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Stealth Tronic manufactures a variety of security and surveillance products with premium materials and components while managing to offer them at an affordable price. They are located in Europe and specialize in manufacturing listening and camouflage devices with the focus on long-term surveillance solutions. 

GSM Bugs and Audio Recorders:

All GSM Bugs and Audio Recorders, as well as Mini DVRs, have high-quality microphones with an extremely clear sound that takes up voices and noises in a radius of 10 m.

STronic GSM Spy Bug LONGLIFE 60 - Up to 75 days in standby mode with 23 - 26 hours of continuous listening and Call back function.

STronic GSM Spy Bug LONGLIFE 20 - Up to 20 days in standby mode with 10 hours of continuous listening and Call back function that takes a couple of seconds to install/uninstall.

STronic Vario PRO K Plus GSM Bug with Knowles Microphone on cable - VOX call back function and up to 180 days standby depending on the battery.
STronic URP GSM PRO K Plus Dual Module Voice Recorder and GSM Bug - 100 days in standby/ Voice detection/recording with Voice Activation (VOX) function. Has Time and Date stamp for the files and an internal 8 GB memory that allows 288 h of recordings on the MP3 codec.

STronic UR125-075 Audio Recorder - 75 h of continuous recording and up to 125 days in voice detection mode (standby mode).

STronic UR225-135 Audio Recorder - 225 days in Voice activation mode and 135 hours of Recording time with HQ audio using Mp3 codec for perfect compression. Extremely thin; 3.5 mm.  

STronic URP-450 Audio Recorder - 450 days Voice activation period and 240 hours Recording Time. Possibility to set date and time for file names. 8 GB internal memory and HQ audio using Mp3 codec for HQ compression. Recommended for law enforcement use.

UltraLife DVR Cameras:

Stronic UltraLife PIR Sensor Camera - HD 720P resolution with up to 30 days in standby mode and 20 hours of continuous recording. Has 3 modes of detection: PIR sensor, Motion Detection, and Manual detection. Integrated Li-Po high capacity battery.

STronic Ultralife Spy Camera in Junction Box with PIR Sensor - HD 720P resolution and lasts up to 55 days in PIR detection and recording mode. Up to 50 h of Continuous recording. Has a 130° Angle of View and Motion detection, PIR, Standby mode, Manual recording modes.

Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

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