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The Cube 12V GSM Bug Audio Transmitter 5-48V
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The Cube 12V GSM Bug Audio Transmitter 5-48V is a DIY module that offers a flexible power supply range, an external microphone, and the smallest dimensions in the Secureee portfolio so far.

Due to its small dimensions and featuring an external microphone, this device is a great Do-It-Yourself customizable covert listening bug.

With only 25x15x12mm in size, you can hide it in places within the car or a room where other devices might not fit.

If you are looking for a GSM bug with a flexible power supply from 5V to 48V that allows a lot of mobility, this might be the solution for you.

The Cube 12 V GSM Bug Main Features:

  • Administrator Number - only you can call the device
  • External Microphone for better placement
  • Located via LBS base stations
  • Sound Alarm and Vibration Alarm
  • Nano SIM Card of any operator
  • 5V to 48 V Power Supply Range
  • Smallest Module with 25*15*12 mm

The Cube 12 V GSM Bug Full Specifications:

Dimensions: 25*15*12 mm
Power: 5-48V
Weight: 10g
Microphone: analog electret mic
Antenna: 2G GSM integrated antenna
SIM: 2G nano SIM card (not provided)

The Cube 12V GSM Audio Transmitter Feature Focus:

The Cube DIY module has a power supply of 5V - 48V

This module can operate on any voltage source between 5V and 48V, making it the most flexible bug for different usages. 

Administrator number for protection of the GSM Bug listening in mode

Only an Administrator can access the device. If anyone else calls the number, he will be unable to access the device or will get a busy signal.

The Cube 12 V offers LBS Locating

It gives an approximate location to the LBS station the device is currently connected to, however, it depends on the SIM card operator and how strong the signal is.

Sleep Mode for the Cube 12V 

When the LED is OFF, it means the device is powered off, or it is ON but in a power save mode which allows the device to optimize for minimal battery consumption by shutting down all unnecessary processes. It needs to be shaken in order to get it out of the power save mode.

External Microphone of the 12V Module for better audio

The tiny external microphone can be easily placed in a small and covert place for better audio reception.

Sound Alarm and Vibration Alarm of the Audio Bug

When the device detects a sound in a monitored area, it sends a notification to the administrator.

GSM listening device with the smallest dimensions

The dimensions are  25x15x12 mm, and you will be able to hide it anywhere - from home and office to various vehicles like cars, etc.

NANO SIM Card for the smallest DIY GSM Module

A nano SIM card ( not provided)  is being used for the Cube 12V.

How to use The Cube 12 V GSM Bug:

  1. Please ensure that the device is NOT connected to a power source. 
  2. It uses a NANO SIM card and the PIN should be disabled prior to inserting it into the device. 
  3. Insert a nano SIM card with a deactivated PIN into the card slot. A mobile phone will be needed for disabling it ( please refer to your mobile phone manual). While inserting the nano SIM card focus on the direction of the insertion.
  4. In order for the device to transmit audio, the area has to be covered by a GSM signal. As it uses a 2G GSM network, the Cube 12V as well can be located at an approximate location to the LBS station to which the device is currently connected to.
  5. Connect the device to an external power source ( range 5V-48V). The red wire represents a positive charge (+) and the black wire represents a negative charge (-). The device is switched ON automatically when connected to a power source.
  6. Once placed in a covert spot, when the device detects the sound, it sends an SMS message to the administrator number who is the only one that has access to this device and can listen to conversation in the monitored area. For best audio results, position the bug away from any noise source and as near as possible to the conversation you would want to hear.
  7. To switch OFF the device, simply disconnect it from the power source

The Cube 12 V GSM Bug Package contents:

The Cube 12V GSM Bug Audio Transmitter 5-48V device.


For more information on the setup and usage, please study the PDF file available for download below. 
The nano SIM card and optional battery are not provided with the device. 
Warranty: 24 Months

>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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