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LawMate CMD-BU20LX Digital 1080P CMOS Button Camera
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The CMD-BU20LX is a Full HD 1080P digital CMOS Button camera with a low light sensitivity of 0.03 lux that is compatible with the PV-1000EVO3 DVR.


The CMD-BU20LX is temporarily unavailable, in the meantime, you can find this camera as a replacement: LawMate CM-BU20 - a button camera with CMOS sensor compatible with PV-500 ECO2 and PV-1000 EVO3

Designed for the PV-1000EVO3 Wi-Fi DVR, this camera provides Full HD 1080P videos & photos and produces great recordings in low light and poor illumination conditions with a min. illumination of 0.03 lux. 
The camera has a new lockable din socket which reinforces the DVR to CAM connection, so the camera signal cannot be interrupted due to cable movement.
Unlike the previous digital camera models, like the CMD-BU20U, this model has one cable (140 CM) that further ensures no signal interruptions or cable-to-amplifier disconnections. 

CMD-BU20LX Main Features:

  • Digital camera with Full HD Pictures & Videos
  • Great low light recordings with min. illumination of 0.03 lux
  • Stable and reinforced camera to DVR connection
  • Integrated Microphone
  • Designed for the new Wi-Fi DVR

CMD-BU20LX Full Specifications:

Digital picture output: 1920 X 1080 (1080P)
1080P / 720P / VGA option via PV Cam App in settings
1200 Tv line+  CMOS sensor
Low light sensitivity 0.03 lux @ F2.0
Angle of View 78°
Dimensions: 25*25*17 mm
Weight 120 g
The CMD-BU20LX comes with the PAD-BU SR in the accessories. For more buttons and screws you can additionally order PAD-BU SET.


Can I find a replacement for the CMD-BU20LX since it’s temporarily unavailable?
Yes, the LawMate CM-BU20 is recommended as a replacement while the CMD-BU20LX is temporarily unavailable. The CM-BU20 is a button camera with a CMOS sensor that is compatible with both the PV-500 ECO2 and PV-1000 EVO3 DVRs, offering a viable alternative with similar functionality. This ensures that users have access to a comparable product for their surveillance needs during the CMD-BU20LX’s unavailability.

Does the CMD-BU20LX have an integrated microphone?
Yes, the CMD-BU20LX includes an integrated microphone, allowing it to capture audio along with high-quality video recordings. This feature is essential for comprehensive surveillance operations where audio evidence can be as crucial as visual evidence. The integration of the microphone ensures that users can capture a full spectrum of evidence without the need for additional audio recording equipment.

How does the CMD-BU20LX connect to the DVR?
The CMD-BU20LX features a new lockable din socket that reinforces the DVR to CAM connection, ensuring a stable and secure connection that prevents signal interruption due to cable movement. This design improvement addresses common issues with previous models and enhances the reliability of the camera’s operation during covert surveillance activities. The single cable design (140 CM) further minimizes the risk of disconnections or signal interruptions.

How does the CMD-BU20LX perform in low light conditions?
With a minimum illumination of 0.03 lux, the CMD-BU20LX performs exceptionally well in low light conditions. This low light sensitivity allows it to capture clear and detailed videos even in poor illumination, making it ideal for covert surveillance operations that may occur in dimly lit environments. Its performance in such conditions is a key feature for users requiring reliable recording capabilities in all lighting situations.

Is the CMD-BU20LX compatible with other DVRs besides the PV-1000EVO3?
While the CMD-BU20LX is specifically designed for compatibility with the PV-1000EVO3 DVR, it may not be directly compatible with other DVR models without the appropriate adapters or modifications. The camera’s unique features and specifications are optimized for use with the PV-1000EVO3, ensuring seamless operation and high-quality recordings when used together. For compatibility with other DVR models, it’s recommended to check with the manufacturer or consider adapters that may facilitate such connections.

What accessories come with the CMD-BU20LX?
The CMD-BU20LX comes with the PAD-BU SR in the accessories package. For users looking to customize or enhance their setup, additional buttons and screws can be ordered separately through the PAD-BU SET. This flexibility allows users to tailor the camera’s appearance and functionality to suit specific surveillance needs or preferences.

What is the LawMate CMD-BU20LX?
The LawMate CMD-BU20LX is a Full HD 1080P digital CMOS Button camera designed for covert recordings. It features a low light sensitivity of 0.03 lux, making it capable of capturing clear video in poorly lit conditions. This camera is specifically designed to work with the PV-1000EVO3 Wi-Fi DVR for seamless integration and high-quality recordings.

What type of videos and photos does the CMD-BU20LX capture?
The CMD-BU20LX captures Full HD 1080P videos and photos, providing users with high-resolution recordings for detailed surveillance footage. This capability ensures that the videos and photos are clear and detailed, suitable for professional use in security, law enforcement, and personal covert surveillance operations. The high resolution is particularly beneficial for identifying persons of interest or analyzing events with precision.


Please find the PDF with the user manual and specifications available for download below.
24 Months Warranty
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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