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TALAN 3.0 Telephone and Line Analyzer
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TALAN 3.0 Telephone and Line Analyzer secures digital, analog, and VoIP telephone systems, identifying faults and security risks and ensuring complete protection for confidential communications.

The TALAN 3.0 Telephone and Line Analyzer is an advanced, multifunctional device made to detect and locate vulnerabilities and tampering in digital, analog, and VoIP telephone systems. It combines multiple testing capabilities into one compact unit, making it an essential tool for security professionals who need to ensure the integrity and safety of communication lines.

How is the TALAN 3.0 used? Phones have built-in microphones, speakers, extra wires, and they're always powered on, so eavesdropping devices connected to them can be hard to detect. By merging multiple phone and wiring tests into one device, functions like digital multimeter tests, demodulation, RF detection, non-linear junction detection, and frequency domain reflectometer, work to ensure that no faults, line breaks, wire taps, eavesdropping devices, and other security threats go unnoticed. 

With its focus on thoroughly inspecting various types of telephone lines for unauthorized taps or potential security risks, the TALAN 3.0 provides unmatched protection for intellectual property and sensitive communications, unlike any other telephone and line analyzer in the market.

The automatic switching matrix is a stand out feature, thanks to which, TALAN 3.0 can automatically test all pair combinations. It performs tests functions across all pair combinations in a cable and stores the results for later comparison.  The device also includes VoIP Plus+ Analysis to capture and analyze network streams for unauthorized VoIP traffic, enhancing the security of modern communication lines.

With its touch screen and keypad, the TALAN 3.0 offers an intuitive user experience, making calibration, navigation, and control straightforward and easy to use. The unit itself is compact and portable, weighing less than 3 kg, as well as the whole system comes in a durable carry case. 

The TALAN 3.0 stands out as a leading solution in the field of telephone line inspection and security. Its design and multifunctionality make it a valuable investment for those looking to protect and secure their communication networks. Whether it's for corporate security, government intelligence, or personal privacy, the TALAN 3.0 offers a reliable and effective solution for safeguarding information transmitted through telephone lines.

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TALAN 3.0 Telephone & Line Analyzer Main Features:

  • Detects wire taps, illegal tampering and vulnerabilities in digital, analog, and VoIP phone systems
  • Comprehensive one of a kind solution - digital multimeter, demodulation, audioa nalysis, frequency domain reflectometry, RF analysis & detection, and non-linear junction detection
  • Built-in Automatic Switching Matrix for testing all line pair combinations with every test
  • VoIP Plus+ Analysis for detecting unauthorized VoIP traffic
  • Patent-pending Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Algorithm helps detect live VoIP traffic
  • Compact and Portable Design weighing less than 3 kg 
  • 8-inch Touch Screen and keypad interface for ease of use
  • USB and Compact Flash Memory Support
  • Data Viewer Software

TALAN 3.0 Telephone & Line Analyzer Feature Focus: 

Complete and comprehensive solution for analyzing telephone & line systems

The TALAN 3.0 combines several countermeasure testing capabilities into a single piece of equipment, outperforming every other similiar type of tool. From digital multimeter functions to digital demodulation technology and audio analysis, frequency domain reflectometry, RF analysis & detection, and non-linear junction detection, it offers a complete and wide range of testing options in just one device. This versatility makes it suitable for various security applications, providing a one-stop solution for telephone line inspection and security, detecting if your phone systems have been turned in to easvesdropping devices or simply testing for vulnerabilies. 

  • Digital Multimeter Tests - Voltage, Current, Capacitance, and Resistance
  • Digital Demodulation - Determines if a digital phone line is passing audio when it shouldn't. Includes digital decoding capabilities for approx. 80% of the world’s digital phone systems, and can digitally demodulate 50+ codecs.
  • Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) - Finds impedence anomalies which can indicate a potential security threat. Also plots traces of multiple pairs for historical comparison on one display. 
  • Non-Linear Junction Detection (NLJD) on a Line - Detects electronic equipment connected to an isolated line or wire.
  • High Gain Audio Amplifier and Built-in Audio Oscilloscope - Provides up to 80 dB of total system gain, features a DC Bias Voltage Generator
  • RF Analysis and Detection - Broadband RF Probe checks free space RF energy up to 8 GHz. Spectrum Analyzer displays frequency spectrum details up to 85 MHz.

Automatic Switching Matrix switches all line pair combinatinations every test

The Automatic Switching Matrix is a core feature that sets the TALAN 3.0 apart. It enables the device to automatically switch through all possible combinations in a cable, performing multiple tests and storing results. This ensures a thorough and comprehensive inspection of telephone lines, identifying any irregularities or potential threats. By automating this process, it not only enhances accuracy but also significantly reduces the time required for manual testing, making it an invaluable feature for professionals.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Plus+ Analysis 

With the rise of VoIP communication, the security of these lines has become crucial. The TALAN 3.0's VoIP Plus+ Analysis captures and analyzes network streams, quickly identifying any unauthorized VoIP traffic. It collects data such as source and destination MAC/IP addresses, header type, number of total packets, packet rate, peak rate, and run time, to help you detect a VoIP phone system is passing data even if your phone is not in use. The software also recognizes older protocols providing extensive coverage and a clear insight into VoIP security, allowing for timely detection and prevention of any unauthorized access or tampering. The REI patent-pending Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Algorithm is another advanced feature that enhances the TALAN 3.0's ability to recognize suspicious patterns in network traffic. This advanced algorithm converts network traffic arrival times into a frequency graph, creating identifiable patterns for detecting live VoIP traffic. This adds an extra layer of security by allowing for the visualization and analysis of complex data patterns, making it easier to identify and address potential threats.

Easy to use interface 

With its touch screen and keypad, the TALAN 3.0 offers an intuitive user experience. Calibration, navigation, and control are designed to be straightforward and easy to use, without compromising on functionality. This ensures that you can operate the device efficiently, with all the functionalities in just one device. The 8-inch color display touchscreen allows you to see and monitor patterns, comparisons, and graphs needed to analyze and identify and potential threats. As with all REI products, training can be arranged for further understanding and optimal use of the device's features.

Portable design suited for field operations

Weighing less than 3 kg (6 lbs), the TALAN 3.0's compact and portable design makes it convenient for field operations. With all the needed features and functionalities The system comes in a durable carry case, allowing for easy transportation and deployment in various environments. This portability enhances its functionality across different scenarios. Whether it's a telephone's microphone, speakers, cabling, or even unused pairs, any of these can be exploited into eavesdropping devices. The TALAN 3.0 excels in identifying these vulnerabilities, ensuring security risks are detected and taken care of. It's a flexible and extremely useful tool for security professionals on the move.

Manage, store and export all data with Data Viewer Software

Save, manage, analyze, and export TALAN test data and charts with the TALAN Data Viewer Software. It is a PC application vital for future analysis and reporting, as well as comparing information between phones/targets and allowing you to quickly identify anomalies. The TALAN 3.0 supports data saving to external memory systems like USB thumb drives or Compact Flash cards. This allows for efficient organization and storage of test data. The option to define a Job Name for organizing data adds to its functionality, making data management seamless and effective.

TALAN 3.0 Telephone & Line Analyzer Specifications: 

Primary computer: 32 bit RISC processor, 520 MHz
Internal memory: 64 MB SDRAM (OS), 64 MB Flash
External memory: Compact Flash Type III, USB mass storage

Network: 10/100 Ethernet Controller for IP Packet Detection
USB: USB Device (A Type) supports external keyboard, mouse, and USB mass storage device; USB Host (B type) for future use

Headphone output: 3.5 mm mono connector
Microphone input: 3.5 mm mono input

Hard keys: 6 soft menu keys, 5 button quadrant navigation & other dedicated keys
Encoder: high-resolution optical encoder
Integrated touch screen with stylus
Test inputs:
  Dual MOD8: supports 2, 4, 6, & 8 wire modular phone jacks with shield
  Banana type: standard sleeved sockets: ring, tip, and earth
  SMB RF input: RF/antenna connection to 8 GHz broadband detector
  Expansion port: supports communication & measurement for use with future accessories
All inputs electrically isolated

Spectrum Analyzer:
  Dual conversion, super-heterodyne receiver
  Frequency range: 30 kHz to 85 MHz
  Sweep time: 2 Seconds
  Step size: 1 kHz
  Bandwidth: 18 kHz
  Sensitivity: -100 dBm
Broadband Detector:
  RF SMB input: to 8 GHz
  Line level test: 100 kHz to 600 MHz
  Sensitivity: -65 dBm

Quick response auto-ranging: 500msec Sample Rate
AC/DC Volts: 0 to 250V Maximum
AC/DC Current: 0 to 300mA Maximum
Resistance: 0 to 42MΩ
Capacitance: 50pF to 40µF

Optically isolated, direct digital control: high voltage DAC
Output ceiling: ± 80 V
Output ceiling (shield): ±65VDC, ±33VAC
Modulation: fixed voltage, or variable rate Sine wave (10 Hz - 300 Hz)

Audio bandwidth: 20 Hz - 20 KHz
Gain: Up to 80 dB total system gain (voice band)
AGC: digitally controlled automatic gain
Filter: analog voice band filter (300 Hz to 3 kHz)

External input: 15 VDC @ 3A
Universal power supply: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Removable battery: Rechargeable Lithium ion, 4-hour runtime (typical)

Dimensions: 10 in x 12.9 in x 2.7 in (25.4 cm x 32.8 cm x 6.9 cm)
Unit weight with battery: 6 lbs (2.7 kg)
Case dimensions: 19.5 in x 14.9 in x 5.4 in (49.5 cm x 37.8 cm x 13.7 cm)
Case weight including unit and accessories: 19 lbs (7.1 kg)

Operating temperature: 0°C to +50°C


For more detailed specifications, please carefully study the PDFs available for download below.

24 Months Warranty
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