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LawMate PV-500 L4i IP/P2P DVR
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The PV-500 L4i is the first P2P / IP-enabled DVR that is compatible with CMOS and CCD analog cameras! 

LawMate PV-500 L4i DVR is discontinued and out of stock, however, please find here the replacement DVRs: 

LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro Wi-Fi DVR compatible with Digital Button Camera, or

LawMate PV-500 ECO2 DVR compatible with Analog Button Camera


The previous model, the PV-500L3 is a small and compact DVR that can be placed into a standard cigarette pack, which makes it great for covert recording. The DVR is a go-to device when using Lawmate analog cameras like the BU-18 or the new BU-19 with excellent low-light recording. 

The New PV-400L4i has maintained all the functions of the L3 DVR, however, the touchscreen has been replaced by an IP connection, and a smartphone App. It allows you to connect to your Android or iOS device and set up or monitor the recordings from anywhere in the world - while still offering; high quality 720*576 recording resolution at 30 fps, timestamp, built-in AGC microphone, multiple recording modes, USB connection for charging, and ease of use. 

One of the perks of this DVR is that it works with all analog cameras from Lawmate, as well as with analog cameras from other manufacturers!


The PV-500L4i DVR is also compatible with:

  • Lawmate CM-SS10 Mini Video Camera
  • Lawmate CM-BU18 and BU-18 Cameras
  • Lawmate CM-EP10 Earphone Type Camera
  • Lawmate HB-19 and HB-20 Handbag Cameras
  • Lawmate NT-19 and NT-18 Tie Cameras
  • Lawmate CM-TC10 Tie Clip Camera
  • Lawmate CM-DC10 (PAL) Power Cord Camera


PV-500 L4i DVR Main Features:

  • IP-enabled DVR that can be controlled via PV-Cam App
  • Supports LawMate CMOS and CCD analog cameras like the BU-19
  • Small & lightweight with a D1 video quality
  • Supports RF remote control PI-RF50
  • Recording modes: Standard & Motion Detection
  • Date & time stamp on the video
  • Comes with 16 GB SD card and supports up to 32 GB SD Cards


PV-500 L4i DVR Full Specifications:

Wi-Fi Spec: Built-in Wi-Fi Module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
Wi-Fi Protocol RSIP
Video Resolution: 720*480 / 720*576
Frame Rate: NTSC: 30fps / PAL: 25fps
Recording Mode: Standard / Motion Detection
File Format: MOV, JPG
Storage: SD Card (Supports up to 32 GB)
Camera Input: DC 5V Output at 2.5mm AV Input Jack
Date/Time Table: YYYY,MM,DD HH,MM,SS
Power Consumption: 450mA-500mA(Wi-Fi Off) / 510mA-560mA(Wi-Fi On)
Power: DC 3.7 V
Battery Life:  Around 240 min recording with CMOS cam (Wi-Fi Off)
Battery Charging Time: BA-2200 - 4 hours
Compatible with battery: BA-4400 Extended battery, and 7200 mAh Lithium-ion Battery
Dimensions: 84*53*20 mm
Weight: 100 g 

PV-CAM iOS and Android apps for PV-500L4i:

Google Play link:


App Store link:


Illustration: Name and Parts from Quick Manual.

PV-500 L4i Feature Focus: 

First P2P / IP DVR from LawMate for outdoor use with a separate camera!

This is the first DVR from Lawmate that supports a separate camera, that can be body-worn, and used outdoors. Previous models were focused on Mini DVR cameras that had the power supply from the cord and were for indoor use only. However, when combined with the BA-4400 extended battery, or the 7200 mAh Lithium-ion Battery, the PV-500L4i can operate up to 400 min, respectively 700 min. 

Compatible with analog cameras!

Great News was that we finally have an IP DVR that can be operated with LawMates analog cameras. As you might know, the PV-500HDW DVR series is only compatible with the BU-18HD cameras designed specifically for them. However, not only can the PV-500L4i work with all analog cameras from Lawmate, but it is also compatible with analog cameras from other manufacturers!

How to use the PV-500 L4i DVR:

  1. Power on the device. With the camera connected to the DVR, insert the SD card into the SD card slot.
  2. Press the Power ON/OFF button for 2 seconds (1. in the quick manual), after the device is powered on for 40 sec, it starts recording automatically.
  3. Wi-Fi - When the device is powered on, press (1) to turn On/Off Wi-Fi, and after 40 seconds the Wi-Fi will be enabled. 
  4. There are three important steps regarding the passwords and setup of the device:
    • Default Wi-Fi password: 88888888 
    • Manual or QR code scan of the ID and password from the device itself (Note: in the PV-500L4i it is located under the BA-2200 battery, so it is best to write it down)
    • Entering the router name and password in the Device Management section of the App (exact same router name as stated on your device).
  5. After these steps, it is important to let the device configure itself for 30 sec, and then manually restart it. Refresh the app and start recording via IP.


 PV-500 L4i FAQs

Can I control the PV-500 L4i remotely?
Yes, the PV-500 L4i can be controlled remotely via the PV-Cam Viewer app available for iOS and Android devices. This app allows users to set up, monitor, and manage recordings from anywhere in the world, providing flexibility and convenience for surveillance operations. The IP connectivity and app support enhance the device’s usability for various surveillance needs.

Can the PV-500 L4i work with cameras from other manufacturers?
Yes, the PV-500 L4i can work with all analog cameras from Lawmate as well as with analog cameras from other manufacturers. This compatibility extends the device’s utility beyond Lawmate’s product range, offering users more flexibility in choosing cameras for their specific recording needs. It supports both CMOS and CCD analog cameras, making it a versatile choice for various surveillance applications.

How do I use the PV-500 L4i DVR?
To use the PV-500 L4i DVR, power on the device, connect the camera, insert an SD card, and press the power button for 2 seconds to start recording. Wi-Fi can be enabled by pressing the designated button, and device setup involves entering the default Wi-Fi password, scanning the QR code for device ID and password, and configuring the router name in the app. After configuration, restart the device and begin recording via IP.

How does the PV-500 L4i differ from its predecessor, the PV-500L3?
The PV-500 L4i differs from the PV-500L3 by replacing the touchscreen with an IP connection and a smartphone app, allowing for remote setup and monitoring. It retains the compact size and high-quality recording features of the L3, but enhances usability and flexibility with the addition of IP functionality. This makes it more versatile for different surveillance needs.

What are the main features of the PV-500 L4i DVR?
The main features include IP-enabled control via PV-Cam App, compatibility with LawMate CMOS and CCD analog cameras, small and lightweight design, D1 video quality, RF remote control support, standard and motion detection recording modes, date and time stamp on video, and support for up to 32 GB SD cards. These features make it a powerful and versatile tool for covert surveillance and recording.

What is the default Wi-Fi password for the PV-500 L4i?
The default Wi-Fi password for the PV-500 L4i is 88888888. This password is used for the initial setup and connection to the device via Wi-Fi, and it is recommended to change it to maintain security. The password setup is part of the device’s configuration process to ensure secure and controlled access.

What is the maximum SD card capacity supported by the PV-500 L4i?
The PV-500 L4i comes with a 16 GB SD card and supports up to 32 GB SD cards. This capacity allows for extended recording times and storage of video footage, making it suitable for various surveillance applications where large amounts of data need to be captured and stored.

What is the PV-500 L4i?
The PV-500 L4i is a P2P / IP-enabled DVR compatible with CMOS and CCD analog cameras. It represents an advancement from the previous model by incorporating IP connectivity and a smartphone app for remote operation, while maintaining high-quality recording and compatibility with a wide range of cameras. This device is designed for covert recording and supports various recording modes and camera types.

What recording modes does the PV-500 L4i support?
The PV-500 L4i supports standard and motion detection recording modes. These modes offer users the flexibility to choose the most appropriate recording method for their surveillance needs, whether continuous recording or triggered by motion to conserve storage space and focus on relevant events.


It is very important to enter the exact same router name as stated on your device when configuring it in the App.
Important IP setup Tip - Obligatory deleting of the device from the Device Management section of the App if you wish to switch phones. Otherwise, the device will be linked to the phone via the server and you will not be able to connect to the IP via other smartphone/s.  
For detailed instructions on the P2P / IP connection setup, please refer to the IP Cam Manual below. 
New info on SSID: it turns out that IP products (such as this one) cannot change the SSID name. Wi-Fi products only can change the SSID name. However, once connected to the IP the device's name is the same as your router name.
24 Months Warranty.
PV Cam Viewer for IP Cam
Download Quick Manual PDF 
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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