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BURAN 1200 GPS Locator with GSM Audio and HQ Voice Recorder- integrated microphone
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BURAN 1200 is a 3in1 device: GSM Bug, GPS Locator, and HQ Voice Recorder with long battery life with up to 155 h in recording mode and up to 4000 h in sleep mode (6 months).

The BURAN Series, including the Buran 1200, have a black box design and two strong neodymium magnets that are attached to the robust plastic carbon casing of the device. This allows you to attach it in a second to metal surfaces. 

The 3D MEMS microphone is made for use in GSM communication and makes clear - low noise - audio possible. In addition, the Automatic Level Control (ALC) controls the output power to the speaker, prevents loudspeaker overload, and optimizes the dynamic range. 

The recording time is impressive with up to 400 h in GSM standby mode, 150 h in continuous mode, and up to 6 months in sleep mode! This is made possible by an integrated 1200 Mah Li-ion battery, and an 8 GB integrated memory. 

The Voice activation level can be adjusted with the provided PC software. The provided USB cable is essential for the functioning of the device as it acts as a security precaution. You can not retrieve any files from the recorder without the cable in the accessories of the device. It also differs from other similar products, as the device can only be called by the administration number, not anyone can just call the device and listen in or locate it. 

The Buran 1200 offers GPS and LBS locating via GPS satellites, and by using LBS base stations. It can tell you if the vehicle is moving or in a garage. 
The Alarm functions can let you know if the Buran has detected sound in the room, or if it has been moved. 

This model has an integrated microphone, however, it can be equipped with an external microphone as well. 

The Buran 500 models are also available - you can take a look at the comparison sheet here, or have a quick look at the table below:

Buran 500 and Buran 1200 from Comparison Sheet.

Buran 1200 Main Features:

  • Power Sleep Technology allows up to 4000 h of recordings in sleep mode
  • Battery life in GSM deep sleep mode 6 months ( recording is OFF)
  • Up to 150 h in continuous mode
  • Up to 400h in GSM standby mode
  • 8 GB Integrated Memory
  • Coded cable for protected PC connection
  • Black Box design - no labels, codes, or any info about the device
  • Voice activation can be adjusted
  • Automatic Level Control Function 
  • Mp3 recording format with 48kHz sampling frequency
  • Each recording is saved in its own file
  • Made in the EU
Picture of Buran 1200 from the user manual.

Buran 1200 Specifications:

Battery: Li-Ion 1200 mAh
Voice activation: Available with PC software for selection of voice level activation in 5 steps
ALC preamplifier for superior sound
Each recording is in a separate file
Dimensions 50 * 35* 25 mm
Current consumption : 6 mA in recording , 0,3mA in standby

Battery life: in Sleep mode 4000 hours( when GSM is OFF)
Battery life: in recording 150 hours ( when GSM is OFF)
Memory: integrated 8Gb – 150 hours of recording in high-quality rec. mode
MP3 recording format (48kHz sampling freq.)


Battery life in GSM transmission mode: 10-15 hours (recording is OFF)
Battery life in GSM standby mode 400 hours (recording is OFF)
Battery life in GSM deep sleep mode 6 months (recording is OFF)

Buran 1200 Voice activation sensitivity adjustment option - from the user manual

Buran 1200 Feature Focus:

GPS and LBS locating

The Buran 1200 can be located via GPS satellites and by using LBS base stations. Because it has visibility to GPS satellites you can get the location of the device, and even if it is in the car for example is in a garage, or in a GPS inaccessible location. You will also get an approximate LBS location through the GSM base stations.   

To make sure that you have the best possible reception of the GPS satellites, you have to turn the bottom of the device - where the GPS antenna is located - up. You can also try and leave that area free from metal parts that can cause lower reception. The Buran 1200 will return an SMS with a link to Google Maps with the exact GPS or approximate LBS location. 
You will also receive the battery status info this way.

Administration number

Calls from numbers other than the Administration number are not possible

Deep Sleep Mode - up to 6 months

This mode allows you to set a predefined recording schedule. When the device is not needed it will shut itself down and preserve battery power. This way it can last up to 6 months, depending on the surveilled area of course. 

3D MEMS microphone 

The 3D MEMS microphone is specially adjusted for GSM communication and allows for quality audio due to the subsided noise levels.

Alarm - Sound or Vibration

If you enable the sound alarm feature the device will let you know if it detects any sound in the room. If you enable the vibration feature the device will let you know if it shakes. 

Nano SIM Card

The device is compatible with NANO SIM cards of all operators. 

How to use the device:

  1. Insert the Nano SIM card into the Buran
  2. Connect the Buran to your PC and choose the VOS and audio sensitivity
  3. If you want the device to just record the audio, switch to "REC"
  4. Switch ON the device by pressing the GSM ON/OFF button, located next to the SIM card opening, and hold for approx. 3 seconds until the red light blinks
  5. Switch OFF by pressing the GSM ON/OFF button for about 10 seconds until the red light stops blinking and starts to light up constantly
  • If you want to activate the VOS function send the following SMS messages to the device:
SMS 1) * voice activation function *
SMS 2) 333


For more information on the Buran 1200 and how to set it up, please read the detailed instructions in the PDF that is available for download below. 

24 Months Warranty

>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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