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New released! Lawmate PV-1000 EVO3 DVR available soon, PV-500ECO2 DVR available now and much more!

Lawmate PV-1000 EVO3 is the new Wi-Fi DVR that has a 5 inch TFT LCD touch screen, comes in Full HD 1080P and offers 1 TB SATA HDD with SD Card. It is compatible with both analog and digital cameras.  

  • IP / P2P Enabled
  • Integrated 1 TB SATA HDD and SD Card Support
  • Has a 5 Inch 800*480 Color TFT LCD
  • Recording resolution of up to 1080p
  • Digital Camera In 
  • 5V and 12V powered Analog Camera Support 
  • Compatible with Lawmate CMD-BU20LX digital camera
  • Compatible with Lawmate BU-19 analog camera
  • Integrated 4400ma BA-4400 Battery
  • Multiple resolutions and adjustable FPS: @25 PAL & @30FPS NTSC
  • Standard and Motion Detection Recording mode

LawMate PV-500ECO2 is in stock! The DVR offers 5V and 12V analog camera input, multiple recording modes and the sound recording option.

  • Small & lightweight with D1 video quality
  • With 3” LCD Touchscreen on an entry-level DVR
  • Compatible with both 5V and 12V analog cameras
  • Compatible with BU-19 5V analog camera
  • Compatible with CM-BU18 analog camera
  • Supports LawMate CMOS and CCD analogue cameras like the HB-19
  • Multiple recording modes: Normal/Motion Detection
  • Sound recording On/Off 
Take a look at the unpacking of the DVR as well as the menu, functions, etc;

Lawmate PV-BT10i Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Covert IP DVR can both perform covert recordings that you can monitor from anywhere in the world, and play your favorite tunes via Bluetooth!

  • Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
  • Small with great sound
  • Sound notifications for device's status
  • Full HD 1080 P Resolution
  • IP connection allows you to monitor the live feed from anywhere in the world
  • The PV Cam App allows you to set up and control the device from anywhere with Wi-Fi
  • Auto / Manual and Motion detection recording modes
  • Can be used to record while connected to PC for charging!
Have a look at the unpacking, setup and test video:

Lawmate PV-NB10W Notebook Wi-Fi Mini DVR Camera is the perfect fit for indoor as well as outdoor use! Can be used as an audio recorder or as a DVR (900 min of audio recordings!).

  • 1080P Wi-Fi DVR in notebook disguise
  • App for live streaming, download of files and snapshots via smartphone
  • Normal and Motion detection recording modes
  • Record up to 210 minutes Video or 900 minutes Audio
  • Easy to hide in offices, working spaces, living room, etc..
  • Comes with additional papers so you can also use it as a notebook while making covert recordings  
Take a look at the unpacking, setup and test videos of the Notebook Wi-Fi DVR:

Lawmate PV-EP10W Covert Wi-Fi Mini DVR and Mp3 Player offers Full HD videos and photos, Wi-Fi connectivity, can be an Mp3 player and makes you fit in with the crowd!

  • Works as a real Mp3 Player
  • 120 minutes recording time with overwrite function
  • Also has Continuous and Motion Detection mode
  • Wi-Fi-based stand-alone DVR: Record, stream live video and playback on a free App
  • 1920x1080 video resolution and up to 30fps
  • Can be used with a power bank
  • LED indicators on both sides to show device status 
Here you can see the unpacking, setup of the Covert DVR and Mp3 Player, as well as test videos:

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