs
Protect 1207i Multi-Channel Detector
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The Digiscan Labs Protect 1207i is a versatile counter detector with a detection range of 800 to 7000 MHz.

A compact and complete device whose frequency range allows you to detect a wide range of bugging devices. With 6 channels for different frequency ranges, it can simultaneously detect 6 different kinds of transmissions at a distance much greater than any common RF detector. 
Used by engineers or counter-surveillance specialists because of its reliability, however, does not require expertise as its design offers ease of use as well as an understanding of the results. Because of it and the great value for money, it has become one of the bestselling multi-channel detectors by Digiscan Labs. 
With 4 operational modes; Silent, Vibration, Visual and Listen you can adjust the device to be tailored to your sweeping needs. 

For example, the listening mode will give the following info:

  • Bluetooth gives a 'crackling' sound
  • Wi-Fi will produce a 'scratching' sound
  • GSM gives a 'buzzing' (hum)
  • DECT is heard as an AC transformer hum
And the visual mode gives extra information to the operator by showing the protocol on the display. The recognition is based on analyzing the demodulated signal and is in most cases sufficiently accurate. This mode is useful when inspecting the RF source. 
The detector allows for checking telephone lines, people (mobile phones, Bluetooth transmitters, personal GPS trackers, listening and watching devices), vehicles, rooms, objects, etc.
The device is compatible with the MWA-6 antenna that will increase the detection distance at least 2 times!
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Protect 1207i Main Features:

  • Portable device for the inspection and location of wireless sources
  • Highly sensitive, capable to detect when the GSM / 3G devices are connected to the local base station (there is no need for an active conversation or data stream)
  • 6 channels of detection for different kinds of protocols
  • Detection of GSM/CDMA/3G and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/Wi-Max
  • Can be used for tracing both regular sources and illegal eavesdropping devices
  • 6 bar graphs with 10-segments each, for accurate location of RF sources
  • 4 modes of operation: Silent, Vibration, Visual, and Listen
  • 2 levels of sensitivity (attenuator)
  • The extra display shows the probable protocol
  • Durable metallic body
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Setup mode with a selection of the threshold level for vibration. 
  • Low battery indicator

Protect 1207i Specification:

Frequency range (up-link bands)
 CDMA, LTE800(4G) - 824-849 MHz
 GSM - 880-920 MHz
 GSM (DCS) - 1710-1790 MHz
 WCDMA, 3G, GSM (PCS), DECT - 1920-2000 MHz
 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi - 2400-2480 MHz
 Wi-Max/Wi-Fi High/LTE(4G) - 2500-7000 Mhz

Out of band attenuation - 20-45 dB
Antenna - 2 Omni-directional antennas
Detection distance - 1-10 meters
Operation time - 10-15 hours
Power - 2 AAA (LR03) batteries 
Dimensions (without antennas) - 120 x 70 x16 mm
Weight - 217 g

Protect 1207i can detect the following kinds of bugging devices:

  • GSM baby-monitors/
  • GSM alarm/GSM bugs
  • 3G video cameras
  • GSM Spy phones
  • Bluetooth bugging devices
  • GPS Trackers
  • Spy phones with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi/Wi-Max bugging devices
  • Wireless videocameras 2.4 Ghz

What is the difference between Protect 1206i and Protect 1207i?

Compared to the Protect 1207i the 1206i detector comes with capabilities to detect signals at lower frequencies, as well as newly designed antennas for better performance. It has a wider coverage at detecting as well as pinpointing Wi-Fi signals. 

Protect 1206i has 2 working modes:
1) Antenna 1 with an uninterrupted coverage of 50-6000 MHz.
2) Antenna 2 with coverage of a span of 2400 – 2480 MHz for Bluetooth/Wi-Fi only.
Protect 1207i Detector of digital transmissions with 6 simultaneous channels, and covers 5 separate, highly sensitive spans:
1) 824 – 849 MHz (CDMA, LTE800)
2) 880 – 920 MHz (GSM900)
3) 1710 – 1790 MHz (GSM1800)
4) 1920 – 2000 MHz (3G/DECT/GSM1900)
5) 2400 – 2480 MHz (Bluetooth/Wi-Fi)
6) It also covers 1 wideband microwave range 3000 – 7000 MHz for Wi-Fi 5.8GHz, WiMax and 4G/LTE detection

What is the difference between Protect 1207i and iProtect 1205?

The difference is in that the 1207i has the different bar graphs where you will be able to see the source of the signal; Bug, GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., and 1205 will let you know that something is detected but not what exactly it is.
Both devices have the same sensitivity and will detect the bug etc.

What is the difference between the iProtect 1216 and Protect 1207i?

The difference between those two is that the iProtect 1216 has a wider frequency range (3-12 GHz), for discovering different types of RF eavesdropping devices, including analog and digital devices.
The Protect 1207i has a more precise frequency range for most used products in covert surveillance like GSM bugs, 3G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi devices (800 to 7000 MHz). 




For more details on how to prepare for the sweep, on ways of eavesdropping, on Joystick controls and operation mode from the device, etc, please read the PDF files available for download below.
24 Months Warranty

>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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