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Mriya Voice Recorder in functional 5V/2A Travel Adapter
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The Mriya High-Quality Voice Recorder in a 5V/2A travel adapter is a completely functional adapter which you can use every day or on the go.

This completely covert Black-box designed audio recorder needs to be physically destroyed before one can see the inner workings of the device. There is no trace of a microphone, a LED light, no switches, buttons, or any opening that might indicate this device is anything else than a 5V adapter. 

The adapter can charge mobile phones, tablets, or any 5V USB device. To use the device (powering it On/Off) or to download the files from the device, you will have to use the special coded USB cable that comes with the device. 
Mriya makes it possible to record audio files when it is plugged into a power outlet, or when it is unplugged. The patented Power Sleep Technology allows to achieve up to 2000h of recording in sleeping mode, and up to 300 h of recordings in recording mode. 

This is due to the built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery that will be automatically charged when you plug the device into a 220V power socket. If the device is completely empty, it will be charged in 4h. 

Voice activation is available and can be set in 5 sensitivity steps. Each audio recording is stored with the date and timestamp in its own file. 
This is a high-quality device that is made in the European Union.

Mriya HQ Voice Recorder Main Features:

  • Functional 5V/2A Adapter you can use on the road
  • Completely covert device, no signs of a microphone or other signs it might be an audio recorder
  • Patented POWER SLEEP technology
  • High-Quality recordings with ALC preamplifier
  • Voice-activated recording with adjustable sensitivity
  • Software for audio quality/sensitivity control, Voice recording, and timestamp settings
  • Can function plugged and unplugged
  • Up to 2000 h of recordings in stand-by mode
  • Up to 300 h of recordings in recording mode
  • Date and Timestamp

Mriya HQ Voice Recorder Specifications:

5V / 2A USB travel adapter 
Format: MP3 (128kbps) 
ALC preamplifier: for superb recording even quiet conversations
Voice-activated recording: Available with adjustable sensitivity in 5 steps
File storage: stores each recording in a separate file (with timestamp)
Date/Timestamp: Available 
Additional software: controls audio quality, timestamp, and VAR
Security: encrypted USB Charging and Listening Cable
Battery: Built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Dimensions: 70x44x23 mm 
Made in: the European Union (EU)

Mriya Recording Time:

When recording/sound present:
- 300 h if plugged in 220 V SOCKET;
- 100 h if unplugged

In the standby mode/no sound:
- Unlimited duration if plugged in 220 V SOCKET;
- 2000 h if unplugged


Package contents:

  1. ON/OFF Pin 
  2. Coded USB cable for connecting the device to the PC
  3. The Mriya device

Mriya Voice Recorder FAQs 

Can the Mriya Voice Recorder function as a regular adapter?
Yes, the Mriya Voice Recorder functions as a completely operational 5V/2A travel adapter. It can charge mobile phones, tablets, or any 5V USB device while simultaneously recording audio or standing by to record. This dual functionality makes it a practical device for everyday use.

How can I access the recordings on the Mriya Voice Recorder?
Recordings on the Mriya Voice Recorder can be accessed by connecting the device to a PC using the special coded USB cable included in the package. This allows for the transfer and management of audio files, including listening to recordings and organizing them as needed.

How does the Mriya device record audio?
The Mriya device records audio using a built-in microphone that is completely hidden from view. It utilizes patented Power Sleep Technology to achieve long recording times and has a voice-activated recording feature with adjustable sensitivity. Recordings are stored with a date and timestamp for easy organization.

How is the audio quality of the Mriya Voice Recorder?
The audio quality of the Mriya Voice Recorder is high, thanks to its ALC preamplifier. This ensures clear recordings even in various environments. The device also comes with software for audio quality and sensitivity control, allowing for customization based on the recording situation.

Is the Mriya Voice Recorder easy to use?
The Mriya Voice Recorder is designed for ease of use, requiring only the special coded USB cable that comes with the device to power it on/off and to download files. Its covert design means there are no visible switches or buttons, simplifying its operation while maintaining its discreet appearance.

What comes included with the Mriya Voice Recorder?
The Mriya Voice Recorder package includes the Mriya device itself, a coded USB key, and a coded USB cable for connecting the device to a PC. These components allow for full functionality of the recorder and its features right out of the box.

What is the battery life of the Mriya Voice Recorder?

When fully charged, the Mriya Voice Recorder’s built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery supports up to 300 hours of recording time and can last up to 2000 hours in standby mode. The device is charged within 4 hours when plugged into a 220V power socket.

What is the Mriya Voice Recorder?
The Mriya Voice Recorder is a high-quality audio recording device hidden within a fully functional 5V/2A travel adapter. It is designed to be completely covert, with no visible microphone or indicators that it is anything other than a standard adapter. The device can record audio when plugged into a power outlet or on battery power, making it versatile for various situations.

What is the recording capacity of the Mriya Voice Recorder?
The Mriya Voice Recorder can record up to 300 hours of audio when plugged into a 220V socket and up to 100 hours when unplugged. In standby mode, it can last indefinitely when plugged in and up to 2000 hours on battery power, thanks to its efficient Power Sleep Technology.


For more information on the Mriya audio recorder, please take a look at the PDF file available for download below. 

24 Months Warranty

>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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