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STronic UltraLife Spy Camera in Junction Box with PIR Sensor

356,25 EUR  inc VAT
Available on stock

The Ultralife spy camera in Junction box can be 55 days in PIR detection mode and has 50 hours of continuous recording capacity and a 130-degree angle of view.

The Ultralife is from StealthTronic's Monitoring series that have now expanded the range of products to include hidden AV cameras that can be used for indoor and outdoor usage. You can place the Junction Box in your home, backyard etc.

The hidden camera is very small and virtually invisible, furthermore, you will not need cables for power supply making it extremely unlikely to raise any suspicion. The Junction box offers the possibility of battery switching. 

It comes with an HD 720P resolution and is preset to record in HD. It also comes with a remote control that can be used for setting the; Video recording, PIR detection, to make snapshots etc.
The SD card is not included. The device is very easy to install and use. 

Main Functions:

  • HD 720P resolution
  • Lasts 55 days in PIR detection and recording mode
  • 50 h Continuous recording!
  • 130° Angle of View
  • Motion detection, PIR, Standby mode, Manual recording mode
  • Snapshots via Remote control
  • Easy installation

Quick UltraLife Specifications:

Battery capacity: 11000 mAh
Consumption in PIR mode: 7mA
Consumption when recording: 200 - 250 mA

The Package contains:

  • Hidden smoke camera UltraLife in a Junction box
  • Remote control
  • Video cable
  • Charger
  • 11000 mAh battery 

How to use the Ultralife spy camera in Junction box:

  1. Set the time manually on your SD card (with Notepad) if you do not have an external AV display (more info in the PDF below).
  2. The device comes preset to be in HD resolution and PIR recording mode.
  3. Place the SD card in the device and turn it on. The module is now in PIR mode and starts recording. 
  4. If you wish to enter the Standby mode, press the PIR button
  5. Charging the battery can take up to 10 hours, however, the manufacturer recommends to format the battery before you start using the device on a regular basis.
  6. You can do that by fully discharging and charging the device for 6 hours. Repeat this step 3 times.
  7. After the device is formatted, you can charge it 5 h in the future. 
  8. If the battery is fully discharged, the charging will begin 3 minutes after you have connected the device to a power supply.


For more info regarding the setting up of the device including time and date formatting, please carefully study the PDF file below. 
SD Card not included.

356,25 EUR  inc VAT
Available on stock
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