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DNG 2300 3-Channel White Noise Generator
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The DNG 2300 3-channel white noise generator protects against listening devices that can not be discovered by the usual counter-surveillance methods. 

We know that sound has the ability to pass through walls and windows, as well as materials that do not pop to mind immediately, like water. It also passes through ventilation shafts, cavities, and voids. That makes it possible to listen to conversations that are taking place in closed rooms, with highly sensitive microphones, laser systems, or even conventional microphones.
The DNG-2300 white noise generator and its transducers and speakers, create in a way, a sound curtain around the space using a white noise that can not be filtered. In that way, the sound (a confidential conversation for example) can not leave the room, and thus can not be eavesdropped upon with a stethoscope or laser microphone.

DNG 2300 protects from:

  • Laser and microwave surveillance systems using reflections from windows
  • Electronic stethoscopes (contact microphones)
  • Microphones built into the walls or other constructions
  • Other vibro-acoustic methods of information leakage
Illustration from Digiscan Labs catalog.
By surrounding the structures and cavities with a non-filterable noise it creates powerful protection against all types of vibroacoustic surveillance, and the leakage can not take place.
In other words, by creating the white noise, and evenly distributing it through the spectrum of the human voice, while simultaneously using the wire-connected transducers and speakers, it suppresses all available methods of vibroacoustic leakage.  
Each of the Transducer channels can feed up to 12 transducers mounted on solid structures like concrete, cement, and bricks. It can also feed up to 24 transducers on light structures like glass, pipes, drywall, or wood. The speaker's channel allows up to 12 speakers, and the mute control input allows the user to turn Off the speakers temporarily.
The transducers TD2300 and Speakers SP2300, are sold separately.
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DNG 2300 Specification:

Dimensions (without antennas): 6.0 × 17.5 × 25.4 cm
Weight, kg: 2.2
Power: 220 V, 50 Hz

Transducer channels:
Max. output power, W: 2×10
Frequency response, Hz: 250 - 5000
Min. impedance of load, Ohm: 3

Acoustic channel:
Max. output power, W: 1×8
Frequency response, Hz: 250 - 6500
Min. impedance of load, Ohm: 8
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DNG 2300 3-Channel White Noise Generator FAQs

Are the transducers and speakers sold separately?

Yes, the transducers (TD2300) and speakers (SP2300) for the DNG 2300 are sold separately. This allows customers to customize their setup based on the specific needs of their space and the level of protection required.

Can the DNG 2300 prevent eavesdropping through electronic stethoscopes?
Yes, the DNG 2300 can prevent eavesdropping through electronic stethoscopes by generating white noise that masks the sound. Electronic stethoscopes, or contact microphones, rely on picking up vibrations from surfaces, but the white noise disrupts this process. As a result, the device ensures that conversations within the protected area remain confidential.

How does the DNG 2300 protect against laser and microwave surveillance?

It protects by generating white noise that interferes with the reflections used by laser and microwave surveillance systems targeting windows. The generated noise creates a barrier that masks vibrations or sounds, making it difficult for these systems to capture audio clearly. This method ensures that any attempt to listen through laser or microwave technology is met with an indecipherable signal.

How many speakers can be connected to the DNG 2300?

Up to 12 omni-directional speakers can be connected to the DNG 2300, providing extensive coverage and distribution of white noise. This allows for the creation of a more effective sound barrier around the protected area. The speakers work in conjunction with the transducers to ensure that no part of the conversation can be intercepted from outside.

Is the DNG 2300 effective against microphones hidden in walls?

Absolutely, the DNG 2300 is designed to counteract microphones that may be hidden within walls or other constructions. By filling the space with a consistent level of white noise, it masks any sounds that would otherwise be captured by concealed microphones. This layer of protection is crucial for maintaining privacy in sensitive environments.

Is there a kit available for the DNG 2300?

Yes, there is a DNG KIT available which includes the DNG 2300, an AC power cord, 12 transducers, 2 omni-directional speakers, and a carry case. This kit offers a complete solution for setting up a counter-surveillance system in various environments.

What is included in the standard set of the DNG 2300?

The standard set of the DNG 2300 includes the white noise generator itself and an AC power cord. This basic package provides the essential components needed to start protecting a space from eavesdropping. For those requiring a more comprehensive solution, additional accessories and kits are available for purchase.

What is the DNG 2300 3-Channel White Noise Generator?
The DNG 2300 is a device designed to protect against eavesdropping by generating non-filterable white noise. It creates a sound curtain around a space, preventing confidential conversations from being intercepted through walls, windows, or any other materials. This technology is particularly effective against highly sensitive microphones, laser systems, and conventional microphones that are not detectable by standard counter-surveillance methods.

What is the purpose of the mute control input on the DNG 2300?

The mute control input allows users to temporarily turn off the speakers without affecting the overall operation of the device. This feature is useful for instances where silence is preferred or when it’s necessary to pause the white noise generation without shutting down the entire system. It provides flexibility in managing the privacy and security needs of the environment.

What types of structures can the transducers be mounted on?
Transducers for the DNG 2300 can be mounted on both solid and light structures, including concrete, cement, bricks, glass, pipes, drywall, and wood. Each channel can support up to 12 transducers on solid structures and up to 24 on light structures. This versatility allows for comprehensive coverage of various environments to ensure optimal protection.


This is the standard set that includes 1* DNG 2300 and 1* AC Power Cord.

The DNG KIT is also available, it includes; 1* DNG 2300 and 1* AC Power Cord, 12* Transducers, 2* Omni direct speakers, and 1 carry case.

For more info please read the detailed specifications PDF available for download below.
>>DNG 2300 User Manual<<
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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