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Digiscan Labs
Phone Safe Ultra Detector of the illegal activation of Smartphones
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The New 2021 Phone Safe Ultra Detector of the illegal activation of Smartphones with protection function, will secure your meetings. 

While we depend on our smartphones for a great number of important actives that are related to business, they can constitute a security threat. Digiscan Labas has therefore developed this device to make sure that no information leakage takes place during your meetings. 

Just to name a few, the threats that have to be taken into account with the current smartphones are as follows:

  • The microphone can be on and let to pick up surrounding audio
  • Voice activation software can run on a smartphone (intentionally or unintentionally)
  • Spyware can be installed on smartphones with or without the knowledge of the phone owner
  • The audio that has been picked up in the acoustic environment can be uploaded to a server
  • Smartphone apps with access to the device's microphone can be exploited; hacked and not safe
  • Information can also be uploaded via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile internet, regular voice calls, or the phones own connector
The way the protection works is that a non-filterable ultrasonic interface blocks the microphone of the smartphone (frequency of 20 kHz). It also prevents the Apps that can record the acoustic environment from doing so, both conversations and sounds can not be recorded that way. This prevents any information leakage while allowing for the device to be powered on, and if need be taken out of the Phone Safe Ultra. 
The Phone Safe Ultra has 2 sensors, which increases the battery's resources. The device starts producing interference when a phone is inserted (IN USE sensor) and a conversation is present (ACTIVITY sensor).
The rechargeable 3200 mAh battery offers a continuous working time of 6 hours if the USB source is unavailable, thus making sure you can have protected conversations for the whole duration of your meeting. It is compatible with all types of mobile phones/smartphones that have a maximal width of 88 mm.

Phone Safe Ultra Main Features:

  • Non-filterable ultrasonic interference blocks the microphone of the phone
  • Efficiently prevents surround recording Apps from capturing conversations and sounds
  • Does not have illegal radio jamming - safe to use!
  • For all existing smartphone models - the frequency of the interference has been optimally selected for the best performance
  • Natural wood design
  • The acoustically isolated phone can remain close to you where you can see what is happening on the screen
  • Your phone stays online and is available for incoming calls
  • Can be powered by the external USB, or from the built-in rechargeable battery so you do not have interruptions during meetings to recharge
  • Has IN USE and ACTIVITY sensors

Phone Safe Ultra Specifications:

Type of interference: Ultrasound
Frequency: 20 kHz
Power of noise: <2W in the active area
Guaranteed suppression area: 10 cm from the transducer
Dimensions: 114 * 105 * 79 mm
Compatible phones: Width up to 88 mm
Weight: 0.5 kg

Power Source:
1) USB 5V
2) Built-in rechargeable battery

Current consumption:
500 mA (noise mode)
5 mA (stand-by mode)

Battery: Li-Ion, 3.2 B, 3200 mAh
Connector: Mini USB
Battery resource: > 6 hours
Recharging time: 6 hours

Image - Supplied Set from PDF available for download below.

How to use the Phone Safe ultra:

  1. Make sure the battery is charged. If it needs charging connect the USB charging cable to the socket on the right side of the Phone Safe Ultra, and the other side to the USB socket of a phone charger or a computer. 
  2. Power the device ON, with the Power switch on the device's base .
  3. Place the device on a table in from of you, put the smartphone inside the Phone Safe Ultra, and covert it with the plastic transparent cover.


For more information please download the PDF specifications file below.
24 Months Warranty

>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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